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Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - RFID Battery Holders

MPD battery holders have been powering RFID devices for decades, and we have worked with many of the biggest companies in the industry. We know the challenges that are specific to powering RFID devices, such as intermittent connectivity, accidental drops, and longterm environmental exposure. No matter the problem, we can offer a solution. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - Military Battery Holders

MPD is very familiar with manufacturing battery holders for major military programs. There are many challenges facing military battery holders we have grown accustomed to solving, such as heavier battery weights, larger forces upon the holder and contacts, rougher handling, longer storage times, harsher environments, and the absolute need for current continuity under any circumstances. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - Snap Dragon Battery Coin Cell Holders

Available exclusively from Memory Protection Devices, the patented Snap Dragon is an innovative "snap-on" coin cell holder that offers highly cost effective and ultra-reliable battery retention. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - Green Battery Holders

At MPD, we understand the current problems that the electronics industry is causing the environment. MPD was the first battery holder manufacturer in the world to come out with Li-ion 18650 battery holders. We are also fully compliant with major international environmental laws, such as RoHS. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - Mini CR2032 Coin Cell battery holder

Mini Coin Cell Holders
New Ultra Low Profile Coin Cell Holders Introduced

When ultra thin profile is required, mini coin cell holders from MPD are the answer. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - Mini Coin Cell Holders

Minis reduce the profile of battery holders to nearly nothing. By drilling a small hole into the surface of the PCB, a mini coin cell holder can be placed partially in the circuit board. This drastically lowers the profile of the battery holder, making Minis the perfect solution wherever the populated board's height is a top priority. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. -  Coin Cell Retainers

Coin cell retainers are simple metal contacts that both electrically connect coin cells and hold them in place, while taking up minimal additional space on the PCB. They feature nickel-plating, and since most coin cells have nickel shells this helps to prevent galvanic corrosion, an electrochemical process that can damage dissimilar metals that are in electrical contact. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - 18650 LI ION Battery Holder, BK-18650-PC6

This battery holder houses three 3.7 volt Lithium Ion 18650 rechargeable batteries. The part number for the holder is BK-18650-PC6 and it was designed for use in consumer, industrial and communication products where durability is of paramount importance. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - 20 amp 12V Automobile Plug

12 Volt automobile plug rated for 20 Amps. Featuring gold plated sliding contacts, red power led, UL94V-0 rated body, internal 20 amp glass 3AG fuse. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - Enclosed 8 AA Battery Holder with Switch, 12 Volts

MPD introduces P/N BK-6049 for holding 8 AA batteries. Offering 12 volts with 8 AA alkaline or 9.6 volts with rechargeable batteries. Built in sliding switch and dual sliding covers that have snap locking tabs. Designed for hand held applications the rugged housing survives repeated drops. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - Worlds first CR1225 Vertical Battery Holder

The BS-1225-PC, including an installed CR1225 battery, has a height of less than 14.5 mm and a footprint of less than 15.4 x 4.8 mm. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - Fuse Holders

Fuse holders can be designed to fit into any type of electrical circuit, ensuring that you can always provide adequate circuit protection in your design. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - Custom Stampings

Memory Protection Devices is a quality focused, ISO-9001 registered, supplier of metal stampings to many industries. Precision metal stampings, springs, contacts, pins and terminals used in electric and electrical assemblies are delivered on time, since 1981. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - 12 Volt Auto Plugs and Cable Assemblies

Memory Protection Devices, offers a line of rugged 12 volt plugs for assembling with your own cables. Versions from 1 amp thru 15 amps are available to ship from stock. Many pre-assembled with cables of varying lengths also are available. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - Rugged C cell battery holder for Military use

Memory Protection Devices introduces a C cell battery holder for portable applications. Made with premium materials and suitable for military applications. Built in reverse polarity protection. Part Number BHC-POL is currently available from stock. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - Miniaturized Vertical Battery Holder - CR1632

The BV-1632-G stands less than 14 mm above the PCB and has a footprint of just 19 mm by 5 mm. Vertical CR2032 holders typically range from 23 to 26 mm above the PCB and have a larger footprint as well, so the use of a CR1632 cell can greatly help to save space. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - 6 Volt Lantern Battery Replacement Using D Cells

Replace hard to find 6 volt lantern batteries using 4 standard "D" size batteries with MPD's battery holder, p/n BA4D-S (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - DL223A/CR-P2 Battery Holder for 6 volt lithiums

Memory Protection Devices has a holder for 6 volt lithium batteries. Common to digital cameras the DL223A or CR-P2 batteries offer 1400 mAh. Common applications are touch free faucets, hand held portables and main board memory or storage back-up. Model No. BH223-L (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - 18650 LI-ION Battery Holders

MPD introduces a line of Lithium Ion battery holders for 18650 protected cells. Featuring stainless steel power contacts and a body that's light in weight combined with high strength. Packs hold from one to four 3.7 volt batteries and are suitable for consumer or industrial products. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - Off Board Mounting CR2032 Lithium Battery Holders

MPD has invented a new category of lithium coin cell battery holders, off board mounting holders. Called Snap Dragons, these lithium battery holders drastically increase the reliability of open top coin cell holders through the use of a snap-on cover piece. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - Surface mounting CR1/3N battery holder

CR1/3N, DL1/3N lithium battery holder with compact size features flexible battery contact members for increased shock and vibration resistance. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - High Grip CR2032 SMD battery holder

CR2032 surface mounting high grip battery holder, model number BU2032SM-HD-G with 30% better shock resistance over previous models. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - Battery Contacts For Button Cells

Memory Protection Devices offers a complete line of surface mounting and thru-hole button cell contacts. Space saving designs are very compact and tape and reel packaging is offered for an economical way to place the button cell battery contacts. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - Batteries and holders in medical applications

Memory Protection Devices has unmatched experience in serving the medical community. Unlike many battery holder manufacturers, who are unfamiliar with the unique challenges facing medical device design, MPD recognizes the design needs of the industry. Medical devices require more stringent safety standards, less tolerance for power discontinuity & need to avoid costly recalls. (read more)

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. - CR2032 Battery Holder w/ Surface Mount Leads

CR2032 Holder Features reverse polarity protection (read more)

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MPD is proud to announce the release of our new and improved battery holders catalog. It has been completely redesigned from the bottom up, and now users can quickly find the right battery holders for their projects.


New Ultra Low Profile Coin Cell Holders Introduced


New Covered Coin Cell Holders Increase Reliability


MPD is proud to announce its new line of lithium-ion battery holders, for 18650 batteries with built-in protection circuits.


For Cells from 10 mm to 24 mm in Diameter


MPD announces the new BV-1632-G, a vertical coin cell holder for CR1632 and BR1632 coin cell batteries.