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Schleifring GmbH - Contact lubricant LubeLife

We offer you state-of-the art maintenance tailored to your specific requirements: To this purpose, we have developed the LubeLife contact oil series. (read more)

Schleifring GmbH - Slip Rings for Aerospace Applications

We set our sights high: Aerospace applications require an unparalleled degree of precision and technical reliability. (read more)

Schleifring GmbH - Slip Rings for Industrial Applications

Industrial companies are confronted with a wide range of different challenges. These constantly require new, state-of-the-art solutions. For us this means: individuality through
modularity. (read more)

Schleifring GmbH - Slip Rings for Inspection

To protect and safeguard our fellow human beings, our slip rings support defense and reconnaissance systems as well as numerous civilian applications. (read more)

Schleifring GmbH - Slip Rings for Computertomography

The global demand for sophisticated rotary joints for CT scanners is high – and is completely covered by us as the market leader. (read more)

Schleifring GmbH - Slip Rings for Wind Turbines

To ensure there will still be enough power available to let us live our lifes in the future, our
slip rings are being used in wind turbines for pitch control. (read more)

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• Configure slip rings for common applications independently in just a few minutes • CAD data (Step file) and PDF document available for download immediately • Ready-to-install slip rings delivered within just a few days