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Magnetic Shield Corporation - Protect Critical Transportation Electronic Designs With AA CABLE SHIELD®

Advanced transportation electronic systems and equipment have increasing challenges and requirements for EMI shielding design. Ensure operation of automotive, rail, and avionics applications performance. To provide effective magnetic shielding for cable and conductors such as twisted pair and avoid pickup of external H-fields (D.C. to 100 kHz) specify:

  • Proven s...
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Magnetic Shield Corporation - Co-NETIC® AA SPIRA-SHIELD Conduit Protects Cabling

SPIRA-SHIELD Flexible Conduit provides high permeability magnetic shielding for sensitive cables and conductors. Inter-lock construction, made with our most popular 0.010" thick Co-NETIC®AA Perfection Annealed Foil, provides maximum attenuation. (read more)

Magnetic Shield Corporation - Deep-Drawn MuMETAL® Shielding Cans

We offer a wide range of 5-sided magnetic shielding MuMETAL® Cans stamped or formed in either ROUND or RECTANGULAR shapes, and deep-drawn up to a 3:1 depth ratio when necessary. Our standard stock range and custom sizes are available in thicknesses from 0.014'' to 0.062'' [0,36mm to 1,57mm thick] and made from various MuMETAL®, Co-NETIC® or NETIC® shielding alloys. (read more)

Magnetic Shield Corporation - NEW Larger Zero Gauss Chambers For Research Labs

We have expanded our stock chambers to include our new larger size chamber ZG-218 with an inside work area measuring 18" diameter.

MuMETAL® Zero Gauss Chambers have been used worldwide by many universities, private research companies, national laboratories and companies required to provide evidence of military or consumer regulatory compliance. Our scientifically engineered ch... (read more)

Magnetic Shield Corporation - MuMETAL® and Custom Built Magnetic Shields

Magnetic Shield Corporation’s specialty alloy brands and products include MuMETAL®, Co-NETIC®, NETIC®, INTER-8®, AA CABLE SHIELD®, Evaluation Kits, and Research Lab products, specified by technical professionals across... (read more)

Magnetic Shield Corporation - Selection & Use of Magnetic Shielding Alloys

Superior Magnetic Shielding Alloy Materials: MuMETAL®, Co-NETIC®, or NETIC®
Shielding efficiency is a result of material composition, specific gravity, thickness, grain structure within the alloy, and hardness... (read more)

Magnetic Shield Corporation - AA CABLE SHIELD®

AA CABLE SHIELD® provides a flexible, continuously enclosed shielding barrier with distinct advantages over foil wrapping or rigid channeling, and is used to avoid pickup of unwanted external H-fields (D.C. to 100 kHz), or to mitigate radiation from cable and conductors. Braid is tightly weaved, so shield coverage is 90% at nominal linear state. (read more)

Magnetic Shield Corporation - Evaluation Lab Kits & Samples: Hands-on Testing

Experiment today with Evaluation Lab Kits containing sample foils, gaussmeter, and Technical Guide. Add layers of foil or sheet material until the low field interference reduces or attenuates to the specified level required. Easily prototype... (read more)

Magnetic Shield Corporation -  MuMETAL® Bar for Machined Parts Production

MuMETAL® Round Bar is primarily used for machined or forged components like current sensors, high precision current transformer cores, ground fault circuit breaker relay parts, or any other applications requiring precision machined, high permeability soft magnetic alloy, with a low coercive force and low losses, in the range from 0-100 kHz... (read more)

Magnetic Shield Corporation - Co-NETIC® AA Wire | AA CABLE SHIELD®

Co-NETIC® AA wire is widely used in fabrication of magnetic shielding braid to certain customer specifications where our stock AA CABLE SHIELD® may not be specified. Four stock diameters are available. Co-NETIC® AA wire is corrosion resistant and has an affinity for solder. (read more)

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For our West Coast customers, we now have MuMETAL® alloy and product inventory located on the West Coast, offering shorter lead times, reduced shipping costs, and faster delivery to the West Coast, Asia and Australia...


Magnetic Shield Corporation is a major contributor in establishing, growing, and advancing forward the magnetic shielding sector with a focus on continuous improvement of our people, products and processes; refining our business over the decades...