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SECO has promoted these products / services:

SECO - Powerful industrial PC with PCI-e capabilities

The SECO Palladio 500 RPL is a powerful, modular industrial PC with PCI express capabilities to support GPUs and AI accelerators for superior AI applications. Dedicated to OEMs who need a ready, high-power industrial PC, the SECO Palladio 500 RPL can enhance production flow, connecting to multiple machines and collecting, analyzing, and processing data on the edge before sending it to th... (read more)

SECO - Next-gen Intel® Core™ Ultra power in COM-HPC® size

The SECO SOM-COM-HPC-A-MTL is a COM-HPC® Size A Client Module with Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors (codename: Meteor Lake -H and -U) balancing power, superior graphics, robust connectivity, and
durability for demanding applications- (read more)

SECO - Performance + adaptability with Intel® Core™ Ultra

The SECO SOM-COMe-BT6-MTL is a COM Express® 3.1 Type 6 Basic module featuring Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors (Codename: Meteor Lake -H and -U), designed to deliver balanced performance, adaptability, and energy-efficiency. (read more)

SECO - Power-efficient compute and graphics in 3.5" SBC

SECO SBC-3.5-TGL-UP3 combines 11th Gen Intel® Core™ edge processing with power-efficient compute and graphics (read more)

SECO - Fasten your product design with SECO Modules

The wide range of SECO’s off-the-shelf Computer-on-Modules allows you to create solutions with reduced time-to-market. Discover all of our standards. (read more)

SECO - SECO off-the-shelf SBC for rapid time-to-market

SECO's Single-Board Computers (SBC) are ready-to-use, stand-alone solutions, providing all the necessary tools for rapid prototyping without the need for additional modules. (read more)

SECO - Industrial-grade, smart Fanless Embedded Computers

SECO has created fanless embedded computers for applications in Industrial IoT with the goal of satisfying the need for flexibility and security. (read more)

SECO - SECO's full range of off-the-shelf HMI solutions

Dicover SECO's full range of off-the-shelf HMI solutions with touch displays and integrated boards. Get inspired and find ideas for your own custom solution. (read more)

SECO - AI & CV Boost EV Charging Boom

As electric vehicle adoption is on the rise, the need for more charging stations is crucial. How to tap the surging demand for fast and convenient EV charging? How to evolve EV charging stations to meet the needs of owners and users? (read more)

SECO - Sustainable Ticketing: Contactless Convenience

Discover why parking ticket machines are a critical element in the journey towards a greener parking garage management and in carbon footprint reduction. (read more)

SECO - AI-driven Edge Computing for Industrial Efficiency

Explore the advantages of implementing edge intelligence for swift and secure data processing in critical enterprise tasks. Eliminate concerns of latency and privacy issues. Elevate your approach - download now for a strategic edge in processing excellence. (read more)

SECO - Clea: turn your field data into actionable value

Experience the power of Clea, SECO's comprehensive software suite for building IoT solutions that harness field data. (read more)