TPA Motion has promoted these products / services:

TPA Motion - 3 Axis Stepper Motor Drive XYZ Assembly

Our robots are fully featured XYZ motion systems for moving microplates, glass slides or other payloads around inside your instrument. Each robot is hightly integrated and optimized for size, enabling the most compact instrument possible. We have standard designs or we can work to your design specifications to meet your performance requirements. (read more)

TPA Motion - Waterproof Washdown Actuator

Waterproof Actuators are necessary where food or pharmaceuticals are manufactured due to the washing and or sterilization of the equipment. But machinery typically doesn't appreciate high-pressure spray or washing with caustic detergent solutions. (read more)

TPA Motion - XYZ Precision Stage

We design and develop XYZ precision stage systems around your requirements.

Designed for Very High Precison Movement


X travel = 25 mm with Piezo Motor Drive Technology
Y travel = 25 mm with Piezo Motor Drive Technology
Z travel = 10 mm with Piezo Motor Drive Technology (read more)

TPA Motion - XY Linear Stage

XY Linear Stage Solutions for OEM and Industrial Applications. We design, develop, and manufacture low profile open xy-axis stages. Below is an example of a very compact assembly used in an imaging system. The challenge was to provide very smooth almost frictionless motion while electronic imaging sensors are acquiring vital sample data. (read more)

TPA Motion - Single Axis (X-Axis) Slide

Built with a crossed roller bearing set and high lead (8 mm pitch) ball screw drive assembly. Developed for a Medical Equipment Application. Capable of moving 2200 N (500 lbf) payload mounted in vertical orientation with total travel of 100 mm (3.9"). (read more)