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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Advanced Sealing Solutions for Automotive OEM's

Sealing solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of automotive applications (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - HiMod® Slydring® HC

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions extends its commitment to provide a full range of cost-effective solutions with the introduction of a high quality, inch-sized wear ring product. HiMod® Slydring® HC meets the needs for durability and reliability in the linear hydraulic cylinder market in a wide range of applications and gives manufacturers the confidence of working with a trusted sou... (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - An Introduction to Lubrication Management

All elements of a sealing system must work together as a team

Performance. Efficiency. Longevity. These are the things that matter in engineering. Lubrication management is the latest step along the way to improving the performance of the machines that make the world turn. (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Silicone Tubes - Biocompatibility Properties

Due to its good biocompatibility properties, silicone is used in numerous medical and pharmaceutical applications. Silicone is available in a variety of hardnesses and can withstand a wide temperature range. Certain types of materials are approved for implantation and are used, for example, in cardiac pacemakers, catheters and various other applications (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Medical Silicone Advantages - Microneedle patches

Injections are an effective way of administering drugs to patients in need. Now, for some types of drug treatments– delivering insulin to diabetics, for example, or vaccinations to for chronic conditions– microneedle patches offer an alternative option for drug delivery. Read about the application of LSR in these products (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Accelerating Performance in Medical Devices

Medical device design starts with an idea on how treatment for patients could be improved. We partner with customers every step of the way to realize those ideas. From determining the best materials to designing for manufacturing efficiency and meeting stringent regulatory requirements, Trelleborg helps you meet medical device manufacturing challenges & bring your solutions to market... (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Try the O-Ring Calculator now!

To better support your engineering needs, we’ve completely overhauled our renowned O-Ring Calculator. One of our most popular tools, since its release in 2014, it boasts over 9,000 average sessions per month.

The O-Ring Calculator offers engineers and professionals a quick and easy way to calculate O-Ring dimensions and the appropriate housing layout. (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Turcon® Stepseal® V Hydraulic Rod Seal

Turcon® Stepseal® V by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a single-acting, O-Ring energized rod seal with a hydrostatic pressure relief channel for dynamic applications. (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Slydring® Hydraulic Wear and Guide Rings

Slydring® is the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions proprietary design for hydraulic wear rings or guide rings. Slydring hydraulic wear rings and guide rings are available in three different material families, which are wear-resistant and demonstrate outstanding frictional properties. Formulations are tailored to applications to maximize performance needs: Turcite, HiMod and Orkot. (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Spring Products & Custom Capabilities

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of spring products, custom-designed to meet customers’ demanding requirements. Our portfolio includes a wide range of coiled, stamped and wire-formed spring types produced in a variety of materials and finishes, many of which meet international standards. (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Premium Rotary Seal for High Pressure Applications

Turcon® Glyd Ring® is a double-acting O-Ring energized piston seal for dynamic applications. Turcon® Glyd Ring® provides low friction with no stick-slip, minimal break out force and high wear resistance. Main application is actuator cylinders. Installed in grooves to ISO 7425. (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Hydraulic Piston Seals For Hydraulic Cylinders

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers a wide range of hydraulic piston seals that provide the ultimate in leakage control. Our proprietary piston seal designs meet users’ requirements for low friction, compact form and simple installation. They are usually manufactured in our Turcon® Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based material or Zurcon® polyurethane. (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Medical Grade Tubing & Hose

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions develops, manufactures and supplies tubing & hose for medical and pharmaceutical applications in a variety of high performance materials. Our tubing & hose range includes standard medical grade products in addition to specialized and customized solutions. (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Zurcon® SAE J 518 Flange Seals

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers SAE Flange Seals corresponding to SAE J 518 in our proprietary Zurcon® material. (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Turcon® Glyd Ring® Hydraulic Piston Seal

Successfully used for decades, the Turcon® Glyd Ring® by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a very effective and reliable low friction seal. It is particularly suitable as a piston seal in both high and low pressure systems. (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Material Range: Food & Beverage Industry

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers a wide range of materials and products suited to the food and beverage industry, including for processing, packaging and preparation, as well as for dispensing equipment and small appliances. This range of solutions meets ISO 9001 requirements as well as a key global certifications and regulations, including FDA, NSF, 3A and EC 1935/2004. (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Custom Medical Grade Silicone Sheeting

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions manufactures custom sheeting from both high consistency silicone rubber (HCR) and liquid silicone rubber (LSR) through knife coating and HCR calendaring processes. Our silicone sheeting is latex-free and can be laminated to many substrates for a variety of medical uses. (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Custom Medical Grade Silicone Extrusion

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has a long-standing history of producing extruded silicone hose and tube for the medical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, including brands such as Pharmatube™, PharmaSil™, NutraSil™, Pharmalable™ and SilFit™. The vast majority of Trelleborg’s extrusions are custom fabricated to meet each customer’s unique requi... (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Optimum Sealing Materials for HPHT Applications

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions recently partnered with MacDermid, a global leader in specialty chemicals, to publish a white paper titled, “Testing of HFC Fluids on Common Seal Materials in High Temperature Applications.” This work details the extensive testing and results of an endeavor to identify optimum sealing materials for high temperature HFC fluid applications. (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Service PLUS: Solutions for the Entire Value Chain

Service PLUS is our value-adding solutions program that can simplify the workflow in every part of your value chain. Through the four key areas of engineering, logistics, manufacturing and aftermarket, Service PLUS seeks to reduce your overall process costs and throughput time. (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Advanced Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Capabilities

Silicone is an extremely versatile material that lends itself to a broad range of applications in demanding conditions. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a world leading manufacturer and player in precision Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) and 2-Component (2C) LSR manufacturing processes and tooling technology, driven by Swiss precision thinking. (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - CAD Service: Technical Drawing Downloads

The Trelleborg Sealing Solutions CAD Service offers you easy access to Technical Drawing Downloads. To make it quicker and easier to create your drawings, we have more than 40,000 parts available in 2D and 3D—as well as all file formats available on the market! (read more)