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North Star Imaging, Inc. - Effortless automatic part loading and unloading

North Star Imaging’s new robotiX technology makes automatic part loading and unloading effortless through a simple programming interface that allows the end-user to easily create new robotic motion programs. (read more)

North Star Imaging, Inc. - Automated X-ray Inspection

North Star Imaging is pleased to announce a new add-on device that can be incorporated into standard and existing NSI X-ray & Computed Tomography (CT) systems for automatic part loading and unloading – robotiX. (read more)

North Star Imaging, Inc. - Unparalleled inspection capabilities

Composites to castings, pipes and prototypes, North Star Imaging's largest system offers a spacious scanning envelope and generous focal distance for unparalelled inspection of very large objects using 2D Digital Radiography and 3D Computed Tomography. (read more)

North Star Imaging, Inc. - Advances in Static & Dynamic Testing

Testing professionals, lab managers, professors, and students alike can come to learn about the latest advances in static and dynamic testing, DIC and strain measurement, and 2D and 3D inspection services. (read more)

North Star Imaging, Inc. - What is Computed Tomography?

North Star Imaging Computed Tomography systems are the easiest to use in the industry. NSI’s efX-CT software uses five simple steps to guide you through the CT scanning process and have you inspecting your product in no time – increasing your quality and efficiency. (read more)

North Star Imaging, Inc. - What is Digital Radiography?

North Star Imaging’s Digital Radiography systems are designed to make your business and your team as efficient as possible. Programmed and repeatable inspection sequences, easy to use software and superior image quality lets you focus more monitoring your product quality while also increasing throughput (read more)

North Star Imaging, Inc. - See Beyond the Surface

We can wish we had Superman’s X-ray vision power, maybe someday, but today we must rely on X-ray systems to do the work for us. Each person using nondestructive X-ray testing has one common goal; to see beyond the surface. (read more)

North Star Imaging, Inc. - Learn about the capabilities of X-ray Inspection

In this episode you will watch Nate and Dave uncover the cause of damage to a small battery using X-ray Inspection technology. (read more)

North Star Imaging, Inc. - See Beyond the Surface with DR & CT Technology

You want to develop the world's best products. We support you with industrial digital X-Ray & 3D Computed Tomography systems and training to ensure quality. And you can take advantage of our Contract Services for fast inspection of your components. (read more)

North Star Imaging, Inc. - 3D Computed Tomography X-ray Scanning Services

3D Computed Tomography (CT) is the most advanced x-ray inspection technique available in the industry. (read more)

North Star Imaging, Inc. - Digital Radiography Scanning Services

ISG believes that the services we provide can be of great value to our clients and we strive to have available the latest in cutting-edge x-ray imaging technologies to maximize this value. (read more)

North Star Imaging, Inc. - Verify the integrity of internal components

Our technical expertise and turnaround times for 2D DR & 3D CT X-ray inspection is unparalleled in the NDT industry (read more)

North Star Imaging, Inc. - Need Immediate X-Ray Inspection?

Verify your components' & materials' integrity, ensure correct dimensions with non-destructive X-Ray Inspection and CT Scanning Services (read more)

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As the world leading testing solution provider, Instron will cooperate with Buehler and NSI to host seminars for automotive material testing.


Discover the benefits of Digital X-Ray and 3D Computed Tomography for your organization. Visit with NSI at industry events around the world in 2018. We are coming to a location near you. Click the link to see when and where


NSI is happy to announce that their Paris (France) & High Wycombe (UK) facilities have acquired ISO 9001:2008 certification.