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Littelfuse, Inc. has promoted these products / services:

Littelfuse, Inc. - High-Speed Semiconductor Fuse

PSX Series – High-Speed Semiconductor Fuse, Square Body Series - Littelfuse PSX High-Speed Fuses Provide Superior Protection (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Shock Block 5000 - Stainless Steel Enclosure

The SB5000 can be used in a wide range of applications. It offers proactive ground check on every model and helps increase efficiency and safety with a no-nuisance approach to personnel protection. The 32 A and 60 A models are also available in a hygienic stainless steel enclosure, with a 10 degree sloped top and FDA-compliant silicone gasket, improving sanitation in food processing faci... (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - JTD Time-Delay Dual-Element Fuses

JTD Time-Delay Dual-Element Fuses with RoHS Certification

The JTD Series time-delay, dual-element fuse is specifically designed for circuits where space is at a premium. Their patented design reduces nuisance openings, which helps extend the life of the fuse. (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - What Makes for High-Quality Overcurrent Protection

What Makes for High-Quality Overcurrent Protection? (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Solutions for Connected Drug Delivery Systems

Connected drug delivery system are radically changing how services are being delivered to patients.

Connected healthcare helps achieve lower healthcare costs, improves efficiency, and empowers patients. (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Bolt-Down Fuse Holders


  • Heavy Trucks
  • Medium-Duty Trucks
  • Construction Equipment
  • Agricultural Vehicles
(read more)
Littelfuse, Inc. -  Ultra-miniature reed switch: MITI-7L


  • Reed Relay particularly on Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Small Appliance that requires long life and high reliability
  • Position Sensing
  • Security
(read more)
Littelfuse, Inc. - Reed Switch Solution for Space-Constrained Designs

Littelfuse Introduces Ultra-Miniature Overmolded Reed Switch Solution for Space-Constrained Designs
59177 Series is ideal for security, metering, appliances, and portable battery-powered IoT applications (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Littelfuse Launches SM10 Series Varistor

Littelfuse Launches SM10 Series Varistor: A Breakthrough in Automotive and Electronics Surge Protection (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - How Arc-Flash Relays Make Your Facility Safer

Littelfuse arc-flash relays lead the way in arc-flash reduction technology that can make your facility safer. (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - FUSE FUNDAMENTALS

At the Heart of Electrical Systems, Fuses Keep Operations Live (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Don’t Blow It: Why Solar Arrays Need Solar Fuses

It's not unusual that solar photovoltaic (PV) systems would require fuses – after all, these installations can carry substantial electrical loads, so overcurrent protection is critical to their safe operation. What is remarkable, though, are the conditions under which PV panels, their conductors, and their wiring can operate. (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - 5000 Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter

Industrial Shock Block® 5000 Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Series, SB5080 & SB5100 (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Battery Energy Storage System Capability Guide

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Capability Guide (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - NTC Thermistor Series

Stocked Standard Supply of NTC Thermistor Series (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Littelfuse Temperature Monitoring Device TTape 

The TTapeTM platform is a distributed temperature monitoring technology for battery packs that helps to improve the detection of localized cell overheating. This helps to increase the lifetime of batteries and provides thermal runaway protection. (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Lithium Batteries: Enhancing Protection & Control

Our advanced products are shaping the future of energy storage, creating a dependable and sustainable power landscape that empowers industries and consumers alike. Littelfuse battery solutions merge safety, efficiency, and innovation. (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Littelfuse Launches Class J Fuse Disconnect Switch

Littelfuse launched its Class J Fuse Disconnect Switch. The compact device combines a switch and multiple fuses into a single product for a simpler way to manually open and close a circuit while safeguarding against overcurrent and short circuits. When the switch detects these faults, the fuse blows automatically to break the circuit both upstream and downstream and shuts off the equipme... (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Littelfuse Launches Its Compact Arc-Flash Relay

Littelfuse launches its AF0025 series, a cost-effective arc-flash protection solution in our most compact package for OEM applications. The arc-flash relay significantly reduces arc-fault damage in AC and DC compartments by detecting the light from an arc-flash and rapidly providing a trip signal. (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Littelfuse Expands SB5000 Shock Block GFCI

Littelfuse expands its SB5000 Industrial Shock Block Series to help protect workers from electrical shock for loads up to 80 and 100 Amperes. The SB5080 and the SB5100 have proactive ground check protection which monitors the ground wire for continuity from the Shock Block to the load, and interrupts power, or prevents energization of compromised equipment. (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Stock Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistors

Littelfuse introduces its standard, stocked supply of negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor series to detect and measure heat or thermal energy and convert it into an electrical signal to monitor applications. The new, in-stock supply, with an easy-to-use temperature sensor part selector, offers fast delivery to meet customer needs. The thermistors are used in many applicatio... (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Littelfuse Residual Current Monitors for Charging

Littelfuse introduces its Western Automation Research and Development Residual Current Monitor (RCM) product line to detect AC and DC ground fault currents in electrical vehicle (EV) charging installations. (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - NEMA-style Surge Protective Device (SPDN) Series

SPDN devices provide equipment protection from transient overvoltage events lasting micro-seconds (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - New Littelfuse 150520 Inline Fuse Holder

New Littelfuse 150520 Inline Fuse Holder Series Offers Easier Installation, Saves PC Board Space (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - SMD Resettable PPTCs for High-Voltage Applications

Littelfuse Adds 3425L Series SMD Resettable PPTCs Series Created for High-Voltage Applications (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - The E-bike Revolution

The E-bike Revolution:
Enhance Your Designs with Littelfuse Solutions (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - The latest eFuse Protection ICs

Littelfuse Expands eFuse Protection ICs Series to Address More Diverse Demanding Applications (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - ITV9550 Battery Protector Series Expanded

Littelfuse Expands ITV9550 Battery Protector Series to Include 60 A Rating to Prevent Battery Pack Damage (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - IP67-Rated Tactile Switch Now Available

Designed for wearable consumer electronics, including hearing aids, headsets, and portable IoT devices. (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Littelfuse eFuse Protection ICs Series

Littelfuse eFuse Protection ICs Series provide Protection, Sensing, and Control Features in a Single Chip
Designed for heavy-use consumer electronics, data communications, and industrial applications (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Energy Storage Rack (ESR) Battery Protection Fuse

The Littelfuse Energy Storage Rack (ESR) series of fuses is designed specifically to protect battery racks in energy storage systems, inverters, and many other dc applications. The 1500 V dc high-speed square body fuse is extremely fast-acting to respond quickly to a range of fault currents to safeguard the battery module or other devices. (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - New High Voltage Power Distribution Unit 

Whether you’re designing an electric vehicle (EV) for the road or manufacturing an off-highway electric vehicle, you need solutions to reliably deliver power, protect vehicle components, and keep end-users safe while reducing your system costs. (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Special-Purpose Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter

Learn how to provide personnel protection and safety in your commercial kitchen with the SB5000 Shock Block® that meets the NEC GFCI requirements and offers ground-fault protection for three-phase loads for all plug-in equipment 100 amperes and below. (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Littelfuse Announces ITV4030 Battery Protectors

Littelfuse ITV4030 Battery Protectors Provide Fast Response to Prevent Overcurrents and Overcharging Damage (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - High Surge Current Overvoltage Protection

Littelfuse Pxxx0S3N SIDACtors Provide High Surge Current Overvoltage Protection in Compact Package
Designed for industrial applications, including factory automation, Energy Storage Systems (ESS), and electric vehicle (EV) wall chargers (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - High-Voltage Cartridge Fuse

Ideal for on-board chargers and power distribution units in electric vehicles (EVs). (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter

Littelfuse Launches SB5000 Industrial Shock Block® Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Design Smarter Thermostats

Smart thermostats must communicate dependably and be protected from ESD, voltage surges, and faults. That’s why Littelfuse offers block diagrams of reference designs. (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Littelfuse Solutions for Powertrain Systems

Littelfuse Solutions Ensure Safety and Reliability of Powertrain Systems (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - DCN Series High Voltage DC Contactor Relays

High current and high voltage DC contactor relays for electric, hybrid, and industrial applications such as charging station, battery power supply, DC power control, circuit protection, and other switch controls. (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - MDB5 Series Power Distribution Module

The MDB5 is a sealed multi circuit high current primary fusing option that can be placed in the battery box or under hood as the first line of protection and distribution for a vehicle. (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - 600V - 700V Power MOSFETs


  • Higher efficiency
  • High power density
  • Easy to mount
  • Space savings
(read more)
Littelfuse, Inc. - Littelfuse IEC 62368-1 Products

Enhance Overvoltage Protection with the IEC 62368-1 Standard (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Littelfuse LS7R Dc Disconnect Switches

The Littelfuse LS7R dc series is an energy-efficient, compact disconnect switch that quickly breaks or resumes the flow of current safely to prevent shock hazards when trying to isolate circuits or repair systems. Available in 250, 320, 400 and 500 A for 1500 V. (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Pre-engineered Panels Save Time and Money

The new LFCP series fused coordination panel from Littelfuse is pre-engineered for circuits requiring selective coordination. Rated up to 600 V ac, this compact fusible and easily configurable panel saves time and money by minimizing your system’s downtime. (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Battery Disconnect Lockout Lever Kits

New Blister Pack Battery Disconnect Lockout Lever Kits
The Lockout Lever Kit is suitable for use with Cole Hersee brand lever actuated metal case master disconnect switches on applications requiring lockout/tagout (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - New ADR Battery Disconnect Switch

The ADR (Accord Dangereux Routier) Battery Disconnect Switch is a bistable/magnetic, current isolating switch. (read more)

Littelfuse, Inc. - Reducing Emissions Through Electrification

•The differences between heavy-duty vehicles and passenger cars
•The multitude of power electronic driven sub-applications inside the vehicle
•The infrastructure needed to support zero-emission long-hauling
•The value chain involved in decarbonizing the transportation sector (read more)