LTG Incorporated has promoted these products / services:

LTG Incorporated - Swirl and Ceiling Jet Diffusers

Swirl diffuser for comfort areas (e.g. offices, conference rooms) with high air change rates.. (read more)

LTG Incorporated - LTG Induction Units and Chilled Beams

Induction units and chilled beams of the LTG Induction series feature many advantages, such as high cooling and heating capacities, low sound levels, long service life and low maintenance requirements. (read more)

LTG Incorporated - Proven tangential fan technology

LTG Fahrtwind-Simulators were designed especially for use in the automotive industry. Their special advantage is the proven tangential fan technology. (read more)

LTG Incorporated - Discover LTG fans for thermal process engineering

Whether you are processing steel, aluminum, glass, rubber, foods, or pharmaceutics and whether you are heating, cooling, or drying in your application – our fans help to improve product quality and increase process safety. Fans by LTG offer an even airflow and are suitable especially for use under extreme temperatures. (read more)

LTG Incorporated - Small tangential fans

An advantage for best heating, cooling, drying, blasting
Many production processes require an extended linear and absolutely even distribution of air or other gases over a certain area.
The special design of, High Performance Tangential Fans provides the optimum solution for these requirements.
The robust design and the use of high quality materials assure a long life expe... (read more)

LTG Incorporated - Pre-filter used for coarse filtration
  • high air permeability
  • exact adaptation to the material to be separated by using different mesh sizes
  • good separation of various size particles
  • low maintenance
(read more)
LTG Incorporated - High Efficiency Cyclone

High efficiency Cyclone with up to 30% energy saving due to integrated fan (read more)

LTG Incorporated - Draft-free air conditioning

Draft-free air conditioning with integrated ceiling system solution (read more)

LTG Incorporated - Industrial air diffuser

The ILQsf industrial air diffuser combines the benefits of mixed and displacement air ventilation and allows smooth adjustment of the air flow rate in a wide range (read more)

LTG Incorporated - VQ series with enhanced corrosion protection

The tangential fans in the VQ series are sturdy industrial versions with enhanced corrosion protection. They come with a free shaft end and a feather key, and are designed to be driven by a Vee-belt. The rugged and corrosion-resistant housing is made of galvanised steel or optionally of stainless steel. The impeller is made of galvanised steel. (read more)