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Schleifring GmbH - Slip Rings for All Energy Applications

A good product is only as good as the idea, and we file away at it until we achieve perfection, from the concept to the implementation. From solutions such as the transmission of control signals for indexed rotary tables to specific high-tech products for radar and medical engineering – we look forward to meeting your challenges. (read more)

Schleifring GmbH - Slip Rings for Computertomography

Health is our greatest asset. To allow the best possible prevention of illnesses and to treat them based on facts, we work on technical solutions that contribute to defining the latest technical standards. (read more)

Schleifring GmbH - Slip Rings for Inspection

To protect and safeguard our fellow human beings, our slip rings support defense and reconnaissance systems as well as numerous civilian applications. (read more)

Schleifring GmbH - Slip Rings for Industrial Applications

The innovative modular system MIA opens up a completely new level of versatility and flexibility for all types of rotary joints. It results in innumerable possible combinations of technically optimally matched modules and components to create one individual but tailored system from the technology leader! (read more)

Schleifring GmbH - Slip Rings for Aerospace Applications

We set our sights high: Aerospace applications require an unparalleled degree of precision and technical reliability. That’s what makes them so magic. (read more)

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• Configure slip rings for common applications independently in just a few minutes • CAD data (Step file) and PDF document available for download immediately • Ready-to-install slip rings delivered within just a few days