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Siemens Analytical Products - On-Line Process Gas Chromatographs (GC)

Siemens MAXUM is the most versatile and lifecycle economical GC for the Gas Processing, Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical industries. Utilizing simplicity in analytics from single to dual airbath or airless oven, has proven MAXUM as the ideal solution with its wide range of application capabilities as well as flexibility in data communications. (read more)

Siemens Analytical Products - Analyzer Spare Parts Inventory Audit - Fast & Free

Our Analyzer Spare Parts Inventory Audit is Fast, Comprehensive and Free! Siemens wants to help you manage and mitigate the risks associated with the inventory you hold, and put you in control of costs. That’s why our Spare Parts Inventory Audit is conducted by Siemens experts, with a written report back in your hands within a week of an on-site inspection! (read more)

Siemens Analytical Products - Siemens Global Manufacturing Flexibility

At Siemens, we have three global process gas chromatograph manufacturing centers located in Houston, TX, USA, Karlsruhe, Germany and Singapore that provides us the opportunity to balance demand and manufacturing capacity. (read more)

Siemens Analytical Products - Continuous Process Gas Analytics

Whether you wish to monitor flue gas from incinerators or power stations, analyze gas in the chemical industry, or observe rotating furnaces in cement works, a Siemens gas analyzer ensures maximum reliability and precision for the continuous monitoring of process gases. (read more)

Siemens Analytical Products - Siemens Process Analytics System Integration

You face real challenges specifying, building, utilities, installation, commissioning, and operating analytical measurement systems in today’s process plant. Siemens helps you do more by offering integrated analytical measurement systems that are complete, engineered solutions from process origination to process return. (read more)

Siemens Analytical Products - Field Installation Team for Process Analytics

The Field Installation Team (FIT) at Siemens Analytical Products and Services can help with the addition or modification of processing equipment while maintaining focus on plant efficiency, reliability, availability, and safety. (read more)