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SR-TEK has promoted these products / services:

SR-TEK - Transparent Pressure vessels

The CT series pressure tanks are see through vessels designed to let the
operators easily monitor fluid levels. (read more)

SR-TEK - Large Capacity Tanks for Storage, Pressure, Mixing or Agitating Applications

These tanks are available from stock as new or second hand. (read more)


The ST Series has a working rated pressure of 0 to 6.9 bar and a working rated vacuum of 0 to -1 bar. It is built from stainless steel 303, 304 or 316 to ensure a non-reactive environment. (read more)

SR-TEK - Transparent Pressure Vessels CT Series

The SR-TEK Transparent Vacuum and Pressure Vessel offers numerous benefits when it comes to testing the integrity of wine and juice plastic pouches. This innovative tool has revolutionized the quality control process in the beverage industry, ensuring that packaging meets the highest standards of durability and reliability. Here are some key advantages of using the SR-TEK Transparent Vac... (read more)