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Ofil Ltd. - UAS Powerlines Fault Detection with UV micROM HD

DayCor® micROM by OFIL, UV corona HD camera: mount, connect, run. Features: pre planned integration, electromagnetic shielding, HD camera, zoom in, record, stream and store footage, multispectral, pinpointing PD location. (read more)

Ofil Ltd. - NEW: Fiber Optic Stabilized Gimbal for Helicopters

DayCor® ROM HD for helicopters scanning oil pipes, OHTL, firefighting, vegetation, mapping etc. Combinations of HD IR, UV, RGB, Photo sensors in a fiber optic stabilized Gimbal. RTCA DO160G standard (read more)

Ofil Ltd. - Handheld Professional UV Corona PD Cameras

DayCor® UVollé by Ofil, compact handheld multipurpose UV camera for condition-based maintenance of high & medium voltage installations. Reveal hidden dangerous faults, broken conductors’ strands, contaminated insulators, electrical design faults, shorted insulators. Work in/outdoors. Ergonomic design, easy operation & affordable. Handy NDT equipment for pr... (read more)

Ofil Ltd. - Get Better Inspection Results with UVollé Camera

Compact handheld UV corona PD inspection cameras for daytime inspection of electrical apparatuses in and outdoors. Ergonomically designed, comfortable hand grip, easy to operate with clear visual results. Add humidity and temperature sensors and GPS readings to your recorded footage. Collect video clips of your asset and correlate findings with faults. (read more)

Ofil Ltd. - Reveal Electrical Faults with Luminar HD Camera

Sensitivity to UV radiation is the most important feature needed in a corona camera. Ofil DayCor® Luminar HD camera has the highest sensitivity to UV, high-resolution visible imaging & the highest remote PD detection capabilities. Using Luminar HD ensures reliable inspection results & pinpointed electrical faults locations. Luminar HD is utilities premium choice (read more)

Ofil Ltd. - Add Value & Use to Drones

Drone owners can benefit from mounting Ofil DayCor® micROM corona camera on their drones for overhead line inspection. micROM-HD camera reveals electrical faults & discovers their location. DayCor® micROM-HD has a UV sensor that enables seeing partial discharge (PD). micROM shortens investigation time and records findings for documentation and analysis. (read more)

Ofil Ltd. - Motos Workshops Can Detect PD Under Light

DayCor® Scalar is a handheld UV imager that detects, displays, records and stores corona and arcing partial discharges. Scalar is an indoor inspection system with features that are needed for inspecting motors, switchgears, and any electrical installation that is enclosed in a cabinet or in a room. Attractive price. (read more)

Ofil Ltd. - Multispectral Vehicle Mounted OHL Inspection

DayCor® Ranger by Ofil, HD imaging system for driven overhead grid lines inspection. Preset directions, best IR & UV HD sensors. Semi-automatic operation. Pan & tilt precise control. Mil spec. (read more)

Ofil Ltd. - See Corona and Electrical Faults by UAV & Drones

DayCor ROMpat UV corona camera for UAS displays in realtime pinpointed information of corona & arcing emissions. ROMpact, remote-controlled compact bi-spectral UV-Visible video imager enabling detecting ultraviolet signals in the daytime. Designed for drones, UAVs and also for fixed mounts. ROMpacts transmit video with corona radiation. Can be configured to alert of existing fautls (read more)

Ofil Ltd. - Multi Sensors Driven Inspection System

UV camera & IR camera - multi sensors inspection system mounted on vehicles to scan OH T&D lines and collect multiple data in a single drive. Improve maintenance practice by consolidating inspection technologies into one platform. Sensors include UV corona, HD, IR cameras that complement each other, and their findings provide a comprehensive view of the apparatuses. (read more)

Ofil Ltd. - Corona Testing - Advanced Education

November 18-20 Atlantata GA. Registration is on NOW.

Join CITI - corona inspection training institute to gain a UViGrphaer diploma and be qualified to perform professional inspections using UV technology. Get the tools and the knowhow that will help you benefit from UV technology. Get the methodology of UV inspection. Enjoy the knowledge and 20 Professional hours. (read more)

Ofil Ltd. - DayCor ROM - Aerial HD Inspection System

Aerial inspection system to detect faults on OH grid lines. Fly high, fast as far as needed ROM fits all. Ofil offers combinations of high-end remote sensing technologies with best performance cameras and software architecture as brilliant solutions for aerial scanning. ROM is compatible with FAA\EASA STC certification, it is light in weight, simple to install and matches most helicopters (read more)

Ofil Ltd. - If Seeing Corona is What You Need Consider This

DayCor®Superb is the most sensitive robust UV corona camera used by electrical utilities, HV test labs, researchers, contractors etc. to pinpoint PD corona. Superb has absolute solar blind performance and high pinpointing resolution. (read more)

Ofil Ltd. - How to Control Corona


  • Learn from UV authoritative professionals how to control corona
  • Become a qualified certified UV inspectors
  • Get practical and theoretical training on using UV inspection for predictive maintenance
  • Make the most of your existing equipment
  • Let go of “trial and error” education and decre...
(read more)
Ofil Ltd. - DayCor Rail Automatic Traction Monitoring Solution

Innovative solution for traction monitoring, automatic report generationg, UV corona detection to manage electrical faults. DayCor® Rail is an automatic corona inspection system, mounted on a Maintenance cabin operates automously, captures corona and reports location and severity. Rail provides on the fly images of the tested infrastructure condition. (read more)

Ofil Ltd. - UViGrapher Level I&II: Course in Atlanta GA

Join CITI to get a UViGrpher Level I&II certificate. Become a qualified inspector with a diploma of a corona inspection specialist.
Knowledge and practice are the base for proficiency.
Skilled workforce is valuable
Professionals contribute to success
Make the most of your corona camera
Become a certified UViG... (read more)

Ofil Ltd. - ORsolar - seeing offshore Oil Spill slick & sheen

ORSOLAR is an oil spill imager that provides visual information about existing floating slicks and sheens, their boundaries, thickness & location. ORSOLAR is a high speed solution that can be carried by airplanes with small gimballed payloads. Due to the incorporated components ORSOLAR performance is outstanding providing high resolution high definitions images and videos. (read more)

Ofil Ltd. - CoronaWise Corona Management Application

A handy application to manage inspection results

- Document findings of corona

- Create a bank of recorded images and videos

- Share information across organization

- Reveal trends

- Control maintenance tasks

- Document assets condition

- Generate reports

And more.. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Ofil Ltd.:


In September 2019 CITI – corona inspection training institute took place in Malaysia. A group of electrical engineers enjoyed 3 days of resourceful knowledge: the secrets of corona. Utilities can benefit now from in-house professional training.


Ofil announces the DayCor® UVollé-C, a new line of corona cameras: Light, slim silhouette, comfortably handheld. Battery lasts over 4 hrs, an outstanding LCD, a built in flashlight & iconized intelligible menu are some of the new features.


Polyethylene spacers keep cables from rubbing and wearing. The desired spacers are those which resist abrasion, withstand electrical tracking, and UV degradation. 13,000 spacers on 13.2kV lines had to be removed shortly after installaion.


Ofil offers courses to electrical engineers that wish to get a UViGrapher diploma and earn 20 PDHs. Seminars qualify engineers to use corona cameras & generate reports with prioritized call for actions. PhD. tutors. Next class: Orlando May 6-8 2013


Ofil offers courses to electrical engineers that wish to get a UViGrapher diploma and earn 20 PDHs. Seminars qualify engineers to use corona cameras & generate reports with prioritized call for actions. PhD. tutors. Next class: Orlando May 6-8 2013


Corona testing seminar for technicians and engineers who wish to use corona cameras and to users of corona cameras that need the knowledge of how to operate, how to inspect and how to interpret findings. November 14-16 2011 Houston TX. Registration is on


Ofil launched a new range of products under the brand name UVollé. Features: compact, light weight, joystick, solar blind, noise reduction, optimized corona visualization. UVollé is tagged elementary affordable predictive maintenance UV inspection tool


All about using UV inspection for predictive maintenance. The only forum where corona camera users get access to information they need and look for. Sponsored by Ofil – the original corona cameras manufacturer.