Spectral Measurement has promoted these products / services:

Spectral Measurement - SADiE PCM-H16 Digital Audio Workstation

The PCM-H16 is a SADiE studio workstation based on the latest generation of DSP processing technology for use with the SADiE software environment. The PCM-H16 can replay and edit 64 channels of 24bit 48kHz audio with real-time cross-fades and punch-ins, and offers similar DSP processing power to the PCM-H64 multi-track system. (read more)

Spectral Measurement - dScope Series III

The dScope Series III is a comprehensive and powerful measurement system for analogue and digital audio generation and analysis, including digital audio carrier parameters, acoustic transducers and Windows™ sound devices (WDM or ASIO). (read more)

Spectral Measurement - dS-NET I/O Switcher

The dS-NET-I/O Switcher provides cascadable 16-into-2 relay switching, and may be used for switching either analogue or digital (AES3) audio signals . The I/O Switcher is primarily intended for use with the dScope Series III test and measurement system. It is serially-controlled using the Prism Sound dS-NET protocol. (read more)

Spectral Measurement - dS-NET VSIO Digital Serial Interface Adaptor

The VSIO Adapter is a dS–NET peripheral primarily intended for use with the dScope Series III test and measurement system. It is an interface adapter which allows bi-directional translation between the dScope's AES3 output and input, and serial audio multiplex interfaces (for example I2S) such as are commonly found on digital audio ICs. (read more)

Spectral Measurement - dS-LPF2 Low Pass Filter

The dS-LPF is a passive 20kHz low-pass filter in 2 or 4-channel configurations designed primarily for measuring digital power amplifiers. (read more)

Spectral Measurement - Lyra USB Audio Interface

The Lyra family of audio interfaces offers Prism Sound performance at its most affordable ever. They are based on the Orpheus audio path and clock circuitry, but in a smaller package for those who don't need eight channels of analogue I/O. (read more)

Spectral Measurement - Dream ADA-8XR Modular AD/DA Converter

The ADA-8XR is a multi-channel AD/DA converter that can be configured in numerous ways usingplug-in modules to suit a very wide variety of applications. It can be a 16 channel AD converter, a 16 Channel DA converter or an 8 channel AD/DA converter, with FireWire, AES/EBU, S/PDIF and Pro Tools interface modules. (read more)

Spectral Measurement - SADiE LRX2 Multi-Channel Location Recorder

The SADiE LRX2 Location Audio Workstation has been designed to fulfil the needs of an ever more complex recording environment and to serve a wide variety of remote recording applications. It is as effective in capturing the original soundtracks for film and television productions as it is for producing location multitrack audio recordings for release on distributed media such as CD or DVD. (read more)

Spectral Measurement - SADiE 6 Digital Audio Workstation

Prism Sound and SADiE are proud to announce that SADiE 6 software for audio recording and production has been nominated for a TEC award in the workstation technology category.

SADiE 6 gives you the freedom to work on any Windows computer using a soundcard such as Prism Sound Orpheus, the computer's built-in sound card, or to use the low-latency, high-reliability SADiE Series 5 har... (read more)