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UL - Ul's New Science

Progress is an unstoppable, transformative force. New technologies, product advances and globalization are arriving at a dizzying pace. Innovation makes us more efficient, more productive and more connected. But there is a cost, and that cost is risk. Through a variety of approaches, UL is creating new and important ways to make the world safer. We call this New Science. (read more)

UL - Workplace Health and Safety

New Insights. New Workplace Risks. New Regulations.

From Software platforms and safety scorecards to learning programs and safety culture processes, learn how UL's New Science advances are helping organizations respond to today's workplace challenges. (read more)

UL - New Science shapes the future of Fire Safety

New Materials. New Fuel Loads. New Risks.

From live burn experiments to computational modeling which quantifies risk, learn how UL's New Science advances address today's challenges. (read more)

UL - Indoor Air: Minimize and Mitigate Adverse Affects

New Compounds. New Emissions. New Hazards.

From creating new processes and equipment to developing innovative testing methodologies and databases, learn how UL's New Science advances address today's challenges. (read more)

UL - Transaction Technology: Biometric Security

New Technologies. New Innovations. New Infrastructures.

From research on the latest electronic transaction security technologies to comprehensive strategies for reliable mobile payment solutions, learn how UL's New Science is helping to support compliance, interoperability and security for the latest transaction technology implementations. (read more)

UL - Sustainable Energy: Smart Energy Management

New Technologies. New Systems. New Improvements.

From developing new tests and standards to conducting experiments on renewable energy sources, learn how UL's New Science is helping to ensure the safety and security of today's energy advances. (read more)