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Lapp Tannehill - Automotive Ethernet Cables Keep People Safe

Champlain Ethernet cables have played a large role in the advancements of automobile applications. This white paper covers how rugged Ethernet cables provide safety protocols throughout the entire automotive industry. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Buying Cables for Extreme Temperatures

Selecting the best heat- and cold-resistant cables can be challenging. Learn more about three things to consider when buying cables for extreme temperatures. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Strain Relief for the Food and Beverage Industry
  • For ideal cleaning results
  • Smooth surfaces and no edges prevent the accumulation of fluids and the formation of microorganisms.
  • Material and shape provide an easy and safe cleaning
  • Blue coloring of the sealing material clearly distinguishes from food
  • Rounded key areas for mounting with standard tools
  • Chemical resistance, wide clam...
(read more)
Lapp Tannehill - WHITE PAPER: Cables for Carbonated Drinks

The food and beverage industry requires hygienic and durable cables, cord grips, and accessories to reduce contamination risk and withstand harsh cleaning agents and hot water or steam. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - What is a tray cable?

What is a tray cable and what makes it different from a standard multi-conductor? (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Lead Free SKINTOP® Cable Glands

LAPP, the world market leader for integrated cable and connection solutions will also be the first manufacturer in the world to offer cable glands in a lead-free brass version. The most popular metallic cable glands from LAPP are now available in a lead-free design. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - The Importance of Oil Resistant Cables

Everywhere, from the Renewable Energy Industry, Automotive Assembly Plants, to the factories that manufacture small office machines and even in some commercial buildings, the oil resistance of cables has become increasingly important (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - What is Longitudinal Change in Heat Shrink Tubing?

You just finished shrinking tubing over a connector in a harness, but the connector is not fully covered. Why? Is it because you didn’t factor in that when shrinking, the tubing will also shrink not just overall, but also in length? (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Medical Grade Tubing vs. Industrial Grade

With the rapid pace of technological advancement in the medical industry, it is important to understand the critical distinctions and differences between standard industrial-grade heat shrink tubing, or single wall tubing (PVC heat shrink tubing or TE RAYCHEM RNF-100 series, for example), and medical-grade heat shrink tubing intended for medical applications. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Heat Shrink Tubing Material Comparison

Optimal results for heat shrink tubing usage can largely depend upon the proper material of construction. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - What is Heat Shrink Ratio?

When using heat shrink tubing, you will need to consider the shrink ratio to ensure the heat shrink tubing will be able to cover the material you are trying to protect. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Heat Shrink Tubing: Single Wall vs. Dual Wall

Both single wall and dual wall polyolefin heat shrink tubing are very similar in form, fit, and function, but you will want to pick the one that is best for your application and environment. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - What to Consider When Selecting Cord Grips

While every manufacturer has these standard components as part of their cord grip solution, there are differences between the actual design and ultimately, the quality. Let’s take a look at three things you should consider when selecting your cord grips. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Alpha Wire Industrial Series V VFD Cable

Alpha Wire Industrial Series V VFD cables are specifically built for variable-frequency drive applications. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - What is Industrial Ethernet?

The term “Industrial Ethernet” refers to the utilization of Ethernet’s lower level layers (i.e. the Physical and Data Link layers) (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - M.I.C.E Requirements for Industrial Ethernet

Industrial environments present a wide range of potential factors that can impact Industrial Ethernet communications performance. As Industrial Ethernet cabling is routed through densely packed machinery and industrial processes in a plant it can be exposed to a wide range of physical, temperature, chemical, and other harmful effects (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - 3 Considerations When Desigining Ethernet Networks

Commercial Ethernet communications are not structured to be “real-time”. As information packets are sent back and forth in a Commercial Ethernet network issues can arise such as packet collisions or otherwise lost packets of data (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Commercial Ethernet vs. Industrial Ethernet

What are the similarities and differences of Ethernet cable, and what does it mean for your next factory automation project?
(read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Heat Guns Have Smarter Technology

When using heat guns, does safety come to mind? You want to protect the operator and the material. Heat guns run quiter, lowering sound pollution, and protect the operator when the the tool is still hot. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Heat Shrink Tubing to Insulate, Identify & Enhance

Single wall heat shrink tubing is a great alternative to insulate, provide strain relief, and enhance cosmetic improvement while helping you identify different wires and components quickly. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Decipher Portable Cordage Letters & What They Mean

When looking at the different portable cordage types, all the different letters in the types can be overwhelming and easily confusing. But did you know that each of those letters represents an attribute of that portable cord? By understanding what each letter means, you’ll be able to determine which portable cord type is right for your application. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Is a Custom Cable Right for Me?

In today’s world, everything is getting smaller, faster, and miniaturized. Not every application is the same, and all cables are not created equal. Every application has their own specific pain points or frustrations, and a wish list for the “perfect” cable. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - When Should you Consider a Custom Cable?

In today’s world, everything is getting smaller, faster, and miniaturized. Not every application is the same, and all cables are not created equal. Every application has its own specific pain points or frustrations, and a wish list for the “perfect” cable. Custom cables can help alleviate many of these pain points. So how do you know when a custom cable is the way to go? (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - How to Pick the Right Multi-Conductor Cable

Before you make a purchasing decision, ask yourself these questions about your environment. Your answers will guide you to the right choice. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Everything You Need to Know About Cord Grips

Everywhere you turn in arenas, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities – although you may not see them – heavy-duty electrical power, control, instrumentation, data, and telecommunications cables are being used to supply power or connect devices: motors, pumps, panels, etc. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - The Differences Between Automotive Primary Wires

With all the different types of primary automotive wire, you'll need to understand the environment that the wire will be used in to help you select the right type. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Industrial Cordsets For End to End Solutions

Achieve fast, simple, and reliable machine-tool installations with these industrial cordsets and assemblies that provide an end-to-end solution for connecting sensors and actuators on the factory floor. We understand that downtime is not an option, which is why these rugged, industrial, over-molded cordsets offer a quick and easy installation or can replace defective components. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - 11 Questions When Selecting a Multi-Conductor

By learning as much as you can about these cables before you make a purchasing decision, you’ll avoid the hassle of discovering too late (likely during installation) that the solution you chose wasn’t the best option after all. This discovery can lead to rework and overspending, as well as system failure and unplanned downtime. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Industrial Ethernet Cordsets for Manufacturing

When you have design changes that must be met, industrial cordsets will perform in different applications. Continuous flex CAT.5e & CAT.6A cables offer a unique solution toward satifying the stringent needs of motion systems, where a network connection has been integrated for program interface from remote locations. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - LAPP SKINTOP® Cable Glands vs Other Brand

Understand what the standard components of a cord grip are and how they function. See the difference between a LAPP SKINTOP® cable gland design and another brand. Contact Lapp Tannehill with any questions or help in selecting what SKINTOP® is right for your application. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Types of Flexible Cable Motion

The flex type and application of the cable will determine how the cable is manufactured. When the cable is designed with a special flexing application, the cable has to be manufactured on a unique cabling machine that will minimize and back-twist on the cable core. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - 3 Considerations When Selecting Cord Grips

Whether you know them as cord grips, strain reliefs, cable glands, cable support grips, or cord connectors, by any name, these devices are used to relieve stress on the vulnerable part of the cable, preventing cable damage and failure, and enables electrical cables to be passed into an enclosure, through a bulkhead or into a piece of equipment (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - M8 & M12 Cordsets For Factory Automation

Rugged industrial cordsets are designed for connecting sensors and actuators on the factoy floor. Designed with industrial temperature ranges, IP67 sealing, and resistance to vibration, shock, and other hazards.

M8-M12 cordsets are widely used in automation and factory floor applications, M8 connectors provide a compact size that enables cleaner cable management. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Medical Heat-Shrink Tubing For Process Aid

MT-LWA is a flexible heat shrinkable medical grade modified polyolefin tubing used in process aid applications. MT-LWA medical tubing has an easy tear capability, and is designed for superior cosmtic clarity performance for laser weld applications. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Select The Right Process Aid For Medical Devices

In today’s medical market, front-end decisions that designers make can have a lasting impact on manufacturability, patient and practitioner satisfaction, and time to market. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - A Push-Pull Connector With High Mating Cycles

Are you looking for a connector that will withstand high mating cycles? Whether you need to transfer power, signal, data, or even media, ODU connectors lock itself into the receptacle. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Dual Wall Shrink Tubing That Reliably Seals

Dual wall heat shrinkable tubing has inner walls of adhesive or encapsulant in order to reliably seal out moisture from sensitive electrical components and connections. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill -  Industrial Ethernet Cables for Manufacturing

Industrial Ethernet products are in demand now more than ever to meet the needs of industrial manufacturing environments which are becoming more efficient and connected.

  • Industrial Etthernet Cables are available for stationary, flexible, continuous flex or torsion applications
(read more)
Lapp Tannehill - Ampacity: Chosing Cable When The Heat Is On

Thanks to the dedication and ingenuity of cable engineers around the world, there are cables available for an almost infinite number of applications (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Maximize Your Production Time & Minimize Downtime

As machines become smaller, transmit higher speeds and require high mating cycles, your connectors will also need to fit into smaller, tighter spaces. The last thing you need is a connector that fails (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - RJ45 Connectors That Are Suitable for PROFINET®

Ethernet data connectors are available in RJ45 and M12 styles and can provide anti-kink protection, EMI shielding, vibration resistance, bend protection, and more for your data communication system.

Some of these Ethernet connector styles are suitable for PROFINET® applications and many conform to IEC60603-7-51 (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Classic Industry Standard Cable Solutions

Alpha Essentials offers a comprehensive collection of insulation/jacketing materials, shielding optons, and conductor counts, you can easily select the cable that meets your most demanding needs. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Cabling for the Next Generation of Robotics

Robot cables must meet new mobility demands while becoming lighter and more compact. LAPP is ready to help. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Why Expandable Sleeving Is A Great Alternative

Flexo® Clean cut is ideal for field installers and other situations where access to a hot knife is impossible. Flexo® flame retardant is the right choice when high tech applications where flame retardance and durability is a concern. (read more)

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Whether you know them as cord grips, strain reliefs, cable glands, cable support grips, or cord connectors, by any name, these devices are used to relieve stress on the vulnerable part of the cable


With all the different types of primary automitive wire, it can be hard to determine which one is the right choice for your application. You'll need to understand the environment that the wire will be used in to help you select the right type.


Cord grips (which are also known as cable glands, connectors, strain relief, or fittings) are devices that attach and secure heavy-duty cables to equipment. They can seal around single or multiple wires or cables – armored or unarmored.


Whether you’re an engineer designing a new product, or a purchasing agent getting ready to send a purchase order to a vendor, cost plays a large role in your daily decisions.


Whether your project faces environmental extremes, necessitates considerable flexibility, or simply requires unfailing reliability and longevity, it’s essential that your quest for the optimal cable begins with identifying its optimal ampacity.


he Internet has reached the factory. Controls, drives, sensors, and machines are all networked, exchanging data ceaselessly. Data volumes and interconnectedness, from the sensor to the cloud, will continue to skyrocket.