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TEGAM, Inc. - TEGAM Awarded Thermocouple Thermometer Contract

TEGAM, Inc. Awarded Thermocouple Thermometer Contract with US Navy for 912B Dual Channel (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - Testing Aircraft Electrical Bonds

TEGAM’s New Application Note 109 Informs on Testing Aircraft Electrical Bonds and More for Stratospheric Success! (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - US Navy Again Contracts with TEGAM, Inc.

TEGAM’s 940A Thermocouple Temperature Calibrator Meets Two Navy SCAT Applications for New Requirement Contract (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - Thermometer Assists CDC with COVID-19 Testing

TEGAM Dual-Channel Datalogging Thermometer Assists CDC with COVID-19 Testing Development in China (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - PS-Cal Automated Power Sensor Calibration Software

PS-Cal® Automated Power Sensor Calibration Software from TEGAM Gets the Job Done (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - Master the Milli-ohm

Do you need to accurately measure resistance less than 1 Ω? Use the new model 710A from TEGAM, the experts at low resistance. Portable, easy, fast and right! (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - Ultra-portable 710A milli-ohmmeter

Ultra-Portable 710A Milli-Ohmmeter Offers a New Solution for Electrical Grounding + Bonding Tests (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - TEGAM’s New 710A Bond Meter!

The 710A Bond Meter is first and foremost an excellent milli-ohmmeter. To produce measurements that you can trust, we had to rethink the approach to low-resistance measurements. The 710A has 5 decade ranges from 10 mΩ to 100 Ω, with 4-digit resolution. The basic accuracy is 0.2% of reading + 0.02% of range. (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - Advanced Temperature Calibrators

New challenges require new tools. TEGAM has rethought thermocouple calibration to offer you the performance you need today without complicating your work. (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - Highly-Portable Bond Meter

Handheld Bond Measurements From the Low Resistance Experts.

The only highly-portable bond meter made in the U.S.A that offers superior accuracy, 100–hour battery life, and a 3–year warranty (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - Digital Thermometers Equal Great Beer!

Have you noticed that home brewing, small breweries and brew pubs are springing up everywhere? The business of brewing beer has grown because of the enjoyment and satisfaction one can get from making something truly unique, as well as from the DIY aspect that many brewers enjoy. And of course the results! (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - Fast-Response Temperature Probe

TEGAM Announces Fast-Response Temperature Probe – When Time Is of the Essence!

“What does ‘Fast Response’ mean for a thermometer temperature probe?” We then answered that question with the arrival of our new, fast-response temperature probe for various industrial applications. (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - TEGAM’s Sure Grip Polymer Glove

TEGAM's Sure Grip Cover is designed for a more secure grip to prevent instrument damage from dropping, and possesses elastic properties from non-silicon elastomer which also protect airframes and vehicles from tooling damage due to accidental impacts. (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - Data Logging Thermometers

TEGAM offers a free demonstration website ( that will collect your data and let you access it on a computer, tablet or phone. If you already use a quality management software system, TEGAM can show you how to connect our thermometers. (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - TEGAM releases PS-Cal 4.5 with New Features

TEGAM executed the first phase of its long term vision for PS-Cal with the October 2019 release of version 4.5. This first version from TEGAM includes new features requested by many current and prospective PS-Cal users, as well as a series of bug fixes to improve the efficiency and productivity of PS-Cal. (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - New Fast Response Temperature Probe

TEGAM’s Fast-response temperature probe enables the measurement in under 3 seconds which reduces the distance to less than 3 feet. (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - Intrinsically Safe Digital T/C Thermometers

Exciting new advancements in intrinsic safety are happening at TEGAM! Read about the latest developments in Digital Thermocouple Thermometry for potentially explosive environments with the ATEX rated 92X Series. (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - Watch us run over a thermometer with an SUV!

How durable are the TEGAM 900 Series thermometers? Watch Greg Tolentino demonstrate and have confidence that TEGAM's Data Collection Thermometers can stand up to any challenge your environment may pose! (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - 10X Battery Life


TEGAM'S 940 SERIES CALIBRATORS HAVE 10x the battery life of the competition (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - 4 Wire probes for demanding applications

4 Wire probes for demanding applications:

  • (BKP-10) Big Kelvin Probe, Banana Connector
  • (MKP-6) Miniature Kelvin Probe, Banana Connector
  • (MCP-6) Miniature Coaxial Probe, Banana Connector
  • (SKP-8) Small Kelvin Probes for R1L-E2A
(read more)
TEGAM, Inc. - Always Test Before Touch!

Safety Voltmeters: Avoid Electrical shocks, ARC Faults & Blasts (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - Dual-channel, datalogging digital thermometer

Seamless connectivity allows the user to collect, transmit and store accurate temperature data for analysis or compliance reporting without any additional or third party software. (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - Data Logging Thermometer for Food & Pharmaceutical

• Superior Accuracy
±(0.04% |rdg| + 0.3 °C)
• Probe Offset
• 1000–Hour Battery Life
• Displays Real-Time Statistical Data
• Data Logging and Wireless
Transmission Capability
• Creative Ergonomic Design
• 3–Year Warranty
• Made in USA (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - New challenges require new tools.

TEGAM, Inc Announces Handheld Temperature Calibrators (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - Industrial Thermocouple Calibrator

The only multi-thermocouple handheld calibrators made in the U.S.A. that offer superior accuracy for 14 thermocouples, 500–hour battery life, and a 3–year warranty. (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - Bluetooth-Enabled Thermometer For Food Industry

Designed to meet the critical temperature measurement demands in food, pharmaceutical, and materials applications, TEGAM's 900 Series thermometers are the only Bluetooth® low energy technology-enabled handheld thermometers made in the U.S.A. that offer data logging, storage and transmission out-of-the-box, along with superior accuracy, 1000-hour battery life, and a 3-year warranty. (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - Digital Microohm and Bond Meter

The R1L-B series Ohmmeter/Bonding Tester is a digital microohmmeter designed to measure resistances up to 20 Ω. It may be used in applications such as ground bond tests, motor, transformers, switch, circuit breaker, circuit resistance and other contact and connection resistance tests. (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - Safety Voltmeter

The TEGAM Model 110A Safety Voltmeter is the only single switch, single range digital voltmeter that automatically tests for AC & DC volts to 1000 V and is factory-tested at 2500 V. (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - Auto-Ranging LCR Meter For Component Inspection

The TEGAM Model 253 is perfect for component inspectors or manufacturing operators performing manual testing of inductors, capacitors, or resistors. (read more)

TEGAM, Inc. - Kelvin Probe For Measuring Surface Resistance

Excellent for making four-wire surface resistance measurements on bonds and other metallic surfaces. (read more)

News articles and press releases for TEGAM, Inc.:


TEGAM is delighted to announce that we'll be attending the MSC Training Symposium in Anaheim, CA this upcoming March 24 to 27, and will be exhibiting our Test & Measurement Instruments to demonstrate our innovations in thermocouple thermometers.


TEGAM’s Jay Romanek, DoD Programs Specialist, Appointed as Atlanta Section Coordinator for NCSL International!


Did you know that you can use your thermocouple calibrator as a diagnostic tool to troubleshoot your temperature control circuit?


System Accuracy Tests (SATs) and Instrument Calibration as required by the AMS2750E Standard for thermal processing equipment used in heat treatment can be greatly simplified with the TEGAM 945A Thermocouple Calibrator.


TEGAM, Inc., specialists in temperature measurement, announce the latest advance in thermometry. The 92x Series of Digital Thermocouple Thermometers are designated intrinsically safe to UL, CSA, ATEX and IECEx Standards.


TEGAM's line of dual channel, digital, industrial thermometers chosen to fulfill temperature meter requirements for their SCAT 4213