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Sitron - SLU Ultrasonic Level Meters

The SLU ultrasonic level meters are suitable for continuous non-contact level measurement of liquids (water solutions, waste water sewage), mash and paste materials (sediments, resins etc.) in closed or open vessels, sumps, reservoirs and open channels. (read more)

Sitron - HFS high frequency limit level sensor

Sitron's HFS high frequency limit level sensor is designed to effortlessy detect the level of fluids or paste-like media while ignoring the influence of deposits of viscous media (ketchup, yogurt, pastes, syrups, jams and jellies, creams, soap) as well as products such as detergents, alkalis, or various chemicals. The sensor works in the high frequency band, enabling reliable detec... (read more)

Sitron - Ultrasonic Level Meters

The SLU ultrasonic level meters are suitable for continuous non-contact level measurement of liquids (water solutions, waste water sewage), mash and paste materials (sediments, resins etc.) in closed or open vessels, sumps, reservoirs and open channels. (read more)

Sitron - VTKR Level Switch

The VTKR with a large robust explosion proof aluminum housing (GX) comes standard with a universal power supply: 18…36Vdc or 85 to 264Vac. It is an ideal solution for point level detection of liquids, regardless of the conductivity or dielectric of the product.

All models are made in 316 Stainless Steel, can be ordered with a great variety of threaded, flange, or hygienic f... (read more)

Sitron - Ceramic Pressure Transmitter

The SP98FA features a Zero and Span adjustment housed within the nylon enclosure, a thick film capacitive ceramic sensor, 316SS or all PVC body, pressure ranges from 0…300bar and optional HART protocol. Optional Accessories:

TR202 Relay Digital readout + 2X active relays/ 1X F.S. Relay + passive 4…20mA out


General appli... (read more)

Sitron - SC850 - Detects the presence of Water in Oil

The SC850 was designed to detect and control the level of all types of oils (1x SPDT relay) and also provide a separate alarm relay to detect the presence of water. Each relay has its own LED indication including a second LED for alarm status. This unique probe can be widely applied in petroleum storage tanks and is available with an explosion proof housing.
The GX comes standar... (read more)

Sitron - Opto Eletronic Level Switches

Sitron's - SOP400 Opto Eletronic Level Switches are used for level detection in liquids, independent of physical characteristics such as density, dielectric constant or the conductivity of the medium. The SOP400 provides an accurate, repeatable point level switch which can be mounted in any position, especially where space is limited. This unit is often the ideal sol... (read more)

Sitron - Monitor Misalignment on Rotating Machines

The new VDX500 Vibration Transmitter and Switch from Sitron is able to monitor the amount of vibration for all types of rotating machinery such fans, pumps, motors and other industrial machines. It measures the vibration to which it is exposed and offers two independent SPDT relay outputs (each with independent time delay and on/off control) when vibration exceeds the preset values... (read more)

Sitron - Prevent Vibration Damage to Rotary Machines

The VS12-AC is a vibration switch designed to protect rotary machines (such as motors, pump and fans, etc.) by shutting the system down when an excessive rate of vibration has been detected. Machine vibration is constantly monitored by the VS12 and when the limit has been exceeded, an output is triggered, so that the machine is either disarmed or an auxiliary alarm is activated to preven... (read more)

Sitron - Digital Pressure Transmitter

Sitron - The New STD Series of digital pressure transmitters are designed for pressure measurement for liquids and gases across a wide range of industrial processes. (read more)

Sitron -  Flow Switch...Gas and Liquid

Sitron's line of Thermal Dispersion Flow Switches are compact switches with no moving parts, that control the flow of liquid and gas in pipes and ducts. They can also be used for single point level detection for liquids. Sitron's flow switches and transmitters are available in different models that provide for different power supply, output and connection requirements. (read more)

Sitron - Level Switch.. Point Level Capacitance Switch

Sitron - The SC700 capacitance probe is the ideal solution for high and low alarm in most applications for point level detection. The SC700 can be applied to detect a wide range of products such as liquids (conductive, non-conductive), solids and slurries. It is also ideal for interface applications. (read more)

Sitron - Vibrating...Point Level Switch for Liquids

Sitron - The V-Tork is a point level switch for liquids, thick and turbulent fluids, as well as corrosive mediums and pastes (depending on viscosity). It is ideal for multiple-purpose processing where the probes must be compatible with a variety of process materials and process conditions. (read more)

Sitron -  Conductive Level Switches

Sitron - The CL1-DC and CL2-DC are Conductive Level Switches with built-in controllers. The CL1-DC and CL2-DC operate with identical features offered with Sitron's other conductive models, with one added feature: The entire electronic controller is contained within the enclosure. (read more)

Sitron -  Liquid Level Controllers

Sitron - These conductive liquid level controllers are used to power all of Sitron's EL line of conductive level probes. (read more)

Sitron -  Vibration Monitor

Sitron's - SV420 Vibration Monitor provides continuous sensing of machine vibration with a 4..20mA analog output. This 2 wire, 12...30 Vdc unit is an invaluable industrial tool for preventative maintenance or machinery fault analysis. (read more)

Sitron -  Flow Switch...Thermal Dispersion

Sitron - The CF12AC is a thermal flow switch designed to monitor flow status for liquids, air and gas and is also used to detect level of liquids. A chain of 8 LED´s gives the user a visual indication of the flow rate. In addition, there is also a di-chromatic LED, which switch the point status of the unit. (read more)

Sitron - Digital Pressure and Level Transmitter

SITRON`s New Programmable Digital Transmitter provides a solution for applications with difficult access or that need constant follow-up. The STD-P pressure or level transmitter features a housing with display and control buttons that rotates separately from the mechanical connection, ensuring that set-up and calibration are easily performed. (read more)

Sitron - Vibrating Liquid Level Switch

The V-Tork tuning fork is a point level switch that is designed to detect low or high level of liquids (such as water & oil), thick & turbulent fluids, as well as corrosive mediums & pastes. Due to its simple and rugged control system, the V-Tork vibrating switch is virtually unaffected by any chemical or physical properties of the mediums and can be installed at any angle of... (read more)

Sitron - Conductive Level Switches CLF (1 to 5) Fixed Rods

Sitron's model CLF-(1 up to 5) level switch is the most commonly specified conductive level switch. The CLF-(1 up to 5) can accommodate up to five 316S.S. fixed rods for five different levels of control. The rods are isolated with a Teflon joggle and can also be coated with Teflon, epoxy or nylon when the probe is applied in aggressive or sticky mediums prone to build up. (read more)

Sitron - Pressure Transmitters SP96 and SPC98

Sitron's SP96 and SPC98 Pressure Sensors provide cost effective, reliable and accurate level and pressure measurement. These sensors are suitable for absolute pressure as well as for positive and negative gauge pressure. The SC96 is made with Stainless Steel piezoresistive diaphragm cells and the SPC98 are made with the more rugged ceramic cells. (read more)

Sitron -  Level Probe & Transmitter-Capacitive Continuous

Sitron's - SC120 capacitance continuous level probe controls and measures level along with the CN200 level transducer. Unlike the SC 404, the SC120 working with the CN200 transducer has two adjustable level controls (high/low level alarm)in a scale of 0-100% with a bar graph level indication, as well as a Zero and Span adjustment. (read more)

Sitron - Capacitive 2 Wire Loop Powered Level Sensor

The SC404 is a Capacitive Continuous Level Measurement probe. The SC404 level transmitter is designed to continuously measure the level of liquid and some solids. The SC404 Continuous Level Probe features a built in (one-piece) electronic module that provides a 4-20mA output (2 wire) signal that is proportional to the level in the tank or vessel. (read more)