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Mornsun Power - Dual isolated outputs AC/DC converter LS05-13Hxx

Based on the market perspective and the customer demand, MORNSUN launched the dual output AC/DC power products LS05-13DXX series in 2021 and now launched the 5W dual isolated outputs AC/DC converter LS05-13Hxx in SIP package. Its typical application is the smart meter industry. (read more)

Mornsun Power - Chip-level DC/DC converter for automotive &medical

Based on the trend of chip integration, MORNSUN launches the chip-level isolated DC DC converter B0505ST16-W5 for high-end applications. (read more)

Mornsun Power - 350W high power density DC/DC power converter

With the technology breakthrough, MORNSUN launched the upgraded PV350-29Bxx (TR) series with a higher power, better performance, and higher efficiency based on the hot-selling series PV200-29Bxx. This series has the features of ultra-high voltage input, wide operating temperature, high efficiency, and small size, etc. The safety design complies with CSA/CE/UL requirements, which is satis... (read more)

Mornsun Power - EV Charging Stations Power Supply Solutions

According to the Global EV Outlook 2021, global electric car stock reached 10 million units in 2020, showing a 41% increase compared to 2019. In particular, Europe witnessed the highest share of new electric car registrations in 2021, followed by China and the United States.

As the number of electric vehicles (EV) increases, there is a growing need to create more energy-efficient... (read more)

Mornsun Power - 95-300A Energy-saving wide-voltage contactor

As an essential part of the electric power and industrial control, the demand for contactors has been steadily increasing in recent years, while problems such as excessive different versions of conventional contactors, poor anti-tripping capability, and large energy loss have been gradually exposed with the growth of the industry. In addition, under the call of global low carbon, higher... (read more)

Mornsun Power - Why You Choose the MORNSUN 305RAC AC/DC Converters

Our technical engineers have designed the MORNSUN 305RAC AC/DC Converter Series with your needs in mind. Here below, we will present an overview of the MORNSUN 305RAC product collection and highlight some of its key features. (read more)

Mornsun Power - The Newest Chiplet SiP Switching Regulators K78-R4

Different from companies that expand product lines horizontally to capture market opportunities through multiple product categories, Mornsun focus on deepening its technology such as advanced design, manufacturing technique, which to provide the most suitable high-quality products to empower customer sustainable requirements. (read more)

Mornsun Power - DFN package isolated RS232 Transceiver


  • Ultra-small, ultra-thin, chip-scale (compatible with SOIC-20 package)
  • Product dimensions: 10*13*3.1mm (TD041S232H series: 10*10*1.6mm)
  • DFN package, sidewall copper
  • Integrated isolated 5V power (TD041S232H series: No power supply)
  • Isolation up to 5000VDC(TD041S232H series: 3750VAC)
  • Baud rate up to 120Mbps<.../li>
(read more)
Mornsun Power - Highly Efficient DC-DC Switching regulator

MORNSUN K78 series are non-isolated, highly efficient switching regulators. Compared to regular linear regulator, the K78 series offers a wide input voltage range, smaller size, high efficiency, no heat sink, and better price. (read more)

Mornsun Power - 150W 250-1500VDC Input Voltage DC/DC Converter

According to the development of the PV industry, demands of more compact power supply in applications are increasing. MORNSUN newest 150W PV150-29BxxL products can not only be used in PV system, but also suitable for energy storage and charging station, etc.

The products feature ultra-wide input voltage range of 250-1500VDC, wide operating temperature of -40°C to +70°C, an... (read more)

Mornsun Power - 10-25W AC/DC converter with high reliability

Mornsun recently launched the high-reliable AC/DC power module LHxx-23BxxR2 series, which is compatible with LH/LHE series, and power covers 10, 15, 25W.

The LHxx-23BxxR2 series is part of the 305RAC (reliable under all conditions) family. These products have the advantages of a wide input voltage range of 85-305VAC/100-430VDC and an operating temperature range of -40°C... (read more)

Mornsun Power - 3W cost-effective AC-DC Converter

The Mornsun LD-R2 series, compact and high-performance AC/DC module power supplies, launched in 2020-2021 has gained well market recognition.

Based on the change of market demand, we are pleased to launch a more cost-effective and ultra-thin LD03-23BxxR2P series with 3W. These 3W products have the advantages of a wide operating temperature range of -40℃ to +85℃, low po... (read more)

Mornsun Power - AC/DC Converter 305RAC Family: 305 Input Reliable

New requirements for AC/DC power supplies continue to emerge in the changing market, and conventional 264V input AC/DC power supplies have been difficult to meet all conditions. The MORNSUN "305RAC (Reliable under All Conditions)" series can be understood that the input voltage range is 85-305VAC, and it handles the voltage fluctuation easily and features best-in-class performance, high-... (read more)

Mornsun Power - Compact and All-round AC/DC Converter LS-R3 Series

It’s simple but not optimized for personalized and differentiated needs, engineers are always puzzled to balance the design cycle, cost, reliability, ease of use, dimensions, performance, and personalization of power supply. And now, MORNSUN's newest AC/DC Converter "LS-R3" series can resolve this puzzlement. (read more)

Mornsun Power - 15-45W open-frame multi-output AC-DC power supply


Since the launch of the high power density, economical open-frame single-output AC/DC converter LOxx-10Bxx series in 2019, MORNSUN continues to extend its multiple-output products. The new 15W LO15-10A/Dxx series was released this July, and the power of this series covers 15W, 30W, 45W.

Based on technical and technological innovation, the LO15 pro... (read more)

Mornsun Power - 30-480W Ultra Slim AC/DC DIN-Rail Power Supply

Power supply requirements such as compact size, ease of installation, high reliability and cost-effectiveness are very critical for engineering applications with demanding space. MORNSUN's low-cost ultra-slim 30-480W AC DC DIN-Rail power supplies LI and LIF series stand out from our SMPS portfolio to meet these expectations of our customers for size, installation, performance and cost. (read more)

Mornsun Power - 5W ultra-compact dual-output AC-DC Converter

MORNSUN AC DC converters LS05-13Dxx with SIP package are part of the 305RAC (reliable under all conditions) family. With an input voltage range of 85 - 305VAC/70-430VDC and compact size, they are ideal for the industrial control system, smart homes, smart building, smart agriculture, household appliance and other fields. (read more)

Mornsun Power - Webinar: Power solution analysis of Renewable

Finding the right switching power supply is not always easy, Through the webinar, Mornsun is pleased to share you with the requirements for the three popular energy systems and hope it can help you to find out a suitable power supply solution. (read more)

Mornsun Power - 15-150W AC/DC DIN-Rail Power Supplies LI series

According to the needs of industrial equipment, intelligent buildings and other industries, MORNSUN launched the 15W and 150W products of the LIxx-20BxxPR2 series with DIN-Rail package. Now the LIxx-20BxxPR2 series covers output power of 15W, 30W, 60W, 100W, 150W and offers output voltages of 5V, 12V, 24V and 48V. This series of products has a global universal input voltage range of 85-2... (read more)

Mornsun Power - MORNSUN 1000W AC DC switching power supply LMF1000

At the beginning of April, MORNSUN introduced the new 1000W AC/DC enclosed power supply LMF1000-20B series, and now the power range of MORNSUN AC/DC enclosed power supply is 15-1000W which can meet the different demands of various applications. (read more)

Mornsun Power - 75W AC/DC enclosed SMPS LMF75-23Bxx with PFC

LMF75-23Bxx with PFC

To meet the market’s demand, MORNSUN released a new enclosed switching power supply series LMF75-23Bxx with active PFC in 305RAC family, which can be widely used in security, intelligent buildings, industrial control, communications and other industrial fields.The active PFC LMF75-23Bxx series has a PF up to 0.98, features a compact size, (read more)

Mornsun Power - 240W AC/DC DIN-Rail power supply LIF240-10BxxR2S

MORNSUN launched the 240W AC/DC DIN-rail converter LIF240-10BxxR2 series (also 120W and 480W products) to meet the demand of size matching and active PFC function in applications at the beginning of 2021. To further reduce the user cost, a more highly reliable, economical LIF240-10BxxR2S series with DIN-rail package was introduced in July. Featuring a compact size of 54 * 124 * 110mm, hi... (read more)

Mornsun Power - 450-550W High Power Medical AC DC Converter

Catering to the requirement for higher power AC/DC converter in Medical applications, MORNSUN launched the newly 450W and 550W LOF series products to provide customers more options this April.

Maintaining the high power density advantage of LOF series, LOF450 series has the dimension of 127mm × 76.2mm × 38.5mm (1.2W/cm³), and LOF550 series is 127mm × 76.2mm

(read more)
Mornsun Power - MORNSUN DC/DC module QAxx3D-2GR3 for IGBT Driver

MORNSUN newly DC DC converters QAxx3D-2GR3 are specially designed for 1700V(or lower) IGBT/SiC Gate Driver.

High reliability

QA-R3 series adopts a unique design in transformer design, by increasing the creepage distance of the primary and secondary sides, making the electrical gap meet the safety requirements of 14.5mm, isolation capacitance of 3.5pF, isolatio... (read more)

Mornsun Power - 1/8 brick non-isolated buck-boost DC DC converter


Mornsun KUB4836EB(F)-10A(-RS) is a 1/8 brick non-isolated step-up & step-down DC/DC converter, meeting the customer's demand for adjustable output voltage and current.

This DC/DC module has an ultra-wide input voltage range of 9-60V, an adjustable output voltage range of 0-60V, and adjustable output current range of 0-10A. We could get differe... (read more)

Mornsun Power - MORNSUN 1000W AC DC switching power supply LMF1000

MORNSUN LMF1000-20B has the advantages of small size (190*127*40.5mm), high power density, variable speed fan control, can be connected in parallel to boost power, etc. They meet IEC/UL/EN62368, GB4943, IEC/ES/EN60601 standards, which makes them the safe, reliable and cost-effective power converters widely used in industrial control systems, automation machinery, (read more)

Mornsun Power - 120-480W AC/DC DIN-rail Converter LIFxx-10BxxR2

To address the problem of size matching and active PFC function in applications, MORNSUN lunches 120-480W (low profile) AC/DC DIN-rail converter with PFC function——The LIFxx-10BxxR2 series features an 85-264VAC universal input voltage range, only 41*124*110mm in size with thin and light, to meet customer expectations for size, performance, and cost. (read more)

Mornsun Power - 75W Cost-effetive AC/DC DIN-Rail Converter

To meet customers' needs for performance, size and cost in applications, MORNSUN launches 75W cost-effective AC/DC DIN-rail converter LI75-20BxxR2S Series with metal case. The LI75-20BxxR2S series features an 90-264VAC universal input voltage range, and has a compact dimensions of 105* 90*55.4mm.It also has excellent EMC performance, high efficiency, high reliability and competitive cost. (read more)

Mornsun Power - 2021 New category from Mornsun

MORNSUN, a national high-tech enterprise headquartered in China, has grown into a leading vertical industrial power supply manufacturer. Keeping the spirit of being forerunner, MORNSUN specializes in magnetic isolation technology and product research and application, and manufactures high-quality products include AC/DC converter, DC/DC converter, adapter, isolation...See our new product... (read more)

Mornsun Power - 15W 176-418VAC Input AC/DC Converter LD15-25BxxR2

In order to solve the problem of 220Vac single-phase ground fault in electric power, MORNSUN launched a 15W AC/DC converter LD15-25BxxR2 series. The series features ultra-wide input voltage of 176-418VAC/248-591VDC, wide operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C, efficiency of up to 85%, compact size of 52.40*27.20*24.00mm, low consumption of 0.3W and high reliability. (read more)

Mornsun Power - 150W 250-1500VDC Input DC/DC ConverterPV150-29BxxL

According to the development of the PV industry, demands of more compact power supply in applications are increasing. MORNSUN newest 150W PV150-29BxxL products can not only be used in PV system, but also suitable for energy storage and charging station, etc.

The products feature ultra-wide input voltage range of 250-1500VDC, wide operating temperature of -40°C to +70°C, an... (read more)

Mornsun Power - 5W 85-528VAC Ultra-wide Input AC/DC Converter

5W 85-528VAC Ultra-wide Input Voltage SIP AC/DC Converter for flexible design-LS05-26BxxR3 Series

MORNSUN launched the low-power AC/DC converter LS-R3 series in 2020, which has an ultra-compact size and flexible for multiple applications. To better fulfill the market demand for higher voltage input, we launched the LS05-26BxxR3 series with 5W power.

The LS05-26BxxR3 series... (read more)

Mornsun Power - 100-320W LMFxx-23Bxx with PFC in "305RAC" Family


The LMFxx-23Bxx series of enclosed power supply launched by MORNSUN, can be used not only in the normal operating conditions, but also in applications with higher requirements for input voltage, temperature, humidity, altitude, and electromagnetic interference for long time. The input voltage range is as wide as 85-305VAC, so it is reliable for long time when the... (read more)

Mornsun Power - 15-150W AC/DC enclosed power LMxx-23Bxx in 305RAC

The Mornsun LMxx-23Bxx series of enclosed power supply in MORNSUN 305RAC(reliable under all conditions) family, it can be used not only in the normal operating conditions, but also in applications with higher requirements for input voltage, temperature, humidity, altitude, and electromagnetic interference for long time. (read more)

Mornsun Power - About Power Supply Design in Charging Stations

If you are looking for an efficient, compact, and economical power supply for the charging stations, then MORNSUN power has the solutions for you, providing advanced and cost-efficient components from isolation converters, enclosed power supply to RS485/CAN transceivers, which comprehensively improve the stability, security, and reliability of your charging system. (read more)

Mornsun Power - 3-30W AC-DC Converter LDxx-23BxxR2 -305RAC Family

The new AC-DC converter LD30-23BxxR2 fulfills the power range of LDxx-23BxxR2 Series in Mornsun “305RAC” family. The LDxx-23BxxR2 series complies with the“305RAC” family requirements, features an ultra-slim size, wide input voltage range, wide operating temperature, ultra-low power consumption and other advantages, to meet customer expectations for low power consu... (read more)

Mornsun Power - AC-DC Converter for Automotive Charging Equipment

Product Introduction
CLS03_15A12SR2S is one of Mornsun’s high efficient green power AC-DC Converter series. It features ultra-compact size (35.0*13.0*21.0mm), ultra-wide input range accepting either AC or DC voltage, high reliability, low power consumption and reinforced isolation. Production process in accordance with automotive standard IATF16949 system.
P... (read more)

Mornsun Power - Isolated Transceiver with Integrating Chiplet SiP

In order to meet market demand, MORNSUN continues to innovate and take advantage of the Chiplet SiP platform to launch the NEW generation chip-level 485/CAN transceiver family, referred to as the 'R4 series'. (read more)

Mornsun Power - 15-75W AC/DC Converter for Electric Power

To meet the demands of electric power for high applicability and reliability, Mornsun lunches open frame AC/DC converter specialized for electric power—The LOxx-23B-E Series. The power range of LOxx-23B-E Series covers 15/30/50/75W to meet the different demands of the electric power. (read more)

Mornsun Power - 50W DC/DC converter for Energy Storage PV50-25Bxx

Mornsun 50W PV50-25Bxx for PV energy storage with 12 and 24V outputs, which is designed for the practical demand of the energy storage industry, effectively solves customers' problems of energy storage applications. (read more)

Mornsun Power - 200-1500VDC Ultra-wide DC/DC Module PV15-29BxxR3

Recently, MORNSUN upgraded and launched the new generation product PV15-29BxxR3 series with better performance and better cost. The newest PV15-29BxxR3 series with wider input voltage and smaller size, which can be widely used in photovoltaic power generation, high voltage inverter and other occasions. (read more)

Mornsun Power - 45-65W Medical Grade AC-DC converter LOxx-20BxxMU

MORNSUN newly launched the miniaturized open-frame power supply—LO45/65-20BxxMU(-C), suitable for use in BF-type medical device. The series meets the medical certification standards and has the advantages of universal input voltage range, AC and DC dual-use, high efficiency up to 91%, leakage current as low as 75μA, etc., which makes it high reliability and cost-effective. (read more)

Mornsun Power - 100W DC/DC converter VCB_EBO-100WR3 for 5G

The Mornsun's newly-released 1/8-brick 100W telecom power supply VCB_EBO-100WR3 series features superior performance, small size, and high power density to support the development of the 5G industry. (read more)

Mornsun Power - 120W DIN-rail AC/DC Converter—LI120-20BxxR2S

To address the challenges of product size requirement in applications, MORNSUN launches LI120-20BxxR2S series with the 120W and wide input voltage range of 90 - 264VAC/127 - 373VDC to meet customer needs for size and cost. With a dimension of only 36*125*100mm, the LI120-20BxxR2S series features low power consumption, high efficiency, strong anti-interference capability, good heat dissip... (read more)

Mornsun Power - 450-600W AC/DC enclosed power supply LMxxx-12Bxx

Recently, MORNSUN introduced the new 450W and 600W AC/DC enclosed power supplies LM450-12Bxx and LM 600-12Bxx series, and now the power range of LM-12Bxx series covers 200W, 350W, 450W, and 600W to meet the different demands of various applications. (read more)

Mornsun Power - 10W AC DC Converter LS10-R3P Series in 305RAC

The Mornsun LS-R3 series can be used with a flexible peripheral design for various applications. Its dimensions are only 28.84*17.2*14.05mm, and the weight is only 8.2g. The efficiency is up to 84% and No-load consumption is as low as 0.1W. (read more)