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Radicom Research, Inc. - 3G Cellular Modems For Integrating CDMA Apps

Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Interfaces: USB2.0, UART/RS232, SPI

SMA connector and SIM socket

AT command compatible

GPIO, ADC ready

-30°C to +80°C operating temperature

Desktop or panel Mounting

AT&T's wireless network certified

FCC, CE, PTCRB certifications (read more)

Radicom Research, Inc. - Reliable, High Performance Embedded Modems

It's Radicom for reliable, high-performance, simple to implement embedded Wireless Senors, Dial-Up modems, Wi-Fi modules,Bluetooth modules and GSM/GPRS modules competitively priced. We work closely with OEMs and designers for successful integration and fast turnaround. Count on Radicom to reduce time-to-market, lower cost, and improve product (read more)

Radicom Research, Inc. - UART / SPI Interfaces WiFi 802.11b/g/n Modules

Small size: 0.79" x 1.30" x 0.14" (SMD)

Self-contained with embedded processor

Fully contained TCP/IP stack

Configurable via AT commands

Lower power 3.3V operation

-40°C to +85°C operating temperature

Secure WiFi authentication WEP, WPA, WPA2 (read more)

Radicom Research, Inc. - V92HU-E2-MD (External Dongle)

0.55" x 0.75" x 2.5"

IEC60601-1, IEC60601-1-2

UL 60950-1, 3KV Isolation

CE Marking

Global Telecom Compliant (read more)

Radicom Research, Inc. - Universal Network Hub

Radicom Research™ RW8300 series is all new Wi-Fi/LAN with Serial Port. It is the perfect networking center solution for embedded system to integrate Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Serial Port into a single platform. The AIO (All-In-One) networking capability provides many functions, such as single port router, Wi-Fi adapter, Ethernet adapter, Hotspot, Wi-Fi Repeater or WLAN bridge, with Serial... (read more)

Radicom Research, Inc. - RB540 Class I, Bluetooth Audio Module

The RB540 series is a Class 1 Bluetooth data with simultaneous audio module for system integrators. The RB540 comes complete with DSP, stereo CODEC, flash memory and on board antenna.
With transmission power up to 20dBm, the RB540 series can connect to other Bluetooth devices such as MP3/MD/CD players, mobile phones, and desktop or notebook computers, PDA etc., in range up to 650 f... (read more)

Radicom Research, Inc. - RB2001 Series Bluetooth Modules

Introducing V4.0 BLE and Classic Dual Modes Bluetooth Modules from Radicom Research. Host Control Based, Featuring UART, I2S, PCM and USB Interfaces, FCC, IC and CE Certified. (read more)

Radicom Research, Inc. - Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) Modules for OEM

Radicom Research's Embedded RB1000 and RB1000HM are single-mode Bluetooth® modules designed to meet the emerging Bluetooth 4.0 standards for OEM applications. These embedded Bluetooth 4.0 modules integrate the entire profiles, applications, radio and Bluetooth protocol stack, so external processor is not needed. (read more)

Radicom Research, Inc. - Embedded Bluetooth® Modules for OEM's

Radicom Research's RB4000 and RB4000HM Bluetooth modules are designed to meet OEM's needs of embedding short-range wireless data connectivity to their products. The RB4000 family offers a quick and simple solution for wireless point-to-point communications. (read more)

Radicom Research, Inc. - Medical Dial-Up Modem Solutions

Radicom Research offers a complete family of external and embedded modems specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements for the Medical Services Industry. (read more)

Radicom Research, Inc. - V92HM4-RC Embedded Modem Module

Radicom's Dial-Up Modems Support Ademco® and SIA Contact-ID Protocols for Home and Business Security Systems. Provides An Across the Board Compatibility of Data Communications Into Security Networks. (read more)

Radicom Research, Inc. - Serial TTL Dial-up Modems

This feature-rich modem module family is fully self-contained including built-in data pump, modem controller and on-board International DAA. This complete solution provides system engineers the flexibility to include modem functionality in system products with minimal engineering resources. (read more)

Radicom Research, Inc. - USB Modem- Modules

Radicom's V92HU and V92MB-U are USB 2.0 Compatible modem products featuring support for Linux, Windows, and Mac O/S. (read more)

Radicom Research, Inc. - The RC3000, 3G Modem

The RC3000, 3G Modem, is the perfect solution for integrating CDMA applications into many different types of embedded hosts or remote equipment. The RC3000 family is fully self-contained and requires only a serial TTL interface from your product, a SIM card and cellular signal access to provide you with state of the art Data, Fax, and Voice operations. (read more)

Radicom Research, Inc. - 7V - 50V RS232 Modem Modules

The RS232 Modem Module family features high-performance dial-up modems designed for integration into a serial device through a RS-232 DB9 connector. (read more)

Radicom Research, Inc. - Leased-Line & Dial-Up Modem V92MM4-TW

This high-performance modem modules is fully self-contained with on-board data pumps and modem controllers. (read more)