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Lapp Tannehill - Cord Grips that Go Above and Beyond

Learn more about cord grips and how they can guard against downtime and equipment failure (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Everything You Need to Know About Cord Grips

Heavy-duty cables are found everywhere you turn – from arenas and large facilities to commercial buildings. They play a vital component in bringing our indoor environments to life. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Commercial Ethernet vs Industrial Ethernet

What are the similarities and differences of Ethernet cable, and what does it mean for your next factory automation project? Also learn about 3 considerations you should have in mind when designing, planning, and implementing Industrial Ethernet networks. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - The Importance of Oil-Resistant Cables

LAPP offers oil-resistant, industrial-grade and multi-conductor cables for automotive and production facilities that may endure harsh environmental conditions. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - ÖLFLEX® Flexible Power & Control Cables

Looking for a high-quality, flexible, power and control cable? (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - How Sustainable is Copper?

Learn how copper plays a role in future sustainability, the current demand and price of copper, and how you can save money on copper in the wire and cable industry. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Cable Shielding Types Comparison Chart

Having trouble figuring out which type of shielding your cable requires for your application?

This Cable Shielding Types Comparison Chart can help you decide which type of shielding best suits the environment your cable will be living in. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Hybrid Cables Handle Servo Power and Feedback

Boost cost savings by eliminating the need for separate encoder cables, connectors, and installation labor with continuous flex hybrid cables for servo systems. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Not every cord grip is created equal

How does SKINTOP® Cord Grips Compare to Other Brands? (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - LAPP Cables Power Cheese-Making Machines

When it comes to cheese manufacturing, choosing the right processing equipment is just as important as choosing the right dairy. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - New Line of Continuous Flex Control Cables

Lapp Tannehill distributes EIS Wire & Cable's new line of custom continuous flex control cables for robotics, automation, and industrial design applications. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Reduce Cable Breakage on Aerial Lifts

Flexible Cables Needed Inside Arms of the Bucket Truck (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Cables for Aerial Lifts

A bucket truck company in the Midwest U.S. replaces bucket truck aerial lift cables with LAPP’s ÖLFLEX® FD 855 P cable for increased safety confidence on job sites and to save time and money on maintenance and repair. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Tray Cables & Hygienic Cord Grips for Breweries

Raise a Glass to LAPP Cables: From tray-rated continuous flex cables to hygienic cable glands, LAPP provided a complete cabling solution for western Canada’s largest brewery. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Ultrasonic Sensor with Ingenious Gland

Hygienic design is becoming ever more established in the food and beverage industry. A good example of this trend is the new pms ultrasonic sensor from microsonic, which can detect objects contactlessly. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Say Goodbye to Multiple Connection Points

LAPP's tray-rated cable, ÖLFLEX SERVO 7TCE, is the perfect solution for when you're looking to upgrade, replace, and install high-quality tray cable without the hassle of complicated installation.. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - High-Density Connectors for Today's Armed Forces

New Inserts for the ODU AMC® High-Density Connectors (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - LAPP's 4 PVC Cables for the Outdoors

LAPP now has 4 black PVC cables that are oil-resistant, UV-resistant, and water-resistant suitable for outdoor use and extreme temps - UNITRONIC® LiYY/LIYCY. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Single-pair Ethernet (SPE) cables

LAPP expands its single-pair Ethernet (SPE) cable range with ETHERLINE® T1 Y Flex 1x2x22/7 AWG for high speed information exchange and industrial automation. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Automotive Ethernet Cables Keep People Safe

Champlain Ethernet cables have played a large role in the advancements of automobile applications. This white paper covers how rugged Ethernet cables provide safety protocols throughout the entire automotive industry. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Strain Relief for the Food and Beverage Industry
  • For ideal cleaning results
  • Smooth surfaces and no edges prevent the accumulation of fluids and the formation of microorganisms.
  • Material and shape provide an easy and safe cleaning
  • Blue coloring of the sealing material clearly distinguishes from food
  • Rounded key areas for mounting with standard tools
  • Chemical resistance, wide clam...
(read more)
Lapp Tannehill - WHITE PAPER: Cables for Carbonated Drinks

The food and beverage industry requires hygienic and durable cables, cord grips, and accessories to reduce contamination risk and withstand harsh cleaning agents and hot water or steam. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - What is a tray cable?

What is a tray cable and what makes it different from a standard multi-conductor? (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Lead Free SKINTOP® Cable Glands

LAPP, the world market leader for integrated cable and connection solutions will also be the first manufacturer in the world to offer cable glands in a lead-free brass version. The most popular metallic cable glands from LAPP are now available in a lead-free design. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - The Importance of Oil Resistant Cables

Everywhere, from the Renewable Energy Industry, Automotive Assembly Plants, to the factories that manufacture small office machines and even in some commercial buildings, the oil resistance of cables has become increasingly important (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - What is Longitudinal Change in Heat Shrink Tubing?

You just finished shrinking tubing over a connector in a harness, but the connector is not fully covered. Why? Is it because you didn’t factor in that when shrinking, the tubing will also shrink not just overall, but also in length? (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Medical Grade Tubing vs. Industrial Grade

With the rapid pace of technological advancement in the medical industry, it is important to understand the critical distinctions and differences between standard industrial-grade heat shrink tubing, or single wall tubing (PVC heat shrink tubing or TE RAYCHEM RNF-100 series, for example), and medical-grade heat shrink tubing intended for medical applications. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Heat Shrink Tubing Material Comparison

Optimal results for heat shrink tubing usage can largely depend upon the proper material of construction. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - What is Heat Shrink Ratio?

When using heat shrink tubing, you will need to consider the shrink ratio to ensure the heat shrink tubing will be able to cover the material you are trying to protect. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Heat Shrink Tubing: Single Wall vs. Dual Wall

Both single wall and dual wall polyolefin heat shrink tubing are very similar in form, fit, and function, but you will want to pick the one that is best for your application and environment. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - What to Consider When Selecting Cord Grips

While every manufacturer has these standard components as part of their cord grip solution, there are differences between the actual design and ultimately, the quality. Let’s take a look at three things you should consider when selecting your cord grips. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Alpha Wire Industrial Series V VFD Cable

Alpha Wire Industrial Series V VFD cables are specifically built for variable-frequency drive applications. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - What is Industrial Ethernet?

The term “Industrial Ethernet” refers to the utilization of Ethernet’s lower level layers (i.e. the Physical and Data Link layers) (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - M.I.C.E Requirements for Industrial Ethernet

Industrial environments present a wide range of potential factors that can impact Industrial Ethernet communications performance. As Industrial Ethernet cabling is routed through densely packed machinery and industrial processes in a plant it can be exposed to a wide range of physical, temperature, chemical, and other harmful effects (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - 3 Considerations When Desigining Ethernet Networks

Commercial Ethernet communications are not structured to be “real-time”. As information packets are sent back and forth in a Commercial Ethernet network issues can arise such as packet collisions or otherwise lost packets of data (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Commercial Ethernet vs. Industrial Ethernet

What are the similarities and differences of Ethernet cable, and what does it mean for your next factory automation project?
(read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Heat Guns Have Smarter Technology

When using heat guns, does safety come to mind? You want to protect the operator and the material. Heat guns run quiter, lowering sound pollution, and protect the operator when the the tool is still hot. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Heat Shrink Tubing to Insulate, Identify & Enhance

Single wall heat shrink tubing is a great alternative to insulate, provide strain relief, and enhance cosmetic improvement while helping you identify different wires and components quickly. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - When Should you Consider a Custom Cable?

In today’s world, everything is getting smaller, faster, and miniaturized. Not every application is the same, and all cables are not created equal. Every application has its own specific pain points or frustrations, and a wish list for the “perfect” cable. Custom cables can help alleviate many of these pain points. So how do you know when a custom cable is the way to go? (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - How to Pick the Right Multi-Conductor Cable

Before you make a purchasing decision, ask yourself these questions about your environment. Your answers will guide you to the right choice. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - The Differences Between Automotive Primary Wires

With all the different types of primary automotive wire, you'll need to understand the environment that the wire will be used in to help you select the right type. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - 11 Questions When Selecting a Multi-Conductor

By learning as much as you can about these cables before you make a purchasing decision, you’ll avoid the hassle of discovering too late (likely during installation) that the solution you chose wasn’t the best option after all. This discovery can lead to rework and overspending, as well as system failure and unplanned downtime. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - LAPP SKINTOP® Cable Glands vs Other Brand

Understand what the standard components of a cord grip are and how they function. See the difference between a LAPP SKINTOP® cable gland design and another brand. Contact Lapp Tannehill with any questions or help in selecting what SKINTOP® is right for your application. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - 3 Considerations When Selecting Cord Grips

Whether you know them as cord grips, strain reliefs, cable glands, cable support grips, or cord connectors, by any name, these devices are used to relieve stress on the vulnerable part of the cable, preventing cable damage and failure, and enables electrical cables to be passed into an enclosure, through a bulkhead or into a piece of equipment (read more)