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OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Intrinsically Safe Pulse Radar Level Transmitter

The intrinsically safe 26 GHz. pulse radar transmitter provides continuous level measurement up to 98.4' (30m) with a 4-20 mA analog and HART digital signal output, and is configured via its integral push button display module or HART communicator. The non-contact liquid level sensor is intended for petroleum, water, wastewater and diluted chemical storage or process conditions. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Handheld pH/mV Meter with pH Electrode

The portable pH meter, PHH444 provides you with affordable, convenient solutions for basic pH or mV measurements. The OMEGA PHH444 portable pH meter is easy to operate and is equiped with automatic temperature compensation. The kit includes the meter, pH Sensor, pH 4, pH 7, and pH 10 calibration solution, calibration certificate, 3 AAA batteries and rugged carrying case. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Barometric Pressure Transmitter

The PX2780 high accuracy barometric pressure transducers are designed for applications in industry and science where accuracy, fast dynamic response and long term stability are important. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Thermocouple Terminal Blocks

If you need terminal blocks and strips for a new installation or part replacement, order them from Omega and enjoy premium quality at affordable prices. We have a large selection to choose from, including round terminal blocks, feed-through spring cage terminal blocks, models designed for use with high current applications, and many others. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - High Performance Thermal Imager

Bridging the gap between single spot IR thermometers and infrared cameras, the OSXL-TG165 Thermal Imager gives you the advantage of thermal imaging to help you discover temperature issues you can't see with typical spot radiometers. You'll work more quickly and have confidence you won't miss anything vital. Equipped with FLIR's exclusive micro thermal camera, (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Electromagnetic Low Flow Meters

The FMG70B Series from OMEGA is a trio of extremely compact, low cost, inductive magnetic flow sensors. This product line allows a unique and highly reliable measuring technique to be introduced into areas of process control previously considered not possible. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Load Pin Load Cells

Omega's load cells are compact, rugged, and constructed with the highest quality alloy steel. W e have an array of different load cells available, including bending beam models, platform load cells for wash down applications, canisters, mini beam load cells, and more. You'll find we have everything you need to complete your installation or repair (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Heavy-Duty Safety Rope Pull Switches

GLS and GLS-SS Series safety rope switches are designed to be mounted on machines and sections of conveyors which cannot be protected by guards. In contrast to traditional mushroom head type emergency stop buttons, GLS and GLS-SS Series safety rope switches can initiate the emergency command from any point along the installed rope length and provide robust emergency stop rope pull (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - High Temperature Strain Gages

M Series strain gages have been specially developed for high resistance to alternating loads at increased strain levels and high temperatures up to 300°C (572°F). They are foil strain gages with measuring grids made of a special nickel-chromium alloy. OMEGA/HBM offer this special strain gage with various geometries, measuring grid lengths and temperature response matching. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Heavy Duty Paddle Flow Switch

The OMEGA® FSW-160 is the newest heavy-duty line of flow switches. The switch is used to signal, start, or stop electronically operated equipment when flow or no-flow conditions occur. Omega's elastomeric sealing system is superior to the metal bellows that are subject to metal fatigue and corrosion. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Miniature Infrared Temperature Sensor

The OS-MINI has miniature sensing head to fit most applications and configurable electronics package. They use short wavelength measurement for low-emissivity targets such as steel rollers and other metal surfaces. Field of views from 15:1 to 75:1 plus a close focus model are designed to fill most industrial requirements. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Long Range Wireless Transmitters

Omega makes it easy and affordable to create a reliable wireless monitoring system for your ope rations. Many of our transmitters are weather-resistant and we have models designed to deliver a range of data such as voltage, current, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and pH. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - High Accuracy Differential Pressure Transducers

High Accuracy oil filled Wet/Dray and Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transducers

Get all the great performance characteristics of the Micro-Machined Silicon Transducers in these wet/wet differential pressure models. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Stainless DC Loop Powered Digital Pressure Gauge

DPG110 is an electronic digital pressure gauge used to monitor hydraulic fluids. It monitors the pressure via the resistance measured on an isolation membrane. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Pressure Water Hammer Pulse Snubbers

The water hammer effect is an impact load that is the most misunderstood force known to pressure transducers today. A water hammer is created by stopping and/or starting a liquid flow suddenly. The results of a water hammering or pulse load are devastating to a pressure sensor. The impulse load occurs suddenly, in the millisecond time frame, but the effects of it last a life time. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - PACE Modular Pressure Controller

PACE5000/PACE6000 employs full digital control to provide high control stability and high slew rate, while its digitally characterised pressure sensor offers the quality, stability, higher bandwidth and precision associated with this latest generation of piezo-resistive and TERPS pressure sensors. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Standard-Type Tuning Fork Level Switch

The tuning fork level switch is a mechanical resonant device which is excited by piezoelectric (PZT) elements. When the measured medium comes into contact with the tuning fork, it will change the feedback resonant frequency due to the damping resonances between the exciting PZT and receiving PZT. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - IoT Solution in Automation and Food Safety

The Rutgers Food Innovation Center is a globally recognized food business that offers everything to support a food business from concept to commercialization. Omega's relationship with Rutgers sprouted with their eager goals in substituting manual processes with an IoT solution that granted them hands-off data collection capabilities. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - High Accuracy Sanitary Pressure Transducers

The PX409S Series sanitary pressure transducers and sanitary pressure transmitters are made using our proven micromachined silicon process. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - 1/8 DIN Universal Panel Meter

OMEGA’s new universal panel meter delivers high performance in a 1/8 DIN size for panel mount, and integration in a wide range of applications. The DP20 accepts universal inputs, including thermocouple, RTD, process (mA & Vdc), resistance, and true RMS voltage and current. By configuration, it will work as an AC and DC voltmeter (up to 400 V) and AC and DC... (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - USB Infrared Temperature Sensor

The OS-MINIUSB is a miniature infrared sensor that measures the surface temperature of a solid or liquid without contact. It can measure non-metal surfaces between -20 and 1000°C (-4 and 1832°F), with a response time of just 125 ms. (read more)


The PX2700 transducers use an extremely accurate capacitive sensor to provide excellent accuracy, repeatability and long term stability. Each unit is digitally calibrated using custom ASIC and multipoint mapping techniques to achieve very high performance. (read more)


OMEGA’S PX5500/PXM5500 transducer series provides high performance in demanding industrial and research applications where accuracy, reliability, and price are important. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - High Line Pressure Wet/Wet Differential Transducer

The PX509HL Series industrial high line pressure wet/wet differential pressure transducers are rugged shock and vibration rated with high accuracy and are specifically designed to provide long life in demanding industrial areas. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - RS485 Output Silicon Pressure Transmitter

The PX409 RS485 Series is an industrial RS485 Silicon Pressure sensor. Use stand-alone for up to 640 Hz sampling rate, or connect up to 16 units in an independent multidrop RS485 network at 1 Hz overall bus sampling rate. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Smart Graphics Displays

The OM-SGD Series is a family of panel meters with smart graphics display. Using the simple wizard based configuration software you can select from any of over 40 standard display configurations to start with. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Resolution Digital Thermistor Thermometer

The OMEGA® HH42A digital thermometer is the most recent addition to a series of instruments based upon our high precision temperature measurement system technology. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Optic Sensors

The LVF-200A-R Series optic sensor creates a pulsed beam of infrared light which is reflected on the oblique flat sensor tip. If the tip is dry, the light beam is recognized and if it is wet, the beam reflects back into the liquid. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Carbon Monoxide Transmitter

The TXCO-50 Series of carbon monoxide transmitters is a simple, accurate and very economical way to measure CO in the 0 to 50 ppm levels. For special ranges please consult Omega. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Guard Locking Safety Switches

KLP Series safety interlock switch with guard are designed to provide robust position interlock detection for moving guards and provide a lock mechanism to keep the guard closed until the hazard has been removed. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Standard Duty Safety Rope Pull Switches

GLS Series safety rope switches are designed to be mounted on machines and sections of conveyors which cannot be protected by guards. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Coded Non-Contact Stainless Steel Safety Switches

The CMC Series coded non-contact safety switches have been designed to enable the conformance to EN60947-5-3 and be used as directed by ISO12100, ISO14121 and EN60204-1. They have coded magnetic sensing which provides a wide sensing distance and provides a high tolerance to misalignment after sensing. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Long Range Wireless Receiver - Ethernet/Internet

The long range, high-performance, low power consumption OMEGA® ZW-REC wireless receiver provides web-based monitoring of all of OMEGA’s IEEE 802.15.4, 2.4GHz compatible wireless transmitters. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Pipe Clamp Thermocouple

The Omega® pipe clamp thermocouple probe attaches to all pipe materials to give you fast, repeatable temperature of the pipes. Use for HVAC testing on pipes in air conditioning, refrigeration, hot/cold water, Environmental Testing and process control applications. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Miniature Infrared High Temperature Sensor

The OS-MINI has miniature sensing head to fit most applications and configurable electronics package. They use short wavelength measurement for low-emissivity targets such as steel rollers and other metal surfaces. Field of views from 15:1 to 75:1 plus a close focus model are designed to fill most industrial requirements. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Handheld Environmental Meters

The HHC200 Series of digital portable thermometers is a great option for temperature measurement in environmental applications. It is offered in two different models: infrared thermometer and dual thermocouple thermometer. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Linear Variable Inductive Transducers

The LDI-119 Series LVIT (Linear Variable Inductive Transducer) position sensors are contactless devices designed for factory automation and a variety of industrial and commercial applications such as motor sport vehicles, automotive testing, solar cell positioners, wind turbine prop pitch and brakes, and packing equipment. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter

The LVRD10 Series of general purpose guided wave radar level transmitters provide continuous level measurement with a 4 to 20 mA signal output. Offered in three probe (rod, coaxial or cable) configurations up to 3 m (9.8') for the rod and coaxial and 5.5 m (18.0') for the cable design. The sensor is configured using the easy, yet powerful software (free download at OMEGA). (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Single Use Cold Chain PDF Temperature Data Logger

The OM-21 data logger is for use in cold chain applications to monitor the transportation of pharmaceuticals, food and other temperature sensitive products. The data logger is completely user-programmable including language selection, sampling interval, start delay, alarm delay, temperature units, alarm range, alarm type, password and user name. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - High Temperature Dual Channel Data Logger

The OMEGA® OM-CP-HITEMP140X2-FP Series of stainless steel data loggers offer two remote flexible probes that can measure up to 350ºC (662°F) with an accuracy of ±0.1°C (±0.18°F). These narrow, lightweight probes are offered in a combination of flexible PFA insulation and bendable Stainless Steel. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Multi-Function Thermal Hygrometer

The OMEGA® RH700 precision moisture meter reads a multitude of humidity and moisture values including ambient temperature, relative humidity, absolute humidity, relative moisture level using a pinless sensor, absolute moisture level. Log up to 8000 data points internally for download and display in graph or table format, or store and recall readings on the LCD display. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - FM rated pressure transmitters & load cells

OMEGA expanded its offering of intrinsically safe pressure and load products. FM rated for use in hazardous locations, customers have many choices of pressure ranges/capacities, electrical terminations, connector options and cable options, including a submersible waterproof cable. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitters

The OMEGA® PX51-IS/PXM51-IS Series of intrinsically safe pressure transmitters are designed, tested, and FM certified for hazardous locations. They are all stainless steel construction and rugged thick film sensing element, suitable for the harshest environments. They are available in gage, absolute, and sealed gage models with a wide selection of outputs and a unique dual fitting. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Mini Handheld Anemometers

The HHF-308 anemometer with wind chill function and the HHF-309 anemometer psychrometer with CFM/CMM and enthalpy, from OMEGA, are economical and ideal for monitoring the outdoor environment. These devices feature a compact, easy-to-use design with a large dual backlit LCD, and high accuracy. Applications include outdoor environmental studies. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Wheatstone Bridge In-Line Signal Conditioner

The OMEGA® IN-UVI in-line signal conditioner is housed in a rugged stainless steel enclosure, which is connected between the transducer and a readout instrument. While providing easy accessibility for transducer field calibrations, especially when space is limited, the IN-UVI provides a great solution for applications where a transducer must be located in a hostile environ... (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - PLATINUM Series PID Controller Demonstrator

PLATINUM Series controllers offer unparalleled flexibility in temperature and process measurement and control. The PLATINUM Demo & Training unit provides a fully integrated temperature control system suitable as a platform to investigate the use of closed loop (PID) and simple on/ off temperature control in both heating and cooling applications. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Portable Benchtop Oxygen Analyzer

The OMEGA GAB-1700 oxygen analyzer has been specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of field and laboratory analysts, light industrial users and others who require fast, accurate and reliable analysis of common gas mixtures. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Digital Panel Meters

OMEGA’s PLATINUMSeries Digital Panel Meters are extremely versatile and easy to use. This CE, UL, and cUL compliant product features (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Handheld Wireless Transmitter UWBT


The UWBT Series of Bluetooth® wireless transmitters turn your smart phone or tablet into (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Portable Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

latest portable temperature and humidity data loggers offer
(read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Thermal Imaging Camera OSXL-TIM3

OMEGA’S OSXL-TIM3 is a fully automatic thermal imaging camera (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer

The OS499 series of fully functional infrared non-contact temperature measuring devices feature (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Compact Fan and Filter Fan Air Flow Monitor

The FSW800B series of air-flow monitor is economically priced, small in size and is easily installed via clip or clamp. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Ultrasonic Leak Detector

OMEGA’s new series of CE compliant ultrasonic leak detector features (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Carbon Monoxide Monitor and Data Logger

OMEGA’S AQM-103 series of carbon monoxide monitors are designed to measure (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Temperature and Process Controllers

The PLATINUMseries of microprocessor-based PID controllers offer unparalleled flexibility in process measurement. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Autoclave Validation Systems

OMEGA’s new OM-CP-AVS140 series are complete systems used to (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Thermoelectric Peltier Chiller

Omega’s new TCL-10 series is simple to operate and can keep your sample at a low temperature for (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Compact Modular Pressure Switches

The PSW8 series of compact modular pressure switches feature easy field setting with (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - USBH Output Pressure Transducer

Omega’s exclusive high speed USBH output pressure transducer is a rugged, high (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Sample Handling Products

Omega’s sample handling products feature (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Omega’s new FMG980 series of insertion electromagnetic flow meters are durable, easy to install and easy (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - High Speed USB Output Option for mV Transducer

The IN-USBH field calibratable inline signal conditioner adds digital high speed (1000 readings/second) USB output to almost any (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Digital Pressure Gauge DPG409S

OMEGA’s new DPG409S Sanitary/Clean-In-Place (CIP) digital pressure gauges incorporate a rugged 316 SS enclosure designed for (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Digital Multifunctional Environmental Meters

The RH87 is a digital multifunctional environmental meter which combines the function of sound level, luminometer, relative humidity meter and anemometer. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Autoclave Temperature Data Logger

Omega introduces its new series of autoclave temperature data loggers. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - 8-Channel Wireless Temperature Measurement Module

Omega introduces the OM-WLS-TEMP series of wireless USB 2.0 full-speed temperature input module (fully compatible with both USB 1.1 and 2.0). (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - PX51-USBH Pressure Sensor


The PX51-USBH pressure sensor is the latest in Omega’s high speed USB output transducer family. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - RTD Probe with M12 Connectors PR-22 Series

Omega’s new probes with M12 molded connectors are 316 Stainless Steel in imperial and metric diameters. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - M12 Temperature transmitter M12TX

Omega introduces the M12TX temperature transmitter which features a sensor with a built-in transmitter (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Flanged Magmeter FMG-2000

Omega introduces its new, economically priced FMG-2000 series of flanged magmeters. (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - ifferential Pressure Transmitter PX2600

Omega introduces its new series of rangeable, very low differential pressure transmitters which can (read more)

OMEGA Engineering, Inc. - Wireless Pulse Data Logger

Omega’s new series of wireless pulse data loggers features wireless two-way communication with pulse input for monitoring wind speed, energy or flow rate. (read more)

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We are proud to announce that as of July 2015, OMEGA Engineering launched a new Australia Website. We want to invite you to place your orders at


Since 1962, OMEGA has been known for sharing technical information with its customers and will continue this knowledge sharing through the Technical Learning section on


OMEGA Engineering is celebrating its new office in Mexico. This is in line with OMEGA's strategy to expand its business and leadership globally.


We are proud to announce that OMEGA Engineering has launched a website for Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines and Malaysia. To keep up with our growth around the world these site will feature the same products that are on USA’s website.


We are proud to announce that OMEGA Engineering has launched a website for Chile


OMEGA Engineering was presented with the 2014 Best of Sensors Expo INNOVATION AWARD Honorable Mention Award for M12LCP Thermocouple Probes With High Temperature M12 Molded Connectors by Sensors Magazine.


As of January 1, 2014, Newport Electronics, Inc. has merged into Omega Engineering, Inc.


OMEGA Engineering is celebrating its newest office in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil with an official grand opening on December 16, 2013. This is in line with OMEGA's strategy to expand its business and leadership globally.


OMEGA Engineering is celebrating its newest office in Seoul, Korea with an official grand opening on December 4, 2013.


– Omega Engineering, Inc. announced today that it is opening a new office in Singapore to coordinate its business throughout the Southeast Asia region. This is part of a multi-phase plan to expand its global presence and footprint across Asia.


We are proud to announce that Omega Engineering is launching a website for Mexico set to go live on July 31st. To keep up with our growth around the world the Mexico site will feature the same products that are on Spain’s website.


The PR25CU RTD sensor incorporates a copper tip which provides an improved heat transfer path between the sensing element and the process conditions allowing for reduced response times and better temperature tracking.


The TH-21 Series thermistor probes are constructed with a glass encapsulated thermistor element which provide excellent stability and accuracy.


The M12-FM series is a new Omega connector that will ensure accuracy for your applications.


Omega introduces its new series of heaters with black ceran glass as the emitter face.


Omega introduces its new series of shaft servo mount rotary pulse generators.


Omega introduces its new series of pressure transducers with precision micromachined silicon sensor.


Omega introduces its new series of waterproof, low profile load cells for wet or washdown applications.


Omega introduces its new PX835 series of pressure transmitters. This product is designed to meet the stringent requirements for use in hazardous industrial locations...


Omega introduces its new series of pre-wired strain gages. Each gage for the KFH series has 50 mm of PTFE cable before transitioning to AWG 28 leads to prevent leads from adhering during installation.


Omega introduces its new series of WSS stainless steel AC motors. The motors are constructed with the windings doubled-dipped and cured in polyester insulating varnish, anti-rust coated rotor to protect against corrosion.


Omega introduces its new series of thermocouple connector.


Omega introduces its new series of thermocouple connector.


Featuring the FDT-21 ultrasonic flowmeter designed to measure the fluid velocity of liquid in a full/closed pipe. It is a handheld measurement system that is both easy to install and use.