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Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Lean Dispensing

The Scheugenpflug modular system helps to gradually modernize and automate component manufacturing processes using pioneering system modules. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Which feeding technology is best and when?

Viscosity, filler content and filler type as well as the respective container size represent relevant basic information regarding feeding technology. During conveying it is essential to avoid the introduction of air, to convey the medium gently and evenly throughout the entire process and to empty the selected containers as much as possible. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Medical Technology

Examples of our practical applications: Electronic and coil components for surgical instruments - Stators for dental instruments - Medical respirators – Pacemakers - Spinal cord stimulators (SCS) - PCA buttons (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Seamless protection for engines and transmissions

In the dispensing and potting technological field, applying liquid seals in the form of a bead is called "sealing". Applied to components such as housings or ECUs, the applied sealants act as a barrier against outside influences while at the same time functioning as a bonding agent when using special adhesive materials. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Dos GP gear pump dispensers

Gear pump dispensers are volumetric dispensers specifically designed for the continuous application of low to high viscosity potting materials. Application options include applying sealing beads to component housings or applying adhesives as part of joining processes. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Automated Precision Fluid Dispensers

Process reliability is critical in the manufacturing industry and directly depends on selecting the right dispensers. Since adhesive bonding or potting usually take place towards the end of the process chain, mistakes have a particularly wide-ranging impact.. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Vacuum Potting - solution for strict requirements

Vacuum Potting

The solution for the strictest requirements (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Dos P Volumetric Piston Dispensers

The Dos P016 / 050 / 100 / 300 / TCA piston dispensers are high-precision volumetric dispensers designed to process 1C and 2C materials and cover a wide range of applications. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Standard Dispensing System Or Custom Solution

Scheugenpflug machinery and systems are based on a cutting-edge modular system from which users can put together the right processes tailored to suit their needs. We offer the right system for any requirement and help you turn your adhesive bonding, dispensing and potting task into an economically efficient process. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Dispense contours under vacuum w/ XYZ axis system

Increasing quality requirements and workpiece complexity, new degrees of freedom in design and engineering are just some of the many reasons to choose the vacuum potting process. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Electronics Encapsulation of Sensors & PCBs

The future is digital: wearables, networked cars and smart homes are at least to a certain degree already a permanent part of our lives. Without electronic components like controllers, transistors, sensors and processors, the continuous trend towards ever more digitalization would not be possible. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Manual Work Stations - flexible and cost effective

The Dos manual work stations are a budget-friendly, reliable entry-level solution for simple potting tasks and small batches. They consist of standard modules of varying performance classes. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - HV Batteries: Encapsulation and Thermal Management

Thermally conductive pastes protect against overheating and vibrations

Thermal influences have an enormous impact on the service life, capacity and above all the operational safety of Li-ion traction batteries. In order to prevent possible defects and damage caused by overheating, large quantities of heat-conducting potting materials are used. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Adhesive Bonding & Assembly of Automotive Sensors

For automotive ECUs, precise and reliable sealing processes are particularly in demand in order to provide lasting protection to the electronics in the housings from damaging fluids and chemicals. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Thermal Mgmt. - Engine & HV Battery Production

Heat Dissipation

Thermal management with liquid thermal interface materials

To prevent drops in performance or faults in electronic devices, the heat produced in the component must be dissipated reliably. This is done using thermal interface materials, which offer a number of advantages over stamped pads or films. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Modular Dispensing System - Easy Integration

To remain competitive, flexibility, globalization and economic efficiency have been the focus of attention since well before the "Internet of Things" and its predicted effects on electronics suppliers. Electronics manufacturers must be able to react quickly and flexibly to changed production requirements. Our modular system provides solutions for the key problems affecting electronics su... (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Sealing enclosures, engines, gearboxes and sensors

Liquid seals are frequently used in lighting engineering, the electrical and electronics industry and the electromobility sector. In the automotive industry they are used for such purposes as sealing enclosures, engines, gearboxes and sensors. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Automated Systems for Adhesive Bonding &Dispensing

The level of automation is steadily increasing in many industries. Whether in the automotive industry, electronics industry or medical industry: Now as in the past, automated manufacturing, with the right setup and accounting for all relevant interfaces, guarantees the highest level of performance and efficiency. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - LED Potting in Automotive Engineering

LED technology is increasingly replacing time-tested lighting sources such as halogen spotlights and fluorescent tubes. To achieve high quality lighting and long service life, LED modules are potted multiple times. This is usually done with vacuum processes, since it is the only way to ensure that the lens remains bubble-free and to effectively protect the LEDs against dirt and moisture. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Innovative Dispensing Solutions for Mobility

Power electronics are the key component for hybrid and electric vehicles

Sealing protects against harmful environmental influences. Control units in the engine compartment, around the powertrain, at sensitive points around the wheel axles or the tank need long-lasting protection. The liquid seals applied to the housing handles this task. We have the solutions for these tasks. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Sealing with Silicone Resins - Automotive Industry

Silicones are a group of synthetic polymers with a remarkable range of properties. Silicone-based resins have exceptionally high thermal resistance and elasticity and are usually nonhazardous, physiologically speaking. Depending on the application and requirements, it is possible to use 1K or 2K resins, known as RTV-1 and RTV-2 silicone. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Automotive & Electromobility / Battery Technology

You shape the future of automobiles, and we're here to help you! (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Dispensing Methods - which is suitable for what?

Dispensing Methods

Which method is suitable for what?

Precision and repeatability are crucial for dispensing processes. As a result, the choice of the right dispensing method under consideration of all general conditions is essential for the quality of the end product. For processes with the highest quality requirements, piston and gear pump dispensers have established them... (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Maximum high-voltage for transformers and more

Electromagnetic Coils: Vacuum Impregnation and Encapsulation

Electromagnetic coils are used in the automotive industry as well as in the manufacture of household appliances and in the aerospace industry. Suitable vacuum impregnation and encapsulation processes help protect the electromagnetic coils from corrosion and improve their electrical and mechanical properties.

Elect... (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Multi-Piston Dispenser for short cycle times

Multi-piston dispensers are used for the output of large batch quantities and for short cycle times. These systems can pot several workpieces in a single potting cycle. They are particularly suited for potting a large number of small workpieces, especially when dispensing in a vacuum. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Insulating Electromagnetic Coils

Maximum high-voltage and insulating resistance for transformers, restrictors and more

Electromagnetic coils are used in the automotive industry as well as in the manufacture of household appliances and in the aerospace industry. Suitable vacuum impregnation and encapsulation processes help protect the electromagnetic coils from corrosion and improve their electrical and mechanical... (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - CNCell (Multifunctional Cell)

Based on the plug & work principle, the new CNCell from Scheugenpflug can be customized and put into operation as soon as the modules have been chosen. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Protecting the precise contours of PCBs

"Sealing" in dispensing and potting technology describes a process in which sensitive electronics surfaces are coated with a very thin layer of casting resin or protective varnish. It serves to protect against environmental influences and corrosion, resulting in a longer service life and operational reliability of the components. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - DispensingCell DC803, LeanCNCell, CNCell

Dispensing cells are the ideal solution for medium to large-sized batches and for most applications. Since adhesive bonding and potting tasks usually have specialized requirements, Scheugenpflug AG offers a modular system which allows users to customize their system precisely to the requirements of the respective application. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Adhesive Bonding Instead Of Welding Or Bolting

Traditional joining methods such as welding or bolting are progressively being replaced in industrial applications by efficient automatic adhesive bonding processes. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - New, high-performance DispensingCell

Multifunctional Cell DispensingCell DC803 Scale UP your performance! The casting of changing components, changing capacities or lack of space in production: The requirements for adhesive bonding, sealing and potting processes are becoming increasingly individual. Against this background, the ability to adapt the dispensing system efficiently and economically p... (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Scheugenpflug System Solutions

In order to achieve optimum potting results, the dispensing process must be considered as a whole. Based on your task and the intended dispensing material, we select the right components from our modular system and combine them to create your custom-fit system solution. Material preparation, feeding and dispensing as well as process automation are optimally coordinated. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - New volumetric piston dispenser DosP DP803

Volumetric piston dispensers are particularly suitable for the application of very liquid as well as highly viscous media. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - ProcessModule

Superior processing technology for easy integration (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - A280 Follower Plate Pump

Reliable feeding of abrasive materials from the hobbock (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Find everything needed for reliable vacuum potting

Vacuum bonding is a method patented by Scheugenpflug that enables bonding of delicate electronic assemblies without mechanical stress. Unlike conventional methods, this method does not use pressure pins, making it possible to process the electronic components carefully without the risk of damage or cracking. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Applying, Processing and Curing Epoxy Resin

Automated Epoxy Dispensing Systems Efficiently Applying, Processing and Curing Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resins are reactive resins with which a stable, chemical-resistant plastic can be produced through the addition of additives. Epoxy-based casting resins feature excellent electrical properties and a high hardness level. When applying epoxy with the proper metering equipment from a man... (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Dispensing Thermally Conductive Paste

Thermally conductive pastes are high-viscosity potting media with a concentration of special fillers used for effectively dissipating heat between two components. With the establishment of new technologies and the increasing miniaturization of electronic components, the demand for these materials has grown considerably, particularly in recent years. (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Bubble-free feeding of viscosity potting material

Vacuum Follower Plate

The patented vacuum follower plate was designed specifically for feeding high viscosity potting material from a hobbock or pail and is used in the A220 and A280. The vacuum follower plate is made of polypropylene (PP), which guarantees appealing sliding and manufacturing characteristics that aid in the production process. In addition, PP provides exceptional... (read more)

Scheugenpflug, Inc. - Dispensing Tests - find solutions efficiently

Experience first-hand how to find solutions efficiently (read more)

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Join us to our 1st Virtual TechDay on June 29th, 2021. Registration is free.


From potting to applying thermally conductive pastes: The new DispensingCell DC803 covers a wide range of industrial dispensing tasks.


The reduced weight compared to the predecessor model and the 30 percent more compact design make the new DosP DP803 016 piston dispenser the ideal integration component for existing production.


Scheugenpflug now operates within Atlas Copco's "Industrial Assembly Solutions" (IAS) division as a new, independent business line focusing on "Electronic Dispensing".


The ergonomically designed front of the LiquiPrep LP804 ensures efficient handling and simplified maintenance.


The system solution for battery encapsulation, consisting of the high-performance dispenser Dos HP and the material feeding unit PailFeed200 Abrasive, offers dispensing speeds of up to 80 ml/s even when using highly abrasive thermally conductive media.


The new variant of the proven barrel agitator station enables the direct feed of potting material to the dispenser. This not only saves space, but also time and money.


The material feeding unit A90 CV allows for a reduction of material waste by up to 90 percent per cartridge change.