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Synertron Technology, Inc. has promoted these products / services:

Synertron Technology, Inc. - Industrial Touch Monitors - IWO 6710 Series

IWO-6710 series is a versatile monitor with diverse features and sizes ranging from 6.4 inches to 40 inches. With its optional IP 65 aluminum front panel, it is a perfect solution for industrial solutions no matter it's inside of a factory, mounted to an equipment, or sitting out-door with direct sun light and unpredictable weather conditions. (read more)

Synertron Technology, Inc. - USB Camera and Thermal Modules


  • 80 x 62 Uncooled LWIR Thermal Camera
  • FM8062-V1   FOV@44°
  • FM8062-V2   FOV@90°


  • Uncooled IR Detector
  • Up to 6M Detection Range with accuracy of +/- 0.3℃
  • -40 ~ +500℃ Scene Temperature Range
  • Multiple Temperature-taking
  • Cont...
(read more)
Synertron Technology, Inc. - Compact Fanless AI Box: NVIDIA Jetson CPU Board

TERA-LJT001 is powered by NVIDIA® JetsonTM Nano / TX2 NX Edge AI
modules. (read more)