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Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. has promoted these products / services:

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Reduce Pump Failure

Since TEXEL-SEIKOW USA introduced sealless mag drive pump MTA series in the USA in 2023, we received many interests and apprauses from our channel partners and end users. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Blowers & Pumps are used in iodine production line

Iodine is a solid element in non-ferrous metals. Iodine is an essential element for humans and animals to live healthy lives, and must be obtained from foods containing iodine, such as seaweed and seafood. Iodine is also used in mouthwashes and contrast agents. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Texel pumps & blowers in wastewater facilities

Wastewater treatment facilities often use acids and alkalis during the water treatment process. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - High Pressure FRP blower TEXEL FTB series

Texel-Seikow USA offers high pressure FRP blowers, our FTB series. The FTB series was designed for use in high pressure applications with low to moderate airflow applications. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Corrosion Resistant FRP Blower FTF series

TEXEL Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Centrifugal Blower, FTF series are used in various industries such as Chemical, Metal, Wastewater, Semicondcuctor, Pharmaceutical, Pulp & Paper, and fertilizer industries. Our unique backward curved impeller leads the industry in performance and sound characteristics. With over 60 years of manufacturing corrosion resistant products, TEXEL has exper... (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Increased demand of TEXEL CES blowers

Even Holiday season already started, TEXEL has been working very hard to assmble CES blowers at our factory in Houston. We are fortunate to receive orders of CES blowers from many customers. However, we can assemble and ship the product within a short lead time since we have enough parts at our warehouse. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Corrosion Resistant and strong FRP dampers.

TEXEL-SEIKOW U.S.A. offers FRP control dampers to adjust air volume in the duct. Since our dampers are made by FRP resin transfer mold, the dampers provide excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical strength to ensure a long lifespan. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - ANSI PFA Lined Mag Drive Pumps

Houston, Texas - TEXEL-SEIKOW U.S.A., Inc. (TEXEL), a US subsidiary of Seikow Chemical Engineering & Machinery, Ltd. (SEIKOW Japan), started selling TEXEL brand magnetic drive Sealless pumps. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - TEXEL is ready to ship MTA Pumps

We are ready to ship TEXEL MTA pumps to our customers. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Blowers for laboratory/fume hoods application

TEXEL corrosion-resistant blowers are suitable for exhausting corrosive and harmful gases generated from fume hoods. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Corrosion Resistance Table for TEXEL pumps

TEXEL pumps have excellent corrosion registance features.

Please use this corrosion resistance selection table as a guideline for selection based on the corrosion resistance of main materials which are used to TEXEL pumps. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - TXEL Products used in hot-dip galvanizing process.

TEXEL products are often used in the hot-dip galvanizing process.

Hot-dip galvanizing is an excellent processing technology in which steel is immersed in molten zinc to form a zinc film on the surface. The iron products galvanized are widely used in various applications for their corrosion resistance. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - TEXEL sealless mag drive pump MTA Series

TEXEL sealless magnetic-drive centrifugal pump, MTA series, has excellent corrosion resistance, strength, and abrasion resistance.

The main parts of MTA pumps such as casing, impeller and lining are made of PFA which has excellent characteristics for process pumps. The MTA pump is ideal for most chemical applications. TEXEL MTA pumps meet a wide range of needs, such as high temper... (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Corrosion Resistant FRP Fans/Blowers Catalog

TEXEL designed various range of the centrifugal blowers to exhaust corrosion air in chemical environment. The impellers and casing for All TEXEL blowers are made by FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) or FRPP to have corrosion-resistant performance to be used in the most of environment. Since the blowers have good reliability and durability, customers can use the blowers for long time. T... (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. -  CES Series Blower highly cost effective

TEXEL’s CES series blowers are highly cost-effective models which are produced, assembled, and tested in our US factory located in Houston.

The CES series was developed by leaning on 60 years’ experience and industry knowledge. The casing and impeller are made of Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene (FRPP), which has superior corrosion resistance against severe corrosive app... (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Corrosion Resistant Blowers for Fume Hoods

Fume hoods are used as part of experimental equipment in various research laboratories such as universities and companies.

TEXEL corrosion-resistant blowers are widely used for exhausting harmful gases generated in fume hoods. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Wet Scrubber TRS Series has a lot of advantages

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc.'s packed bed wet scrubber can process a variety of corrosive gases. The scrubber and ventilator are made of FRP, which has superior corrosion resistant properties. (Circulation pump is made of Polypropylene of PVDF.) (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - AMCA Certificated products

The AMCA International Certified Ratings Program is a globally recognized third-party program that gives buyers, specifiers and users assurance that manufacturers’ published data for air movement and control products are accurate.

TEXEL SEIKOW U.S.A. certifies that TEXEL blower FTF models are licensed to bear the AMCA Seal. The ratings shown are based on tests and procedures... (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Corrosion Resistance Table for TEXEL Blowers

TEXEL corrosion resistant blowers can be used with a variety of corrosive chemical gases. Depending on the material used for each blower model, there is limit on the usable temperature of each gas. There are also limits on the gas concentration used. When considering the to install TEXEL blowers to your facilities, please refer to the corrosion resistance table at the link. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Necessary information to choose a right blower

When you consider installation of TEXEL corrosion resistant blowers, please give us the following information for us suggesting the suitable blowers to your applications. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Case Study: High-Performance Textiles Manufacturer

The textile product division of a general chemical manufacturer that manufactures high-performance textiles needed a blower to collectively exhaust the gases emitted by the manufacturing plant. Read the case study to learn more. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Case Study: Optical Fiber Manufacturer

A manufacturer of optical fiber considered expanding the production lines and install Texel's electrical dust collector with blower. Read the case study to learn more. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Case Study: Calcium Hypochlorite Manufacturing

A manufacturer of calcium hypochlorite tablets used in a variety of applications such as municipal water & wastewater treatment, recently expanded into a larger facility and decided to use a TEXEL TRS scrubber to treat the gas contained calcium hypochlorite particulates coming from the production line. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Texel FRP Dampers

Whether you need industrial ventilation or corrosive air movement control solutions, our assortment of damper units can help. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Case Study: Iodine Manufacturing

A customer that produces iodine and manufactures iodine products such as disinfectants and polarizing films for LCD panels, had been using blowers to the production process of iodine which circulate iodine-absorbed gas through the radiation tower. Vibration of those existing blowers became higher as a sign of deterioration. Read the case study to learn more. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Case Study: Metal Processing

A US subsidiary of a Japanese major metal processing company that mainly handles metal surface modification providing surface modification solutions in the United States, considered the installation of a treatment device for hydrogen fluoride gas (HF gas) discharged in the Atmospheric Plasma Spraying (APS) process. Read the case study to learn how Texel Seikow provided the solution. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Case Study: Factory of Electric Components

A manufacturing subsidiary of a Japanese major printed circuit board company that manufactures electronic parts, mainly for mobile phones, was expanding factory facilities. They were considering the installation of a treatment device for exhaust gas containing acids and alkaline generated in the production process. Learn how they worked with Texel-Seikow to find a solution. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Production of large size FRP blowers

TEXEL factory has been working very busy since we have many backorders for large size of FTF series FRP blowers. The blowers are used to Waste Water, Chemical, Semiconductor, Pharma chemical, Metal finishing and other major industries. Most of the blowers are almost ready to be shipped to the customers. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - TEXEL Forward Curved Polypropylene Fan

TEXEL corrosion resistant blower CES series is made by FRPP. The simple design made light weight and good maintainability. The CES series blower is ideal for when you need moderate capacities at low to medium pressures and suitable for Fume Hood, Laboratories, HVAC or any other environments which needs gas exhaust. 3 difference sizes and both Belt Drive and Direct Drive are available. (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - Oil Lubricated Baring System for FTF series

TEXEL-SEIKOW Blower FTF series adopted Oil Lubricated Bearing System. Compared to the grease lubrication method, the oil lubricant bearing system has higher lubrication performance and makes longer life of the bearing. The TEXEL own design integrated bearing box eliminates the need for bearing alignment adjustments during assembly.

Compared to the grease lubrication, used lubrican... (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - TEXEL FRP Blower at a wastewater facility

TEXEL blowers are widely used in wastewater treatment facilities in many countries. The photo shows the work of installing TEXEL FRP blower FTF303 at a wastewater treatment plant in the United States. The impeller diameter of this blower is 20 inches. Blower is one of the indispensable devices in a wastewater treatment facility, and it plays a role of sending air to a water tank and supp... (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - TEXEL FRP Blower FTF1203 is ready to be shipped

TEXEL's largest class blower FTF1203 is being prepared for shipment at the factory. The impeller diameter is 74 inches. The impeller and casing are made of FRP with excellent corrosion resistance, can be used for high gas volume applications, and have good maintainability. The TEXEL blower FTF series complies with AMCA Sound, Air and FEG standards. This blower is installed in the blowout... (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - TEXEL Titanium Blower model FTB-CL

TEXEL offers titanium blower model FTB-CL. It was originally developed for moving high concentration gaseous chlorine which other corrosion resistant fans have damaged.

The titanium blower consists of a titanium impeller and housing. We have an optional FRP housing with titanium impeller. Also, the blower can be chosen to be belt-driven or direct-driven. Fan arrangements 4 or 9 ar... (read more)

Texel-Seikow USA, Inc. - TEXEL's the largest FRP blower FTF1403

It is a scene that the production of FTF1403, which is the largest blower among TEXEL blowers, has been completed and the operation test is being conducted at the factory.

FTF1403 has an FRP casing/impeller and can handle gas volumes up to 130,000 CFM. The impeller has a diameter of 72 inches. The blower is used for exhaust gas treatment in factories in a wide range of industries. (read more)