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Titus Company (The) - Peel Sort Clean Mix Pack Freeze Use Compressed Air

Within the food and beverage industry, there are several beneficial applications for compressed air. Whether used for cleaning or the production chain, air compressors allow your company to experience increased reliability as well as lower operational and maintenance costs. Air compressors also deliver a more consistent look across all your products. (read more)

Titus Company (The) - Improve winery function & efficiency

Pressing, crushing, heating/cooling, aeration, bottling, labeling, sparging. When it comes to winemaking all these processes can benefit from air compressors to boost production efficiency & decrease manual workload. (read more)

Titus Company (The) - Secret Ingredient in Winemaking Success - Gas!

Many ingredients go into wine, grapes you cultivate, nutrients for growth, yeast for fermentation and oxygen and nitrogen that refine your wine.

There’s yet another secret ingredient you’ll need for best results — the right systems. This guide discusses the benefits air compressor equipment can offer for winemaking and gives tips for choosing the right compressor... (read more)

Titus Company (The) - Operating Temperature Crucial to Compressors

A key aspect caring for compressed air equipment is maintaining the right operating temperature. Fluctuations in temperature have more impact on your compressor’s performance than you think. This article looks at how the temperature in your air compressor storage room affects your machinery and we'll narrow down the ideal temperature for air equipment. (read more)

Titus Company (The) - Issues with your Inert Gas Generator?

Wherever inert gas is needed, we provide superior expertise and the capability to serve a wide range of needs for local manufacturers as well as Fortune 500 companies. (read more)

Titus Company (The) - Instrument Air in Nuclear Power Plants

There is a great deal of sensitive equipment used in nuclear power generation, making it extremely important that this equipment works effectively at all times. Any failure in instrumentation or containment in a nuclear power facility could have dire consequences. High quality, high pressure compressed air is also needed for diesel start on back-up power generators. (read more)

Titus Company (The) - Gas Generation for Pharmaceutical Applications

Nitrogen generators have a wide range of commercial pharmaceutical uses, such as inerting packaging and reducing oxidization problems that could occur. Nitrogen displaces oxygen and can therefore push it out of areas where oxygen would cause undesired reactions. (read more)

Titus Company (The) - Equipment for Chemical & PetroChem Processing

Due to the vital nature of product purity and the dangerous unstable or otherwise hazardous gasses that may be flowing through a chemical or petrochemical facility, almost every type of Titus Company equipment has a potential use for a chemical or petrochemical operation, from air compressors to nitrogen generators. (read more)

Titus Company (The) - Why use Gas Generators in Food/Bev Processing?

Standards for food and beverage manufacturing and distribution are tougher than ever. Food and beverage manufacturing equipment must work hand-in-hand with high-quality compressed air through reliable compressed air generation in order to meet those standards and function effectively. When dealing with products that people will consume, high-purity air is an absolute must. (read more)

Titus Company (The) - Retrofit your Air & Gas Dryer

Whatever the application requiring pure dry air - we can help with parts & service for your trusted system. Kemp units are still in operation all over the world, and they require a knowledgeable supplier to keep them up and running. That is where The Titus Company comes in. (read more)

Titus Company (The) - Time to replace your gas generator? Read the guide

Industrial gas generators provide invaluable assistance within a number of industries. When you rely on a gas generator to keep your business running smoothly, you need your equipment to perform its best. But keeping a generator in proper working condition is not as simple as you may think. (read more)

Titus Company (The) - PSA or Membrane Generator for Your Application?

Nitrogen generation provides clean, environmentally friendly and cost-effective nitrogen for industrial applications. In almost every case, having on-site nitrogen generation is more economical, convenient & sustainable than purchasing liquid nitrogen. Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) and hollow-fiber membrane are two popular types of nitrogen generators, each suited for a particular... (read more)

Titus Company (The) - Applications for Nitrogen Generation Systems

Nitrogen is used in a wide array of manufacturing & processing sectors. Food, beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metal fabrication, electronics & semiconductors, aerospace & automobile, ceramics & glass, plastics, rubbers and many more. (read more)

Titus Company (The) - Gas Generators: Frequently Asked Questions

When you use nitrogen or oxygen gas generators in your business, the more you know about them, the better. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about gas generators, provided by The Titus Company. If you have any questions that you don’t find answered don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. (read more)

Titus Company (The) - Custom Nitrogen Generation - Case Study

Imagine if you had to shut down production for a couple days, because you could not get nitrogen for your application. For the world’s largest peanut butter producer, this scenario became a reality during the winter of 2017. With ice storms closing the highways, this company could not get liquid nitrogen delivered for two days. (read more)

Titus Company (The) - The Titus Company introduces its new inert gas generator

The Titus Company Inert Gas Generator (TTCIG) is a customized large-scale inert gas generation unit built here in America and made to fit your application. The TTCIG produces ultra-pure nitrogen for applications as diverse as food and beverage to pharmaceutical packaging to blanketing and annealing. (read more)

Titus Company (The) - What Do Air Fluid Coolers Do?

Air-fluid coolers are a great way to keep equipment like welding machines, hydraulic presses and air compressors from getting too hot. In industries with sensitive equipment that could be easily damaged by contaminants, air fluid coolers are a great choice. Closed-loop air fluid coolers do not allow any lime, sludge or other contaminants to escape the system and harm your equipment. (read more)

Titus Company (The) - Air Compressors Explained - Types & Configurations

Reciprocating, Rotary Screw Compressor, Centrifugal Air, Oil Free Scroll, Pressure Lubricated? Which is the most appropriate for your applications? Read everything you need to know about air compressors so you can make informed decisions about air compressors for your company. (read more)

Titus Company (The) - Air Compressor Condensation & Moisture 101 Guide

If you’re noticing unusual moisture and condensation in your compressed air system, you may have a lot of questions. Why is it happening, and how can you fix it? If you’re in an environment that demands 100% moisture-free compressed air, you need a solution fast. Excess condensation can cause significant damage inside the compressor. Learn what you can do about it. (read more)

Titus Company (The) - Ensure maximum efficiency in Inert Gas Generation

Realize production independence and cost savings, avoid unpredicatability in your supply chain, reduce maintenance costs (read more)

Titus Company (The) - Custom Gas Generation Systems & Service

Wherever inert gas is needed, we provide superior expertise and the capability to serve a wide range of needs for local manufacturers as well as Fortune 500 companies. We now are one of the only companies in the world that builds custom Industrial Inert Gas Generators at scale. If your Kemp units have failed you, turn to us for help. (read more)