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Restek - Expand your cannabis analyses with a Restek

Target Mycotoxins in Cannabis with Restek’s New Ochratoxin A &
Aflatoxins Standards (read more)

Restek - Get a Quicker Cleanup: Resprep SLE Cartridges

Resprep SLE Cartridges and 96-Well Plates

Dilute-and-shoot is only effective when you are working with relatively clean matrices—
complex biological samples, such as whole blood, require a cleanup step or your results may
be inaccurate. But, if your sample matrix does not require the intensive cleanup power of
SPE or liquid-liquid extraction, why spend time an... (read more)

Restek - Separate Polar Analytes with Raptor Polar X

New Raptor Polar X columns reliably retain and efficiently separate a broad range of polar analytes using a unique stationary phase that balances two retention mechanisms: HILIC and ion exchange. This hybrid phase is ideal for analyzing acidic, basic, and neutral polar compounds without time-consuming derivatization or complex ion pairing, and it is especially compatible with mass spectr... (read more)

Restek -  New Cannabidivarinic Acid (CBDVA) Standard

Cannabidivarinic Acid (CBDVA) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid reported to have anti-inflammatory properties. While its medicinal benefits are still being researched, quantifying this compound in cannabis samples is crucial for obtaining a true measurement of potency. Restek offers a new CBDVA certified reference material (CRM) to help labs advance their analysis of cannabis. (read more)

Restek - Faster Trace-Level Analysis of Acrylamide in Food

Faster Trace-Level Analysis of Acrylamide in Drinking Water and Food

Now available in two column formats for optimal application-specific performance, Allure Acrylamide LC columns enable you to meet method requirements for food and drinking water quickly and easily. Unique column chemistry reliably separates acrylamide from matrix interferences, and our new format for large... (read more)

Restek - Eliminate Cross-Contamination

Eliminate Cross-Contamination with New Resprep Quick-Replace Vacuum Manifolds (read more)

Restek - Remove Phospholipids and Proteins Simultaneously

Remove Both Phospholipids and Proteins in One Resprep PLR SPE Procedure (read more)

Restek - Alternative to Silica-Based Sorbents

New Resprep Polymeric SPE Offers an Alternative to Silica-Based Sorbents (read more)

Restek - Simplify LC Method Migration

Simplify LC Method Migration with Pro EZLC Method Translator (read more)

Restek - Prevent Small Leaks from Causing Big Problems

New and improved, Restek’s electronic leak detector lets you pinpoint small gas leaks quickly and accurately before they cause bigger problems. Now, there’s no more waiting for a full charge—the unit can be operated during charging or used up to 12 hours between charges. (read more)

Restek - Eliminate Impact of PFAS Instrument Contamination

Per-and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) are often used in tubing and other liquid-contacting parts of an HPLC system, where they can leach into the mobile phase and interfere with sample analysis. This contamination is particularly problematic when analyzing at trace levels, such as at the ppt health advisory levels for drinking water. (read more)

Restek - CarboPrep Plus SPE Cartridges

Resprep CarboPrep Plus SPE cartridges surpass traditional Florisil products in cleanup power for sample matrix compounds that cause active sites in GC inlets and columns, degrading pesticides and interrupting work due to failed calibration checks. For CarboPrep Plus cartridges, Restek uses a proprietary treatment to create an exceptionally clean carbon that exhibits consistent selectivity. (read more)

Restek - radiello Passive Diffusive Air Samplers

Versatile, High-Performing radiello Passive Air Samplers Now Available from Restek

Versatile radiello passive diffusive air samplers—now available from Restek—feature a unique 3D radial design that provides several performance advancements compared to standard 2D flat axial air samplers. These samplers are a reliable, cost-effective alternative that offers both... (read more)

Restek - USLC® Selection Guide for Method Developers

USLC® columns and our new guide will help you easily choose the right stationary phase to target nearly any analyte in reversed phase or HILIC method development. It will also help you adjust your mobile phase to further improve results without guesswork or wasted time. (read more)

Restek - Resprep® Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Tubes

Resprep® solid phase extraction (SPE) tubes are manufactured with specially cleaned sorbents and high-purity plastics to minimize background and help eliminate troublesome interference. In order to ensure reproducibility, every finished product goes through rigorous QC testing, targeted to specific applications whenever possible, and an extensive certificate of analysis de... (read more)

Restek - Gas Calibration Standards from Restek

Restek Features a wide selection of air monitoring gas calibration standards. Each mix is independently manufactured by both Spectra/Linde and Scott/Air Liquide (Pi-marked for EU regulations), so you can purchase from 2 separate sources with the convenience of placing 1 order! (read more)

Restek - SPP LC Columns and Guards

With Raptor™ columns, Restek has combined the speed of superficially porous particles (i.e., SPP or "core-shell") with the resolution of highly selective USLC® technology. This new species of column more easily achieves peak separation and faster analyses without expensive UHPLC instrumentation. The first phase released-Restek's unique Biphenyl-is ideal... (read more)

Restek - New GC Column Separates Critical PAHs

Rxi®-PAH GC columns provide a unique selectivity to separate PAHs for food safety that cannot be distinguished by MS. Even difficult priority compounds, such as the EFSA PAH4, are easily separated and accurately quantified, results that cannot be achieved on typical GC columns. (read more)

Restek - New Roc™ HPLC Columns from Restek

Solid, reliable Roc HPLC columns are pressure rated for any 400 bar HPLC system and deliver the peak shape, reproducibility, ruggedness, and performance you demand for all of your conventional HPLC applications, especially USP and other compendial methods. (read more)

Restek - LC Multiresidue Pesticide Kit

Stop spending your time and money developing LC-MS/MS multi-residue pesticide methods and mixing reference standards when you could be running samples! Restek's trusted food safety experts have already done the work for you-with guaranteed accuracy and at a lower cost. (read more)

Restek - Alumina MAPD PLOT Columns in Fused Silica

The industry's best PLOT columns just got better! We've expanded our PLOT line to include Rt®- and MXT®-Alumina BOND/MAPD columns, which are stable up to 250 °C and provide better temperature stability than any other alumina MAPD PLOT column available! (read more)

Restek - ISO Guide 34 and 17025 Accreditations

It takes exceptional quality and service to earn these ISO accreditations and offer certified reference materials (CRMs). Whether or not you're required to use CRMs, you can source your reference standards-even customs!-from us and enjoy the benefits. (read more)

Restek - Air Canisters for VOC Monitoring

SilcoCan® & TO-Can Air® Monitoring Canisters

TO-Can® Canisters:
• Proprietary electropolished surface maintains compound stability.
• Ideal for TO-14A and TO-15, ASTM D5466, and other VOC methods.

SilcoCan® Canisters:

• Siltek® passivation offers unsurpassed inertness.
• Especia... (read more)

Restek - New Raptor™ FluoroPhenyl Phase

Restek has now extended the speed and reliability of Raptor™ column technology into the HILIC realm with the addition of Raptor™ FluoroPhenyl columns. (read more)

Restek - Trident LC Column Protection System

Unlike "one size fits all" guard systems, the Trident LC column protection system gives you the power to select just the right level of protection for your work. With three levels of protection and a variety of guard cartridges and cap frits, you can select the best combination to match your specific analytical needs. (read more)

Restek - SilTite® - μ-Union Column Connectors

Stay Connected Under Pressure. Press-fit style connectors work well for many applications, but the connector seal can be broken by extreme temperature and pressure cycling. In these situations, SilTite® -Unions are a better alternative as they create a permanent connection between fused silica analytical columns, guard columns, and retention gaps. (read more)

Restek - First to Contain all Major PAH Interferences

The new PAH interferences standard from Restek is the first and only certified reference material formulated to contain all major PAH interferences for priority PAHs. Analysts can use this mixture to quickly confirm the presence of common interferences by retention time comparisons. (read more)

Restek - GC Multiresidue Pesticide Kit

Stop spending your time and money developing LC-MS/MS or GC-MS/MS multiresidue pesticide methods and mixing reference standards when you could be running samples. Restek's expert formulations chemists and chromatographers have already done the work for you-with guaranteed accuracy and at a lower cost. (read more)

Restek - Roc HPLC Columns

Solid, reliable Roc HPLC columns are pressure rated for any 400 bar HPLC system and deliver the peak shape, reproducibility, ruggedness, and performance you demand for all of your conventional HPLC applications, especially USP and other compendial methods. (read more)

Restek - Restek PAL SPME Fibers

Restek PAL SPME fibers deliver results that consistently meet or exceed the performance of other solid phase microextraction fibers. Our reliable SPME fibers are optimized for PAL system autosamplers and
are compatible with most GC inlets. Restek PAL SPME fibers are ideal for many applications in environmental, food, clinical, and other industries. (read more)

Restek - Chromatogram Modeler Propels Method Development

Restek's new and improved EZGC chromatogram modeler is still free and just as simple to use as the original software, but it now offers advanced options for selecting phases, changing carrier gases and control parameters, further optimizing results, and much more. (read more)

Restek - Apply Force to Your LC Methods

Restek's new Force performance LC columns give you the power to maximize instrument uptime, increase productivity, and transfer methods across your entire lab, from your trusted-but-aged HPLC to the cutting-edge UHPLC you just plumbed last week. (read more)

Restek - Resprep VM-96 Vacuum Manifold now Available

Designed for performance, versatility, ergonomics, and accuracy, this new product is suitable for everyday solid phase extraction (SPE), supported liquid extraction (SLE), protein precipitation (PPT), and filtration applications. (read more)

Restek - Analyze CO and CO2 at ppb Levels Easily

Low-level detection of carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) is critical for many applications. Restek's methanizer (CH4izer) for Agilent GCs allows ppb-level determination of CO and CO2 using a cost-effective FID instead of more expensive instrumentation. (read more)

Restek - GC Inlet Liners from Restek

Topaz inlet liners deliver inertness you'll have to see for yourself to believe. The new deactivation technology means unbelievably low breakdown for accurate and precise low-level GC analyses. Unbeatable manufacturing and QC ensure superior reliability across compound classes. And unparalleled cleanliness maximizes GC uptime and lab productivity. (read more)

Restek - New Phase HILIC-Raptor HILIC-Si Columns

Restek is bringing the speed and reliability of Raptor LC columns into the HILIC realm with the addition of the Raptor HILIC-Si column. HILIC is an increasingly popular alternative to reversed-phase LC for challenging polar analytes because it provides better retention of water-soluble compounds that are separated by polar differences. The Raptor HILIC-Si column simpli­fies the switc... (read more)

Restek - Retrofit RAVE Valves for Air Sampling Canisters

Restek Air Valve Excellence (RAVE) is now available for the easy retrofit of 3.2 L, 6 L, and 15 L Entech air sampling canisters. These new RAVEn valves have an identical internal design to the incredibly popular and rugged RAVE valves recently released on Restek's SilcoCan, TO-Can, and miniature air sampling canisters. Upgrade from your TOV and TOV-2 valves-with no modification nee... (read more)

Restek - Struggling with EtG/EtS matrix interferences?

A Raptor EtG/EtS column is your solution! Typical methods for EtG and EtS analysis have several limitations: poor resolution from matrix components, long run times that limit sample throughput, and short column lifetimes. Restek has developed a new Raptor EtG/EtS column that consistently retains and resolves EtG and EtS from matrix interferences, providing accurate, reliable results inje... (read more)

Restek - Reference Standards for trans Fat Determination

Growing concern about the impact of partially hydrogenated oils on human heart health makes accurate data on trans fat content in foods critical for protecting consumers. New reference standards from Restek help you ensure that your lab is generating accurate results. In addition to a derivatization agent, we also offer internal and calibration standards of verified composition an... (read more)

Restek - Q-sep Extraction Salts Make QuEChERS Even Easier

For years, the QuEChERS approach has made sample preparation faster and easier than traditional methods. Now, the new Q-sep extraction salts from Restek make an easy technique even simpler. Restek's new, improved design provides the salts in a more granular form, so they flow freely and are easier to pour than powders. The convenient slim packets are easy to open and fit perfectly... (read more)

Restek - GC Accelerator Oven Insert Kit

Designed with GC-MS users in mind, the GC Accelerator kit provides a simple way to speed up sample analysis. By reducing oven volume, these inserts allow faster ramp rates to be attained, which reduces oven cycle time and allows for increased sample throughput and more capacity to process rush samples. (read more)

Restek - New UHPLC Guard Cartridge For Ultimate Protection

New UHPLC Guard Cartridges Deliver Ultimate Protection for Restek's 1.8 μm Raptor Columns

Raptor 1.8 μm LC columns unleashed superior Raptor performance on UHPLC analyses, and now Restek has released EXP UHPLC guard column cartridges made specifically for Raptor 1.8 μm columns.

These new guards provide extreme protection from particulates and matrix co... (read more)

Restek - Innovative Septa for your SPME Arrow applications

The Longer Life and Simplicity of Merlin Microseal Septa

Analysts have long enjoyed the benefits of Merlin Microseal septa for their traditional and SPME fiber injections-and now, you can switch to these innovative septa for your SPME Arrow applications, too!

The advantages of the Merlin Microseal septum include elimination of septum coring, longer life, and co... (read more)

Restek - Keep Your LC Flowing

Restek has expanded its line of LC accessories to bring you even more of what you need to keep your LC flowing. Over 140 new items are now available, including fittings, tubing, mobile phase management and safety supplies, and more.

Featured products include bottle top inlet valves to protect your lab from volatile compounds and your mobile phase from bacterial contamination, outl... (read more)

Restek - Rxi GC Columns

New Restek® Rxi®-1301Sil MS GC Columns Are Ideal for MS (read more)

News articles and press releases for Restek:


Cannabidivarinic Acid (CBDVA) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid reported to have anti-inflammatory properties.


Restek is pleased to announce the launch of a new standard formulation that was developed specifically for methods that couple LC with GC-FID to determine mineral oil hydrocarbon contaminants that migrate from processing equipment and packaging into food.


Restek is pleased to announce it has been selected as a finalist for the 2018 Plan Sponsor of the Year award by PLANSPONSOR magazine. The award is given to companies that show a commitment to employees’ financial health and retirement success.


On March 10, Restek reached a significant new landmark: one million safe hours worked!


On December 31, 2008, Restek Corporation announced the purchase of all outstanding corporate shares, officially becoming 100% employee owned under an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) structure.


The New USLC™ Toolbox Gives You All the Right Tools—All in One Box. Restek’s USLC™ column set represents the widest range of reversed phase selectivity available with just 4 stationary phases: Aqueous C18, IBD, Biphenyl, and PFP Propyl.


Restek is proud to announce two additions to our Innovations Group: Chris Rattray and Jason Herrington.


Maxxam Analytics recently presented a Kaizen award for productivity improvement to their High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Department at the Mississauga laboratory in Ontario.


Restek announces the release of new Rtx®-BAC Plus 1 and Rtx®-BAC Plus 2 columns for blood alcohol testing.


Effective 9 December 2011, Restek’s reference standard manufacturing and QC testing laboratories in Bellefonte, PA, have added ISO Guide 34 and 17025 accreditations to their credentials.