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TSI Incorporated - Reduce CVD Defects with Filtering after Vaporizing

MSP, a Division of TSI, expert Kathy Erickson’s new white paper explains how the filtration method after liquid vaporization in semiconductor manufacturing can:

  • Reduce CVD (chemical vapor deposition) defects
  • Increase mean time before maintenance, and
  • Enable lower pressure plasma-enhanced processes.

Download her paper today to learn more! (read more)

TSI Incorporated - New All-in-One Flow Meter

TSI's 5000 Series Flow Meter combines bi-directional flow sensing with multiple integrated measurements and configurable tube end adapters.

Our all-in-one flow meter saves you time and money by eliminating the need for multiple instruments. Our advanced models provide measurements for flow rate, pressure, temperature, differential pressure and humidity. (read more)

TSI Incorporated - MSP's New Automated Particle Deposition System

MSP's fully automated particle deposition system deposits PSL and SiO2 spheres. Easily calibrate and qualify your defect inspection tools by producing high volumes of high-quality custom 300 mm and 200 mm calibration standards. Robotic wafer handling allows up to 25 wafers to be processed in a single control job, increasing productivity in your metrology operations and improving product... (read more)

TSI Incorporated - MSP's Direct Liquid Injection Vapor Solutions

MSP’s Turbo-Vaporizers™ use a droplet vaporization, direct liquid injection technique. In thin film applications, our Turbo-Vaporizers’ stable and uniform vapor leads to a higher quality thin film and higher wafer yields with less down time. MSP’s Vaporizers provide faster response time, high precision flow control, and are able to operate at high temperatures. (read more)

TSI Incorporated - Calibrate and Repair Your TSI Flow Instrument

Send your TSI flow meters and Certifier® flow analyzers back to any of our three service locations:

  • USA
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Singapore
(read more)
TSI Incorporated - Filter Testing

The quality of air we breathe is continuously being improved by using filters. Filters are used all around the world in air cleaners, general ventilation, hospitals, and laboratories. Filters protect firefighters from inhaling harmful gases, and help protect humans from air pollution in general. (read more)

TSI Incorporated - Gas Flow Management

Thermal gas flow measurement is popular as it provides large flow ranges with one instrument, has an extremely fast signal response, can be used in a wide range of applications, and is relatively inexpensive. It also provides high speed signal response and wide dynamic flow ranges. (read more)

TSI Incorporated - Contamination Control

TSI provides specialized particle counters for classifying and monitoring cleanrooms in a variety of applications. Core industries include pharmaceutical, semiconductor, electronics, and industrial manufacturing. (read more)

TSI Incorporated - Aerosol and Dust Monitoring

Understanding worker exposure to dangerous elements in work environments requires data. TSI's aerosol and dust exposure monitoring solutions allow Industrial Hygienists and Occupational Health and Safety professionals to capture critical exposure information needed to ensure worker safety. (read more)

TSI Incorporated - Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is getting more attention than ever as the impact of air quality on health, wellness, creativity and productivity becomes better understood. Poor IAQ is listed as a top five health concern by most major associations and agencies worldwide. (read more)