Trace-A-Matic has promoted these products / services:

Trace-A-Matic - Aerospace Machining

Trace-A-Matic is a highly experienced manufacturer of titanium and specialty metal machined components for the aerospace industry. Our turn-key solutions, design for manufacturability, rapid prototyping, and dedication to quality make Trace-A-Matic a strategic partner in developing complex parts and components for the advanced flight projects of tomorrow. (read more)

Trace-A-Matic - Military Machining

The defense industry knows Trace-A-Matic as a high-end supply partner with superior quality and delivery that governments and their citizens depend on with no room for error. Our expertise with military-grade materials ensures precise parts and assemblies are manufactured with efficiency and a high degree of precision. (read more)

Trace-A-Matic - Oil and Gas Machining

Our experience in supplying critical machined parts to oil and gas customers earned Trace-A-Matic a reputation of excellence. Our expertise in this industry is all about machining critical tolerances, complex geometries, and working with the exotic materials required in the oil and gas industries. Trace-A-Matic understands the necessity for quality, value, and speed-to-market. (read more)

Trace-A-Matic - Marine Machining

From the surface of the sea to the ocean's depths, Trace-A-Matic provides high precision machining for manufacturers in the marine industry. (read more)

Trace-A-Matic - Transportation Manufacturing

Trace-A-Matic meets the demanding requirements involved in transportation parts machining. Decades of collaboration with transportation OEMs and our extensive investment in robust CNC equipment make Trace-A-Matic a preferred provider of CNC machining services for transportation parts. (read more)

Trace-A-Matic - Space | Rocket Machining

We are a precision CNC machine shop with sophisticated metal machined parts and assemblies performing to expectation in all environments - by water, land, air, and yes, by space! Our multi-axis machining, fabrication capabilities, and inspection services meet or exceed the most demanding space exploration requirements. (read more)

Trace-A-Matic - Power Generation Parts

Many of our customers in the power generation industry produce engines and turbines with thousands if not tens of thousands of horsepower. We have vast experience machining engine components to the required precision and tight tolerances for the natural gas, naval, locomotive, ship, and submarine engine industries using large-scale CNC milling machines and lathes. (read more)

Trace-A-Matic - Medical Machining

Medical industry leaders rely on our state-of-the-art precision machining services to provide a wide range of parts for their high-quality medical equipment and devices. (read more)

Trace-A-Matic - Infrastructure Manufacturing

A world-class precision machine shop providing CNC machining services to many manufacturing industries supporting infrastructure. (read more)

Trace-A-Matic - Mining Machining

Trace-A-Matic is a full-service mining equipment machine shop serving the US and international customers. (read more)

Trace-A-Matic - Automotive Machining

We are a manufacturer of precision automotive parts and assemblies. With eight state-of-the-art facilities and 180+ machining centers, we possess large capacity machining, providing high-volume production machining services in North America. (read more)

Trace-A-Matic - Construction Machining

Trace-A-Matic is a world-class CNC (computer numerical control) machine shop serving the heavy equipment construction industry. Leading OEMs depend on us for high precision backhoe, bulldozer, compactor, dump truck, excavator, grader, loader, scraper, and trencher machined parts that stand up to rigorous use and the test of time. (read more)

Trace-A-Matic - Agriculture Machining

Trace-A-Matic is a precision machine shop providing agriculture machining to the heavy equipment industry that stands up to rigorous use and the test of time. (read more)

Trace-A-Matic - Food Processing Machining

Trace-A-Matic has a long history of turn-key solutions for the food and pharmaceutical markets globally, including precision part machining, electronic component housing, and process equipment building that fulfill particular specifications. (read more)

Trace-A-Matic - CNC Engineering Services

Complete CNC engineering services offering 3D CAD modeling, CAM programming, virtual machining, reverse engineering, 3D printing rapid prototyping, and CNC inspection. (read more)

Trace-A-Matic - Ten Pallet Automation Offers Machining Efficiency

Trace-A-Matic installs a new Mazak HCN-5000 horizontal machining center with a ten pallet pool for multi-setups and automation at their Brookfield, WI location. (read more)

Trace-A-Matic - 5-Axis Machining

Ultrasophisticated Machining Capability Provides Time and Money Savings

Trace-A-Matic conquers complex part manufacturing with state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC machining, backed by decades of experience and unmatched creativity. The 5-axis platform cuts part geometry and complex shapes unachievable by other machining methods due to additional axes and the exceptional mobility of workpi... (read more)

Trace-A-Matic - Precision Machining

World-Class Precision Machining Quality Parts

Trace-A-Matic is a precision machine shop serving the aerospace, automotive, defense, food processing, forging, foundry, heavy equipment, infrastructure, marine, medical equipment, military, mining, oil and gas, power generation, space, and transportation markets. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities offer massive capac... (read more)

Trace-A-Matic - Virtual Source Inspections Conducted by Trace-A-Matic

Innovative remote inspection services saving customers considerable cost and time! (read more)