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Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. has promoted these products / services:

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. - INDUSTRIAL TOOLS

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc., through our general products division, MRD Industrial, works across many industries providing a wide range of manufacturing process, site services support, and general product integrity verification tools. Our unique brand of Industrial Tools are designed with human factors, high cycle life durability, safety, and efficiency in mind.... (read more)

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. - MINING AND TUNNEL TOOLS

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. supports both the general Mining and Tunnel Contractors Industries with a vast array of standard and customized product solutions. We have the industry experience to tailor our solutions specifically to the common problems and applications that arise in the construction, maintenance, and containment of shafts, tunnels, drifts, and bores commo... (read more)


We are designers and manufacturers of standard and highly customized drill through equipment, offshore lifting equipment, offshore structural equipment, well decommissioning tools, and well control equipment. Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. has several third party certified API® 6A/16A & API 64 drilling packages and components for offshore oil & gas, incl... (read more)

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. - SEALFASTĀ® Elastomers

Need a seal for your own seal housing, track, door, clean room, or component system? Our SEALFAST® Elastomers division has just what you need! We vulcanize, mold, and form seals in-house with standard and custom profiles to meet nearly any shape, size, or material need. Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. can supply Inflatable Seals, Mechanical Seals, and nearly any Enginee... (read more)


By utilizing our time-tested SEALFAST® inflatable and mechanical seals and packers, we are able to offer many flexible and configurable drilling stack solutions. Our products allow users to adjust for the height, angular alignment, and eccentricities in the drilling stack with unparalleled speed and efficiency. Our, fixed, telescoping, and spherical adjustment riser and mud flow line... (read more)

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. - NAVIGATE OUR PRODUCTS BY INDUSTRY

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. provides engineering services; isolation, pressure test, and work assist tools; sealing solutions; and a wide range of imaginative custom products with potential for use in nearly every industry. You can find our tools utilized prominently in Energy Production and Transport, Infrastructure Construction and Repair, Industrial Manufacturing and... (read more)

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. - Adjustable Pipe Spools & Flexible Pipe Connectors

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. designs and manufactures flexible / adjustable piping systems and connectors. We have designs to meet ASME® process and power piping codes as well as API® drill through and well control standards. Using our advanced SEALFAST® inflatable and mechanical sealing systems, we can provide pressure-rated adjustabililty (telescoping and rotating... (read more)

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. - Large Diameter Pipe Plugs

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. is the designer, manufacturer, and testing expert for large pipe plugs & pressure isolation barriers. Pipe test plugs, also known as pipestoppers, pipe bungs, linestoppers, mechanical pipe plugs, inflatable pipe plugs, deployable pressure barriers, and sealing bulkheads, perform two primary purposes in the pipeline integrity and maintenance fiel... (read more)

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. - Nuclear Outage Equipment Hatch [OEH]

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. is an industry leader in the supply of temporary to permanent Outage Equipment Hatches [OEH] to supply quick and easy to install isolation barriers into the entrance tube of missile walls during outages in the event of reactor boiling. We have several custom designs, including: semi-permanent (can be removed with hand tools if needed) enclosures tha... (read more)

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. - Pipe Plugs

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. has been providing innovative and proven Pipe Plugs all over the world for nearly 25 years. Also called pressure test plugs, pipe stoppers, pipe bungs, line stops, or inline isolation tools, pipe plugs are a common pipeline pressure test and isolation barrier tool for both newly fabricated or existing piping systems. Mechanical Research & Design... (read more)

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. - Leak Testers

Mechanical Research & Design, Inc. specializes in developing and refining the necessary tools for cost-effective leak testing in a wide range of applications. Throughout our history, we’ve worked with clients to design application-oriented isolation and testing tools for industries everywhere.


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