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Macnaught USA, Inc. - Grease Accessories Featuring 10-Year Warranty ACK2

Featuring a 10-Year Warranty, the AKC2 grease kit is a comprehensive range of grease couplers to suit any industry with varied applications, specifically hard to reach and access nipples. Developed with the aviation industry to meet their specifications. Use the link provided to review Macnaught’s comprehensive line including the soon to be introduced KY+ Safety Coupler. (read more)

Macnaught USA, Inc. - 10 Year Warranty High Pressure Manual Grease Pumps

Macnaught’s high pressure manual grease pumps are covered by the Industry’s Best 10 Year warranty. Designed to offer powerful and professional greasing with robust portability, both MINILUBE® and SUPERLUBE® products incorporate a spring-loaded priming system to feed the KR PRESSURITE® grease gun. Designed for bulk grease applications where compressed air is unavai... (read more)

Macnaught USA, Inc. - Macnaught P Series Grease Pumps - 10 year warranty

Macnaught USA is excited to offer special pricing on all purchases of our P Series Grease Pumps for the month of July

These are Heavy Duty Grease Pumps designed for Industrial applications.

  • 10 year Warranty on all Macnaught Fluid Handling Products
  • 50:1 all grease pumps
  • 7500 PSI ar pump
  • 1
(read more)
Macnaught USA, Inc. - POWER-PISTOL Air-Power Grease Gun 10 Year Warranty

The K53 POWER-PISTOL®, an air powered single shot grease gun that combines portability with effortless one handed operation. It comes with Macnaught’s 10-Year Warranty - the industry’s lowest cost of ownership. We can offer this because the K53 features heavy duty pistol grip construction, comfortable ergonomics, a strong die cast head and a heavy gauge barrel for extra l... (read more)

Macnaught USA, Inc. - Metered Oil Dispensing Guns

The HG Series of metered control guns are top of the range with rigid extensions (Flexible extensions are available). Features include locking trigger, non-drip nozzle, and accurate readings of +/- 0.5 percent. Working pressures of up to 1,500 psi and flow rates of .26 to 8 gallons per minute. Mechanical, electronic and electronic preset models available. (read more)

Macnaught USA, Inc. - High-Pressure Lever Grease Gun - 10-Year Warranty

Macnaught’s legendary Levergun is an industrial grade lever grease gun deigned for high pressure, high volume greasing. This lever action grease gun can easily clear
blocked or damaged grease nipples.

• Industry’s Best 10-Year Warranty
• Thick, stepped barrel for easy grip with robust zinc pull handle
• KY SUPERGRIP™ 3 jaw high pr... (read more)

Macnaught USA, Inc. - Portable Air Operated Grease Pumps

Premium quality 50:1 air operated greasing system that is excellent for high volume grease users that have many applications and require continuous high pressure greasing. This portable grease dispensing system is suitable for 20kg/44Lb pails and is equipped with a low air consumption motor (read more)

Macnaught USA, Inc. - Grease Gun with up to 10,000 psi Output

The latest generation of the original design, the Macnaught K32 grease gun is the benchmark for quality high performace manual grease guns. Industry Leading 10 year Warranty (read more)

Macnaught USA, Inc. - Air-Operated Oil and Coolant Drum Pumps

The 'R' Series high quality, heavy duty oil pumps have been designed using strong metal construction providing maximum performance and long service life. All the R-Series pumps are supplied complete with an inline air lubricator to help prevent premature wear. Suitable for oils up to SAE140 viscosity and premix coolants. (read more)

Macnaught USA, Inc. - Industry's First Battery Powered Oil Pump

Macnaught's BOP20 is the first battery-powered oil pump on the market. This first series is designed to use 5-gallon buckets and is ideal for dispensing gear oil and for use in small shops with little or no shop air. In addition, you can purchase expansion kits so that you can simply switch the power head from one pump stem to another without risking contamination. (read more)

Macnaught USA, Inc. - Macnaught Oil Control Guns with 10 Year Warranty

Macnaught’s Oil Control Guns offer the industry’s lowest cost of ownership based on a 10 Year Warranty. Ideal for automotive dealerships and all types of workshops, the series includes highly accurate metered and non-metered models. Available with either rigid or flexible extensions, most models include trigger locks and non-drip nozzles. (read more)