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Smiths Interconnect has promoted these products / services:

Smiths Interconnect - Frequency Converter - Range of 13.75 to 14.50 GHz

Ku-Band Airborne Converter

Smiths Interconnect - Cutting-Edge Medical Cable Assemblies & Harnesses

We design and manufacture custom designed cables and standard cable assemblies which meet the requirements of the medical market including sterilization, biocompatibility, flexibility and miniaturization. Reliability is the essential attribute in the cutting-edge technologies that we utilize. We offer proven quality and innovative connectivity solutions, constantly adapting our products... (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - High Bandwidth Test Socket for IC Testing

Levan Elastomeric Contact Test Socket (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Connectivity 360 Podcast: RF Filter Topologies

This episode explores the connectivity trends and applications in today's manufacturing sector, focusing on RF filters and their performance aspects for different applications thanks to our expert Mike Schweyer, Product Line Manager RF Filters. (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Thermopad Selector Tool Now Available

New tool helps user select the best Thermopad ® attenuator product for demanding high reliability applications

Smiths Interconnect announces the launch of a new temperature variable attenuator selector tool https://www.smithsthermopadtool.com/ which can automatically generate the overall performance of the selected Thermopad® product.

The new Thermopad ®... (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - High Reliability TSX Fixed Chip Attenuator

New High Reliability TSX Fixed Chip Attenuator series for Space and Defense Markets (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Board Test Probes: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to board test probes, one of the most common questions asked is, "How many cycles will probes last?" It's a valid concern, as probe life directly impacts maintenance cycles and the cost of testing. However, answering this question isn't as straightforward as providing a single number. Probe life is a variable that depends on several factors, and the answer, in essence, is:... (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - c.£2m in funding from the UK Space Agency

Smiths Interconnect, the leading provider of high-reliability connectivity products and solutions serving the aerospace and defence, medical, semiconductor test, and industrial markets, today announces it has received £1,907,065 in funding from the UK Space Agency through its ‘Space Clusters Infrastructure Fund’ (SCIF). (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Euclid Space Telescope - Dark Universe exploration

Euclid's launch represents a notable step forward in Space exploration as it is now located at Lagrange point 2, in a unique orbit ‘behind’ Earth. This progress owes much to the substantial contributions of OHB Italia in crafting intricate electronic units and the expertise of Smiths Interconnect in advanced connectivity solutions. (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - New D04 connectors - high density and cycle life

The increasing demand for high-density electrical connectors in medical devices is driven by many factors, notably the size, weight and functional requirements of the device. Due to the increasing popularity of portable and patient wearable devices, size and weight of connectors are now becoming more important in the medical market segment. (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Semi-Rigid Cable for Mission-Critical applications

Mission-critical systems are exposed to different harsh environments, high level of radiation and extreme vibration. Providing a high-quality RF/microwave transmit signal is crucial for all mission-critical RF electrical systems. Smiths Interconnect's Semi-rigid cable assemblies are well-suited for mission critical applications including Satellite Payloads (GEO/MEO and LEO constellations... (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Robust and Reliable M12 Connector System

M12 connectors offer robust and compact connectivity solution that has been developed to address specific application environments where space and weight are key concerns. The M12 Series offer a time-saving, reliable and tool-free solution. Qualified to French and European rail standards. (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - High Density Signal PCB Connector

HPH series is a high density interconnect available up to 303 contacts with multiple hardware choices and backpotting option.With a 0.6mm contact diameter, the HPH Series comes in 3-6 row configurations and is available up to 303 signal contacts on a 1.905mm staggered grid. Contacts are removable for ease of maintenance. (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Board Test Spring Probes

Offering a wide range of standard spring contact probes to meet your testing requirements and has long been recognized as the world’s largest probe manufacturer. With over 60 different probe series ranging from 0.02" (0.51 mm) to 0.187" (4.75 mm) pitch with multiple length, travel, ICT, lead free and rotator options, we provide a full portfolio designed for general purpose test on... (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Lowpass RF Filter solutions in the X Band

Leveraging Planar X thin film process technologySmiths Interconnect announces today the launch of its Planar X Series of Thin Film Lowpass Filters designed for applications in harsh environments.
Planar X Series provides system engineers with a high performance, compact solution for critical RF filtering in X band. The Planar X Series leverages thin film process technology on vario... (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Highly Configurable Spring Probes Connector

Battery Contacts and Dovetail Connectors

Dovetail Connector Series features C Series Spring Probes, renowned for their incomparable shock and vibration performance, housed in a patented block design. These connectors make it easy to explore the benefits of spring probe technology without the investment associated with custom tooling. (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Breakthrough contact tech of Kepler Test Socket

Whether for testing high performance computing, wearables or other automotive chips, Kepler is the only solution that provides two-axis of motion during a single actuation of the socket, an innovation set to pioneer the semiconductor test industry. As a result, Kepler provides a boosted first pass yield, enhanced production reliability, and extended maintenance intervals..Benefits:

. (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Proven performance in a cost-effective attenuator

SpaceNXT™ K2TVA Thermopad®

K2TVA Thermopad Temperature Variable Attenuator for gain compensation over temperature is a highly reliable, totally passive solution to offset signal strength fluctuation due to changes in temperature. K2TVA Thermopad® Series is Smiths Interconnect’s response to the increasing demand for high-reliability connectivity in commercial sp... (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Our high-power waveguide are heading to Jupiter

Did you know , Smiths Interconnect has been supporting the next phase of space exploration?

The Juice project, which will send a satellite on an eight year journey to reach the icy moons of Jupiter, blasted off recently fitted with waveguide components from the Interconnect team.

The European Space Agency's boldest mission yet, Juice could tell us if the planet's major moon... (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - High Power Circulators and Isolators

Smiths Interconnect has been producing qualified isolators and circulators for over 20 years from its facility in Dundee, Scotland (UK). Now the company’s comprehensive range of high-power isolators and circulators for AESA radar applications, ground-based air surveillance radars, shipboard defense and airborne fire control is also available from the manufacturing site in Salisbury... (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - High-volume, Cost-effective Ceramic Filters

High volume and various mounting configurations

Ceramic Filters are manufactured in two basic styles for both commercial and military applications. The high-volume, cost-effective units in open frame, non-hermetic packages are most often used in commercial applications. The lower volume, custom designed hermetic packages find wide usages in military applications. Both styles are a... (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Smiths Interconnect welcomes Plastronics

Smiths Interconnect, a division of Smiths Group plc, announces that it has completed the acquisition of Plastronics Sockets & Connectors (“Plastronics”), a leading supplier of burn-in test sockets and patented spring probe contacts for the semiconductor test market segment, as well as custom connectors for industrial applications. (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Do you need ceramic resonator filters?

Smiths Interconnect has been supplying RF ceramic filters for over 40 years. (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Save valuable board space, easy installation

New fixed chip attenuators offer proven high performance in commercial applications

AT Series ensures ease of installation in an optimized single-chip design

Smiths Interconnect announces the launch of its new AT Series of RF chip attenuators from DC to 20 GHz. RF chip attenuators are components used in communication systems to reduce the strength of a signal passing throug... (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - High-speed connections in Space applications

Meeting the increasing demand for rugged, high-speed connections in Space applications (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Smiths Interconnect keep rail passengers informed

As sophisticated as rail services have become, the hyper-connected nature of this mode of travel means that even the slightest hitch with one train or line can have a knock-on effect on the overall timetable. Train operators meticulously prepare for such eventualities. (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - In-flight entertainment and connectivity

The SNAP12 is a 12-channel pluggable parallel optical transmitter or receiver module. The SNAP12 transmitter and receiver modules enable high performance multilane optical links designed for high- speed data communications and computing applications. (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Cosmic crash may be our proudest space mission yet

We’re now part of the first mission where a deliberate full-scale cosmic crash was the primary objective. It’s not as crazy as it seems. NASA’s £240m Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission is part of the exciting international effort to explore ways in which we might in future defend ourselves from asteroids or comets on a collision course with Earth. (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - SpaceNXT™ QT Series

SpaceNXT™ QT Series offers improved phase stability over a wide range of temperatures found in space environments. (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - REP Series

REP series is easy to use for quick mating. The REP panel and cable connectors are a highly cost-effective interconnect system, which solves the constant need for simple and reliable connector solutions in rail applications. (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Array High Speed Test - DaVinci 112

The DaVinci 112 test socket extends the 'DaVinci’ Series with an innovative solution for testing the most complex functionality of ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits). Testing these devices at full functionality is challenging. (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - New Custom Grid Array Tech for Medical Application

Pin Grid Array layout offers RF performance with the same stable signal integrity offered by cabled coax solutions but with reduced size, weight and cost. The Spring Probe based Grid Array contacts occupy only about ½ the space of traditional coaxial contacts.

Features & Benefits

  • 50% smaller than cabled coax solutions
  • 30% cost reduction<.../li>
(read more)
Smiths Interconnect - Push Button Quick Disconnect Connectors

Extend the life of your medical device with our autoclavable D Series push button connectors.

D Series delivers industry-leading performance featuring simple push-button latching and a "D" shaped flange which makes mating orientation obvious. There are three D Series sizes that accommodate a wide variety of applications.. Intuitive and durable D Series is recognized for its ease o... (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Thin Film Bandpass RF Filters

Planar X Filter Series

Planar X Series of standard bandpass filters provide system engineers with high performance, compact, light-weight solutions for critical RF filtering in X-band, Ku-band, and Ka bands. Planar X Series compliments Smiths Interconnect’s broad portfolio of RF/Microwave components with an off-the-shelf product reducing the lead times of custom designs.

(read more)
Smiths Interconnect - Rack and Panel style connectors offer high density

High Speed MIL-DTL-83527

The MIL-DTL-83527 Rack and Panel style connectors offer high density, high data throughput and robustness. These connectors meet or exceed the applicable requirements of the military specification and come in a wide variety of insert arrangements and shell sizes.

Learn More (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Radiation-resistant optical transceivers

SpaceABLE 10G SL Series 4TRX, 12TX, and 12RX

The SpaceABLE® 10G SM Series radiation resistant transceivers are engineered to withstand radiation doses >100 krad (Si). The low profile SpaceABLE 10G SL Series screw-in module mounts to the board via an LGA connector (interposer). It is offered as a (4+4)-lane transceiver, a 12-channel transmitte... (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Easy assembly and high density interconnect design

Eclipta™ - ECL SeriesFeaturing Edge Card Technology

Eclipta's™ easy assembly and high density interconnect design make it ideal for use with mapping and ablation catheters, RF generators, home healthcare devices, value medical systems and many other disposable medical devices. Eclipta's™ edge card contact module, in the reusable connector body, is designed... (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Optical Backplane Connectors

The LightCONEX® optical interconnect family includes plug-in and backplane module connectors that have been developed to be compliant with the forthcoming VITA 66.5 standard and in alignment with the SOSA technical standard. These active blind-mate optical interconnects are revolutionary solutions for VPX systems and meet the stringent SWaP requirements o... (read more)

Smiths Interconnect - Compact Signal & Ethernet PCB Connectors

Intercompact Series

Optimized and qualified for next generation Electronic Control Units the Intercompact Series is an innovative solution for PCB to PCB and floating mouting rack and panel applications currently offered in both signal and Ethernet versions. Designed to meet the requirements of the rail and industrial environments, it is also suitable for other demanding markets s... (read more)