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Phelps Industrial Products - Material for Sound Proofing and Dampening

One might imagine that soundproofing can be achieved by any material, this is however, far from the case. There are a few materials that can effectively carry out soundproofing. (read more)

Phelps Industrial Products - Gaskets for high temperature steam scenarios

What makes a good material for gaskets in a steam application? (read more)

Phelps Industrial Products - Molded Rubber Boiler Gaskets

Topog-E® gaskets are molded from a special compound that will positively stop leakage that cause corrosion around handholes and manholes in steam boilers, water boilers and air tanks. This compound is specifically designed to provide the best resistance to the steam, heat, pressure, water and treatment chemicals of boiler applications. (read more)

Phelps Industrial Products - How to Chose O-Ring Material

Since O-rings are crucial to perform effectively after being installed, selecting the right O-ring material is crucial. Today O-rings are manufactured using thousands of different materials and every material perform differently under several conditions. The following sections includes the most commonly materials used for the O-rings, their working temperature, the shore A hardness scores, (read more)

Phelps Industrial Products - Closed Cell Sponge Rubber Gasket Material

Closed cell sponge rubber is one of the most versatile materials. Its structure has non-interconnecting cells that contain air. Force applied to these cells squeezes the air through the thin cell membranes. When the pressure is released, some sponge materials rebound quickly and some rebound very slowly or take a permanent deformation. (read more)

Phelps Industrial Products - Engineered Graphite Compressed Gasketing

Compressed gasket sheet made with 75% pure graphite. It is easily identified by the cranberry colored "easy release" non-stick coating. This material's 45% compressibility allows for better sealing for those less than perfect flanges. This material does not cold flow when compressed with excessive torque. It likes stress and performs its best when compressed to 5000 PSI and beyond. (read more)

Phelps Industrial Products - Fiberglass Gasket Cloth and Tape

Fiberglass products are used in many industrial, automotive, aerospace, medical, and construction applications. Fiberglass materials add strength, have low thermal conductivity, are naturally fire resistant, do not elongate or shrink, do not conduct electricity and do not decay. (read more)

Phelps Industrial Products - Custom and Non-standard O-Rings and Cords

Phelps has been a supplier of Non-Standard size O-Rings to many industries. Custom O-Ring are made by bonding two ends of cords together under a pre-determined temperature and pressure. An elastomeric bonding agent, which matches the polymer of the cord provides a very strong bond, uniform temperature capability and media resistance. (read more)

Phelps Industrial Products - PTFE Joint Sealants

A universal gasket made from 100% expanded PTFE. It is a radically different form of PTFE fluorocarbon material. Although very strong and tough, it is soft and "marshmallowy" in character, permitting it to conform easily to irregular surfaces and to compress to a thin, wide ribbon under pressure. (read more)

Phelps Industrial Products - PTFE Protected Gaskets

Phelps is a supplier of a variety of custom PTFE protected gaskets - including PTFE Bonded gaskets, as well as PTFE Envelopes. PTFE protected gaskets offer an almost universal chemical resistance, and non-contaminating gasketing solution for high-purity applications. (read more)

Phelps Industrial Products - ElastaGraph™ Metal Gasket Technology

Sheet-material based gaskets can fail when used in demanding application such as petro-chemical plants. Some materials can fail because of popcorn polymerization, which occurs when a monomer permeates the pores of a Teflon gasket. Others sheet materials can fail because of chemical attacks on the binder of the sheet gasket material. (read more)

Phelps Industrial Products - Phelps List of Useful Resources

Visit Phelps Industrial's page of useful resources for gaskets, packing and seals. Charts include a chemical resistance chart for elastomers, fluid compatibilities, and material comparisons. (read more)

Phelps Industrial Products - Interactive Gasket FAQs

Phelps Industrial is building the gasket industry's most comprehensive interactive FAQs. (read more)

Phelps Industrial Products - Style 9610 - Gasket Cutter Set

Gasket Cutter Set (36") enables accurate cutting from 1/4" up to 36" diameter. Will cut all gasket materials including compressed sheet, cork, rubber, PTFE, etc. (read more)

Phelps Industrial Products - PTFE Pipe Thread Tape

Phelps Style 9700 is a PTFE Pipe Thread Tape, which is extremely pliable non-hardening sealant made from 100% pure virgin PTFE. PTFE tape is exceptionally resistant to a wide range of media including all acids and caustics including chemicals, aromatic fuels, steam, salt water, and gases. (read more)

Phelps Industrial Products - High Temperature Silicone Sealant

Phelps Style 9815 is 100% RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) silicone that can be used anywhere a high temperature sealant/adhesive is required. This high temp silicone sealant builds a formed-in-place gasket at operating temperatures up to 310° C. (read more)

Phelps Industrial Products - Flexible Packing Extractors with Replaceable Tips

Phelps Style 9640 flexible compression packing hooks & extractors with replaceable tips are made of the toughest materials; the handles are solid steel construction, the shank has two opposite steel spirals one inside the other. The hook is tempered, permanently pointed and removable. (read more)

Phelps Industrial Products - Standard Flange Gaskets for Energy Utilities/Power

Phelps supports the people who keep the Lights-On, quite literally. Marked by the absolute need to have highuptime in a challenging operating environment, Phelps supports this Industry extensively and through a range of products (read more)