Red Pitaya has promoted these products / services:

Red Pitaya - Red Pitaya for Medical
  • Our test and measurement tools enable advances in healthcare by bringing medical product ideas to life
  • A data acquisition platform for medical related sensors
  • Optimize the RMI costs with Red Pitaya
  • Easy to integrate in your software environment
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Red Pitaya - Red Pitaya for Telecommunications
  • All Red Pitaya boards can be used as an SDR platform
  • Build your test setup with Red Pitaya
  • Use Red Pitaya to research new protocols
  • Fast signal processing
  • High performance due to a gigabit ethernet interface
  • Verify coverage and ensure network performance
  • Easy to integrate as OEM in RF, wireless and microwave designs
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Red Pitaya - Red Pitaya for Advanced Research
  • Get the highest controlled signal accuracy in high speed signals
  • Easily powered by batteries
  • Red Pitaya allows you to analyse and calculate various energies and intensities of gamma rays
  • Leverage the most complex quantum systems with the most affordable instrument
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Red Pitaya - Red Pitaya for Aerospace and Defense
  • Red Pitaya provides speed, portability and form factor like no other instruments
  • Affordable tool for over-the-horizon radar
  • Providing a core signal acquisition platform for high speed (250Msps) signal aerospace applications
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Red Pitaya - Red Pitaya for Automotive
  • Can be used for monitoring the production of electrical cars
  • Supports development of preventive maintenance systems or predictive maintenance equipment
  • Helps you automate your test procedure (ECU testing)
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Red Pitaya - Red Pitaya in Research

Red Pitaya platforms are now an essential component of many scientific research projects in the fields of physics, communication, materials and bioscience. Scientists and research engineers value their open source nature, flexibility to run custom code, performance, small form factor and very attractive price. (read more)

Red Pitaya - We just launched a new Red Pitaya product! 

STEMlab 125-14 Low Noise is based on a STEMlab 125-14 board that is populated with additional linear analog power for analog power supplies to reduce RF inputs and outputs noise and consequently increase ENOB (read more)

Red Pitaya - Red PITAYA for Industrial Applications

We are sure you've heard of Swiss Army knives. They are the very symbol of precision, versatility, portability, and quality. Are you imagining it? Good. Now imagine a Swiss Army knife for engineers. (read more)

Red Pitaya - Red Pitaya Knowledge Base

We are excited to share with you our new Knowledge Base teaching materials in video form to further support teachers and students on their journey. Within this teaching material we will be presenting some theory, diverse project ideas, exercise examples, and much more! (read more)


Right out of the box, Red Pitaya is one of the most versatile data acquisition devices, however, the real fun starts when you start using extension modules. (read more)


NMR – or Nuclear Magnetic Resonance – spectroscopy is a technology that superposes small high-frequency magnetic pulses on a strong, constant magnetic field. Nuclear spin variations then emit electromagnetic waves during a period – called “relaxation time” – after which they return to their normal state. (read more)

Red Pitaya -  Red Pitaya Logic Analyzer

In this video, M0JPI talks about a logic analyzer, what it is and the different types that exist. If you want to watch his video, scroll down to the bottom of the blog! What's a logic analyzer? (read more)



Red Pitaya - Red Pitaya, the perfect measurement & control tool

5 reasons why Red Pitaya is the perfect measurement and control tool for remote teaching (read more)

Red Pitaya - Automated signal logging applications

Automated signal logging applications with Red Pitaya
Performing at twice the sampling speed as other models in temperature range 0-55 C, the new SIGNALlab comes with a ruggedized protection case, making it an excellent choice for field engineers. (read more)

Red Pitaya - Why you should have a remote engineering lab?

Universities were especially challenged in this period since in-person classes were no longer possible, and professors had to find new ways of teaching their class in an effective manner. Many professors in universities around the world found that the tools they were using are no longer useful as they cannot be remotely controlled, and they were no longer the optimal choice for their lab... (read more)

Red Pitaya - How do universities cope with remote work?

Electrical engineering professors had it especially hard, since an essential part of their classes is done in laboratories which makes it even more difficult to be done remotely. They needed to adapt their work so it can be done from home and each students still needs to be able to follow the examples as if they were there physically. (read more)