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Lapp Tannehill - Components of a Standard Cord Grip

Whether you know them as cord grips, strain reliefs, cable glands, cable support grips, or cord connectors, by any name, these devices are used to relieve stress on the vulnerable part of the cable, preventing cable damage and failure, and enables electrical cables to be passed into an enclosure, through a bulkhead or into a piece of equipment (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Medical Connector That Provides Maximum Protection

A plastic circular connector with push-pull locking or break-away function. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - A Cable Gland That Won't Compromise Productivity

SKINTOP® Cable Glands have a large number of advantages when compared to other strain cable gland products. LAPP's SKINTOP® Cable gland products will ensure uptime, increase productivity, minimize concerns, while making your job easier, and save you time and money. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Industrial Ethernet Cordsets for Manufacturing

When you have design changes that must be met, industrial cordsets will perform in different applications. Continuous flex CAT.5e & CAT.6A cables offer a unique solution toward satifying the stringent needs of motion systems, where a network connection has been integrated for program interface from remote locations. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - M8 & M12 Cordsets For Factory Automation

Rugged industrial cordsets are designed for connecting sensors and actuators on the factoy floor. Designed with industrial temperature ranges, IP67 sealing, and resistance to vibration, shock, and other hazards.

M8-M12 cordsets are widely used in automation and factory floor applications, M8 connectors provide a compact size that enables cleaner cable management. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Reliability & Performance in a Medical Connector

When searching for a medical connector, reliability & performance are a must. The ODU MEDI-SNAP® connetor is rated for 2,000+ mating cycles, IP67, and autoclave and sterlization safe. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Rugged Industrial Cordsets

Rugged overmolded cordsets are available with M8, M12, MINI, and M23 connectors, and are available in 7 standard lengths, custom lengths available. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - White Paper Connectors for Food & Beverage

One often-overlooked hiding place for microbes is within the machine's cabling and connectors when working in the food and beverage industry. You never want to overlook places that bacteria may grow during the wash-down of machinery. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - A Connector That Saves Space & Weight

When size, weight, and power are an issue, ODU MINI-SNAP® Series L & K connectors will save you time and space with the lightweight design and repeated performance in critical environments. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - When Your Existing Cable Doesn't Meet Your Needs

With a custom cable solution, there is no limit to your application. When off the shelf products won't work for you, we can help you create a cable that could better meet your needs. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Medical Heat-Shrink Tubing For Process Aid

MT-LWA is a flexible heat shrinkable medical grade modified polyolefin tubing used in process aid applications. MT-LWA medical tubing has an easy tear capability, and is designed for superior cosmtic clarity performance for laser weld applications. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Select The Right Process Aid For Medical Devices

In today’s medical market, front-end decisions that designers make can have a lasting impact on manufacturability, patient and practitioner satisfaction, and time to market. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Ethernet Data Connectors RJ45

Ethernet Data Connectors connect telecommunications or data equipment and are available in RJ45 and M12 styles and provide anti-kink protection, EMI shielding and vibration resistance, bend protection, and more for your data communication system. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Automotive Primary Wire Wire For Harsh Conditions

Automotive GXL wire is used in engine compartments where high heat resistance is required, and meets SAE-J-1128. GXL automotive wire has a smaller OD and is lighter than SXL automotive wire. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Automotive CAN-Bus: Communication Within Vehicles

Automotive CAN Bus is like the nervous sytem of your body, facilitating communication between all parts of a vehicle. Complex and additional functions are continually being added to on and off-road vehicles and CAN bus data cables can help reduce wiring, electronic interference, and provide high-speed network communication. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - A Push-Pull Connector With High Mating Cycles

Are you looking for a connector that will withstand high mating cycles? Whether you need to transfer power, signal, data, or even media, ODU connectors lock itself into the receptacle. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Dual Wall Shrink Tubing That Reliably Seals

Dual wall heat shrinkable tubing has inner walls of adhesive or encapsulant in order to reliably seal out moisture from sensitive electrical components and connections. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill -  Industrial Ethernet Cables for Manufacturing

Industrial Ethernet products are in demand now more than ever to meet the needs of industrial manufacturing environments which are becoming more efficient and connected.

  • Industrial Etthernet Cables are available for stationary, flexible, continuous flex or torsion applications
(read more)
Lapp Tannehill - White Papers for Industrial Automation Cables

Smart factories and advanced robots are only as reliable as their key components. Learn about the key principles of cable solutions for today's industrial landscape in our white papers. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - 5 Reasons To Use ODU MINI-SNAP® Connectors

Whether used for transmitting power, signals, data or other media, ODU circular connetors are known for their exceptional quality, high reliability, and ideal handling characateristics. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Ampacity: Chosing Cable When The Heat Is On

Thanks to the dedication and ingenuity of cable engineers around the world, there are cables available for an almost infinite number of applications (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Maximize Your Production Time & Minimize Downtime

As machines become smaller, transmit higher speeds and require high mating cycles, your connectors will also need to fit into smaller, tighter spaces. The last thing you need is a connector that fails (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - A Lightweight Medical Push-Pull Connector

Whether for transmitting signals, power, data, media such as air and liquids or even lights waves, ODU MEDI-SNAP® connectors offer a wide variety of connections for a wide range of requirements, providing highly developed, broadly functional contact technology that meets the highest requirements of medial applications. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - The differences between primary automotive wires

With all the different types of primary automotive wire, you'll need to understand the environment that the wire will be used in to help you select the right type. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Make a Faster Connection With Ethernet Cables

Industrial Ethernet products are in demand now more than ever to meet the needs of industrial manufacturing environments which are becoming more efficient and connected. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - RJ45 Connectors That Are Suitable for PROFINET®

Ethernet data connectors are available in RJ45 and M12 styles and can provide anti-kink protection, EMI shielding, vibration resistance, bend protection, and more for your data communication system.

Some of these Ethernet connector styles are suitable for PROFINET® applications and many conform to IEC60603-7-51 (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Why you Should Consider Industrial Ethernet Cables

Industrial Ethernet products are in demand now more than ever to meet the needs of industrial manufacturing environments which are becoming more efficient and connected.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider switching to Industrial Ethernet Cables. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Classic Industry Standard Cable Solutions

Alpha Essentials offers a comprehensive collection of insulation/jacketing materials, shielding optons, and conductor counts, you can easily select the cable that meets your most demanding needs. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Ethernet Cables for a Secure & Fast Connection
  • Designed for harsh industrial applications
  • Standard shielding offers protection from EMI
  • Cables meet Category 5, 5e, 6, 6a or 7
  • PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT conform styles available
  • Suitable for stationary, continuous flex, and torsion applications
  • For FAST Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, or 10 Gigabit Ethernet Service
(read more)
Lapp Tannehill - Determine Portable Cordage Attributes

When looking at the different portable cordage types, all the different letters in the types can be overwhelming and easily confusing. But did you know that each of those letters represents an attribute of that portable cord? By understanding what each letter means, you’ll be able to determine which portable cord type is right for your application. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - High Data Transmission Rate For Fast Info Exchange

ETHERLINE® product lines provide dependable real-time control within automated industrial facilities of all types and sizes. ETHERLINE® is more than up to the task in environments requiring more rugged and robust connectors and cables, greater flexibility, and faster response times. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Medical Tubing Used As A Process Aid

MT-LWA is a 2:0 to 4:1 heat shrinkable, crosslinked medical grade modified polyolefin tubing product designed for process aid application for minimally invasive medical devices. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - The Latest Trends In Ethernet Cables

ETHERLINE® cables provide reliable network communication in demanding industrial environments. The high quality foil and braid shield assure protection from EMI interference. Single pair Ethernet cables are more compact, lighter, easier to install, and cheaper than traditional Ethernet cables with four wire pairs – and sufficient for many applications on the field level (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Do Your Connectors Excel In Flexible Applications?

Whether your application is power, control, or signal/data, LAPP’s EPIC® connectors offer performance you can count on. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Automotive Wire For Harness In Cars, Trucks, Buses

Automotive wire and cable is used in wiring harness assemblies for passenger cars. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Does Your Cable Stand Up To Harsh Environments?

Multi conductor can endure harsh environment conditions, surface abrasion, and even contact with flames. It's also used in many different applications from small electronic to large factory automation. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Why Expandable Sleeving Is A Great Alternative

Flexo® Clean cut is ideal for field installers and other situations where access to a hot knife is impossible. Flexo® flame retardant is the right choice when high tech applications where flame retardance and durability is a concern. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - One Source For Medical Device Components

The ODU MINI-MED® connectors are the perfect choice when a light, space-saving, and watertight cable assembly is required. These connectors can be easily mated and have a break-away function to ensure the quick disconnection of plug and in-line receptacle or receptacle. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - In Search Of A Cable For Extreme Conditions?

Does your current cable fulfill demanding requirements? ÖLFLEX® cables are used in machinery, machine tools, system and appliance engineering, measuring, control, heating and air conditioning technologies, and can do the job. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Medical Components From One Source

Lapp Tannehill is your source for a variety of medical tubing, including products from TE Connectivity. With over 50 years of proven innovation advances in process technology, TE’s family of medical grade tubing products are useful in meeting various application requirements found in medical devices and components. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Heat Shrink Tubing Is Versatile For Any Repair

Tubing is extremely versatile. It's easy to use, and finds wide applicability in maintenance and repair. Heat shrink tubing can be used fo preventative maintenance to avoid problems, and a tool for making minor repairs to cablesand connectors. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Medical Wire & Cable

Medical wires and cables need to be ultra-flexible, miniaturized, small diameter, tangle free, kink resistant, and lightweight. Alpha Wire’s EcoGen products offer a great space-saving solution with easier routing in applications such as medical probes, endoscopy systems, and oximetry systems. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Cable that endures harsh environment conditions

Multi conductor can endure harsh environment conditions, surface abrasion, and even contact with flames. Versatile in application and used in many different applications from small electronic to large factory automation. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - EcoWire®-better performance than PVC hook up wire

Alpha Wire’s EcoWire is the latest innovation in hook-up wire, achieving increased performance in a wire that is fully recyclable. EcoWire and EcoWire Plus are environmentally friendly cable alternatives to standard hook up wire. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Cabling for the Next Generation of Robotics

Robot cables must meet new mobility demands while becoming lighter and more compact. LAPP is ready to help. (read more)

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With all the different types of primary automitive wire, it can be hard to determine which one is the right choice for your application. You'll need to understand the environment that the wire will be used in to help you select the right type.


Cord grips (which are also known as cable glands, connectors, strain relief, or fittings) are devices that attach and secure heavy-duty cables to equipment. They can seal around single or multiple wires or cables – armored or unarmored.


Whether you’re an engineer designing a new product, or a purchasing agent getting ready to send a purchase order to a vendor, cost plays a large role in your daily decisions.


Whether your project faces environmental extremes, necessitates considerable flexibility, or simply requires unfailing reliability and longevity, it’s essential that your quest for the optimal cable begins with identifying its optimal ampacity.


he Internet has reached the factory. Controls, drives, sensors, and machines are all networked, exchanging data ceaselessly. Data volumes and interconnectedness, from the sensor to the cloud, will continue to skyrocket.