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Watts - How to Access & Download Watts BIM Content

Watts provides state-of-the-art specification tools, training, and other resources to make your job easier. As part of this, we offer the most trustworthy, up-to-date downloadable BIM content across all our brands for your models and projects. (read more)

Watts - Get Smart. Visit our Design Resource Center.

Watts provides world-class support for engineers, architects, contractors, and designers with a variety of resources in our Design Resource Center. (read more)

Watts - Design Resource Center for Engineers: BIM Data

Watts provides state-of-the-art specification tools, training, and optimized BIM data to make your job easier. From Continuing Education Center courses to case studies and specification tools, our Design Resource Center hosts a multitude of useful content to help you further educate yourself and get the job done. (read more)

Watts - Video: Watts Specification Tools for Engineers

Watts provides world-class support for engineers, architects, contractors and designers with online and in-person training. (read more)

Watts - Minimally Invasive Drainage for Brick Applications

Watts Dead Level® BK Pre-Sloped Polypropylene Trench Drain System with Ductile Iron Frame and Brickslot Grate is uniquely designed for efficiency and efficacy. Constructed specifically for brick applications, the Dead Level® BK allows drainage with minimal surface intrusion and detection. (read more)

Watts - Legionella Solutions for Your Facility Webcast

With a thorough understanding of underlying conditions and risks that cause Legionella bacteria to grow, you can help provide clean, safe water to your facility and communities. Join our Legionella Solutions for Your Facility Webcast on Tuesday, June 19 at 2 P.M. EDT. (read more)

Watts - Reduce, Recycle & Reuse Water: Take the CE Course

Water quality and the preservation of water resources are among the top reasons that designers become environmentalists. Most already know they can reduce water by using low-flow fixtures, while some experiment with gray water reuse and recycling within a building and for irrigation. (read more)

Watts - Video: Complete Heat & Water Management Solutions

Watts, AERCO, Powers, and PVI have combined their efforts to offer a complete heating and water management solution with components from each brand playing a crucial role in delivering quality domestic hot water. (read more)

Watts - Control Legionella Outbreaks: Take the CE Course

Outbreaks of legionella bacteria can cause Legionnaires’ disease (LD) in any setting, but is a particular concern in healthcare facilities and hospitality buildings. The bacteria can grow in any part of a water system in a building that is continually wet and becomes an infectant when combined with water droplets that become airborne in a manner of aerosol generation. (read more)

Watts - Water Quality in Health-Care: Take Our CE Course

From patient rooms to staff sink/scrub areas and labs, water quality is imperative for all in a health-care setting. Water also drives many of the mechanical systems within the facility, including HVAC systems, fire protection, and domestic water systems. (read more)

Watts - Rainwater Harvesting: Take the CE Center Course

Rainwater is a national and global issue—whether too much or too little—adapting strategic rainwater collection can conserve this natural resource. Rainwater collected from roof surfaces and other above-ground structures is an abundant source of fresh water that is generally undervalued in the United States. (read more)

Watts - Water Safety in Hospitality: Take Our CE Course

One thing all hospitality facilities have in common is mass water consumption. Guests and patrons of any hospitality establishment expect controllable hot and cold water, and lots of it. This is where back-of-house water systems come in. (read more)

Watts - Stainless Steel Drains: Take the CE Course

A caustic waster system is a challenge for any drainage system. Handling the harsh environment in drainage systems is critical to the success of many projects, even though it is one of the last items on the specification list. (read more)

Watts - SmartStream UV inactivates microorganisms

SmartStream UV is designed for drinking water systems, breweries, dairies, hospitals, bottling plants, electronics/semiconducters, laboratories, swimming pools, cooling towers, and residential applications. It may also be used for agricultural, aquacultural, and pharmaceutical purposes. (read more)

Watts - Digital Mixing Stations: Take the CE Course

Digital mixing and recirculation systems are smart water delivery solutions for mixing domestic water in a hot water recirculation loop. These systems are typically used in commercial and institutional facilities and can be integrated into a building automation system (BAS). (read more)

Watts - Watts BIM Content Now on ARCAT

We're pleased to offer our data rich AutoDesk® Revit® BIM objects to our customers via ARCAT. (read more)

Watts - Flow Control for Fire Protection

Watts designs, manufactures, and sells an extensive line of flow control, water safety, water filtration & treatment, drainage, and PEX plumbing products. The Watts family of brands including Ames Fire & Waterworks offers a single source for solutions used to safely convey, conserve, and manage water. (read more)

Watts - Let it Flow with Watts Drains

Engineered for superior performance and functionality, Watts Drainage products not only meet but exceed expectations for use in even the most demanding applications. (read more)

Watts - Watts Brands Key Solutions for Flow Control

Specify the Watts Family of Brands, for the most extensive range of Water Safety, Flow Control, & Backflow Prevention products in the industry. The versatility of these products allows them to be used in situations where flow control is essential. The Brands of Watts, including FEBCO, and Ames Fire & Waterworks provides solutions for any application. (read more)

Watts - BLÜCHER, Always Keeping Up with the Flow

Specify BLÜCHER®, a Watts Brand, for the most extensive range of stainless steel pipes and fittings. The innovative push-fit pipe system can be used above or below ground and offers viable and economic solutions for commercial, industrial, and marine applications. (read more)

Watts - Watts Flow Control Solutions for Fire Suppression

Specify Ames Fire and Waterworks, a Watts Brand, for a wide range of high-quality products designed for use in fire suppression sprinkler systems. Our portfolio includes backflow preventers, relief valves, UL ball valves, automatic control valves (ACVs), gear-operated ball valves, UL strainers, and in-building risers. (read more)

Watts - Watts Water Softeners… No Hard Choices Here

Specify Watts water softening solutions for your commercial and industrial applications. Designed for water conditioning professionals who demand the highest quality, reliability, and value, our water softeners include only top-quality components, come fully complete, and feature metered control valves for greater efficiency using trusted technology. (read more)

Watts -  High-quality engineered drainage products.

Benefits of our drains include:

  • Fast installation to save you time and cut labor costs
  • Sturdy, functional construction that reduces the likelihood of job site issues
  • Reliable, on-time delivery to meet your schedule
  • Unique designs deliver superior performance
(read more)
Watts - Precast or cast-in-place parking structure drains

Parking structures present challenges that drainage manufacturers have not been able to conquer.

Until now. (read more)

Watts - Watts Drains Makes it Easy to Go With the Flow

Watts Drains are engineered to deliver superior performance and functionality. Innovation and versatility allow Watts Drainage products to meet and exceed expectations for use in the most demanding of applications. (read more)

Watts - Water Quality Filtration Solutions from Watts

Specify Watts proven water filtration solutions for commercial, and industrial applications. State-of-the-art technology and processes provides high quality water for all applications. (read more)

Watts - Parking Deck Drains and Channels

Parking structures present challenges that drainage manufacturers have not been able to conquer.....Until now. (read more)

Watts - The Watts Drainage line is engineered to deliver

Discover how Watts engineered drainage solutions can make a difference on your next project. (read more)

Watts -  Conquer Your Next Drain Installation

Our high-quality engineered drainage products provide everything you’ll need to be the hero on your team. (read more)

Watts - Professional Grade Radiant Tubing

Why choose Onix?

  • Can stand up to normal job site conditions
  • No special tools required
  • Tighter bend radius allows for entry into hard to reach areas
  • Can't be kinked
  • Temperature range from 180°F to -30°F
  • Resistant to UV degradation whether outside for a day or a year
(read more)
Watts - Why choose Onix?
  • Can stand up to normal job site conditions
  • No special tools required
  • Tighter bend radius allows for entry into hard to reach areas
  • Can't be kinked
  • Temperature range from 180°F to -30°F
  • Resistant to UV degradation whether outside for a day or a year
(read more)
Watts - Warmth Flows with Watts Radiant Hydronic Piping

Watts Radiant provides proven solutions for underfloor heating and snow melting projects using hydronic piping. Its simple, yet flexible solutions distribute heat through homes and commercial buildings and under warehouses, garages, and airplane hangars. (read more)

Watts - Chemical Waste Management and Control from Orion

Orion provides corrosion–resistant pure water piping and high quality corrosive waste drainage systems for engineers who want to incorporate innovative chemical waste control, containment, and drainage solutions in their designs. These solutions are installed in educational, healthcare, industrial, and research facilities across North America and throughout the world. (read more)

Watts - Watts: Healthcare Plumbing Fixtures Spec

Our plumbing fixtures are designed to promote patient safety and comfort in a healthcare facility – in patient rooms, public restrooms, laboratories, and food service areas. Water-tempering devices reduce scalding risk and spread of Legionella. (read more)

Watts - Protecting Communities from Backflow E-book

Our e-book, Water Safety: Protecting Our Communities from Backflow Incidents, describes the serious risks of backflow and what you can do to prevent it. (read more)

Watts - Prevent Scale Build-up in Commercial Applications

OneFlow® provides an environmentally-friendly solution for preventing scale build-up in commerical applications. (read more)

Watts - Non-Surge Check Valves

Series 118
Non-Surge Check Valves
Watts ACV Non-Surge Check Valves are equipped with
separate adjustable opening and closing speed controls to
avoid pipeline surges.
• Valves close drip-tight upon flow reversal
• Can be equipped with limit switches or a position
• Common feature applications include low-head and
variab... (read more)

Watts - The Automatic Answer to Fluid Control

You need:
• Unquestionable confidence in the quality and performance of the valve
• Proof of the manufacturer’s knowledge and hands-on expertise
• Our priority is that every product delivered will match your design parameters (read more)

Watts - Watts Automatic Control Valves Brochure

Our focus on quality, high performance, positive control, reliability, and long product life is second to none. Our ACVs are designed with standardized replacement parts, conform to industry standard lengths, and meet all applicable AWWA standards. (read more)

Watts - Watts Green Roof Drains

Our high-quality engineered green roof drains deliver superior performance and improved functionality. (read more)

Watts - Sanitary Waste Piping Specialties Spec

Download our revised Sanitary Waste Piping Specialties specification. (read more)

Watts - Watts Drains: Track Lavatory Carriers

Watts Drainage Products TCA-411 epoxy coated floor mounted concealed arm track lavatory carrier with heavy gauge steel offset uprights with welded feet, steel cross plate with integral mounting brackets, sliding adjustable arm brackets, and adjustable cast iron concealed arms with mounting clips, leveling screws, and basin locking device. (read more)

Watts - BIMobject: Ames Fire & Waterworks Products

Download BIM content for our Ames Fire & Waterworks products. (read more)

Watts - BLÜCHER & Watts: Sanitary Waste & Vent Piping Spec

Download our new SANITARY WASTE AND VENT PIPING specification. (read more)

Watts - Watts Drains - Roof Drain Extensions

Roof Drain with Deck Flange/Adj. Extension (read more)

Watts - Press Connections for Watts Valves Brochure

Watts now offers a comprehensive line of valves with press connections for light commercial and residential applications. (read more)

Watts - BLUCHER Systems Brochure

Stainless steel piping, drains, and channels for a wide range of applications. (read more)

Watts - All-in-One Ball & Relief Valve for Water Heaters

Watts has added the Series LFBRVM1 all-in-one ball valve and relief valve to its extensive line of top-quality shutoff valves. (read more)

Watts - Digital Mixing On-demand Webinar: IntelliStation™

Visit our updated Powers IntelliStation page to watch our on-demand webinar, Digital Mixing for Safer and More Efficient Hot Water Delivery. (read more)

Watts - Watts & Ames Automatic Control Valves

Our focus on quality, high performance, positive control, reliability, and long product life is second to none. Our ACVs are designed with standardized replacement parts, conform to industry standard lengths, and meet all applicable AWWA standards. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Watts:


Watts in partnership with ATS recently welcomed 100 specifying engineers and facility managers to an engineering event at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.


Watts has published a new e-book – Water Safety: Protecting Our Communities from Backflow Incidents – to help early-career plumbing engineers and others understand the serious risks of backflow and what they can do to prevent it.


BLÜCHER is pleased to announce that BLÜCHER stainless steel drains are now certified to NSF/ANSI/3-A Standard 14159-1 - Hygiene Requirements for the Design of Meat and Poultry Processing Equipment.


Watts has added the Series LFBRVM1 all-in-one ball valve and relief valve to its extensive line of top-quality shutoff valves.


As a part of a continual effort to adapt to customer needs, we offer a press connection option for Watts Testable Backflow Assemblies Series LF007/LF009.


Watts offers an extensive line of top-quality ball valves, including models in brass, bronze, and stainless steel, as well as materials for specialty applications.


Powers today unveiled a press connection option for select HydroGuard® mixing valves. With the press option, valves can be used in new construction, as well as in renovation projects as an alternative to a sweat/solder joint.


Watts Dead Level® Trench Drains incorporate a patented frame-anchored design that provides both structural stability and ease of installation.


Watts Radiant today launched its next generation of ThermalPro boiler stations, which feature superior insulation and expanded pump choices.


As part of a continual effort to adapt to customer needs, I am pleased to announce that we are now offering a press connection option to LFLM490 and LFLM495 series of Powers mixing valves.


As part of a continual effort to adapt to customer needs, we're offering a press connection option for many Watts water pressure reducing valves (WPRVs), hydronic valves, and mixing valves.


Watts has acquired PVI Industries, a leading manufacturer of engineer-specified plumbing and heating equipment for new construction and building retrofits.


On October 6, at Seattle's iconic Space Needle, manufacturers' representative firm Hollabaugh brought together 100 specifying engineers and facility managers to experience the broad range of Watts products, integrated system solutions & design resources.


The Colt Series backflow prevention assemblies from Ames Fire & Waterworks are a complete line of 2 ½"- through 10"-diameter double check, double check detector, reduced pressure zone, and reduced pressure zone detector assemblies.


Dormont® introduced the SmartSense™ Excess Flow Valve & Thermal Shutoff device for ensuring residential gas appliance connection safety. It safeguards homes by detecting unforeseeable gas line hazards and automatically activating itself to ensure safety.


BLÜCHER HygienicPro® stainless steel drains and channels are designed to meet the stringent sanitation and efficiency demands of food processing and beverage production facilities. They include the BHG Series sloped channel with high flow capacity.


Watts offers its innovative OneFlow anti-scale system for commercial applications, available in cartridge and tank-style units for both hot and cold water lines.


SunTouch today launched the HeatMatrix uncoupling membrane that offers a flexible, easy-to-install solution for WarmWire underfloor electric radiant heating.


Marriott International chose the IntelliStation as an approved digital mixing solution for tempered water delivery on their properties. The Marriott Hotel in Kansas City Airport installed an IntelliStation to manage their hot water delivery.


Our new bronze dial set boiler fill valves are offered as a stand-alone valve (BD1156) and a combination fill valve and backflow preventer (BD911).


Watts is pleased to announce a new set of drains specially designed for the large parking deck design and construction market.


Watts has unveiled a new Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for use with its existing line of R48 Series commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems.


Videos on five of our top drainage products are now available on our Watts YouTube channel.


The Watts LFMMV-HTK mixing valve is a hot water tank capacity extender that installs on a hot water tank to increase hot water capacity by providing greater control over water temperature and flow.


Ames Fire & Waterworks today announced a new grooved-end automatic control valve (ACV) for reducing water pressure in fire protection systems.


Watts Water Technologies announces the grand opening of the Watts Works Learning Center, a state-of-the-art facility where customers, distributors & sales reps can obtain hands-on experience with plumbing, HVAC & water quality products and technologies.


Our new Watts Water capabilities brochure gives you a broad overview of our portfolio and showcases our solutions in five key areas: Plumbing & Flow Control, Water Quality & Conditioning, Water Reuse & Drainage, HVAC, and Municipal Waterworks.


The BLÜCHER stainless steel waterline channel drain is designed for use in commercial and ADA showers and washrooms. Installations include college dormitories, high rise condominiums, hospitals, nursing homes, locker rooms, and prisons.


Watts RD-700 epoxy-coated cast iron dual outlet roof drain/overflow combination accomplishes primary and overflow drainage in a single roof penetration. Its unique design requires only half the total roof penetration competitive drains demand.


Watts Micro Z media is designed to reduce sediment in automatic backwashing filtration systems for better performance and easier maintenance.


Watts has set the new standard for UV water disinfection solutions with SmartStream UV. This new system provides advanced capabilities for residential and commercial applications.


Watts now offers OneFlow anti-scale system for home applications, in 8, 12 & 16 gallon-per-minute models. It uses no salt or electricity, generates no waste water, and uses a physical water treatment technology known as template-assisted crystallization.


Watts continues to offer a broad selection of Water Pressure Reducing Valves (WPRVs) in standard-capacity, high-capacity and OEM models for use in residential, commercial and OEM and specialty applications.


FEBCO’s MasterSeries backflow prevention assemblies offer lead free certification to NSF 61G standards with redesigned check and relief valves delivering superior performance and reduced pressure loss. Applications include fire suppression systems.


Dormont Blue Hose stainless steel gas connectors include features and accessories that improve safety, efficiency, and convenience in foodservice kitchens. They meet code requirements for use with moveable equipment to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.


Watts Water has created a white paper for you to learn about the benefits of digital water-mixing technology in commercial and institutional facilities.


Watts has significantly reduced the risk of splash with the new open throat grate and funnel option added to its FD-320 series floor drain. It is only available in Canada.


Truck Wash Technologies, a Canadian company, uses Watts OneFlow, Watts reverse osmosis water purification systems and water softening systems in its effort to become one of the North American leaders in the truck washing industry.


WSU installed an Orion waste system for their new biomed facility to achieve energy efficiency. It's made of material that is compatible with a wide range of temperatures and chemicals and is plenum-rated for flame spread and smoke generation.


Watts Radiant's hydronic and electric snow melting solutions help individuals and business owners protect family, friends, employees, and customers. They are easy to install in small to medium projects outside residences and commercial buildings.


Architectural Record's Continuing Education Center hosts the course, "Smarter, Safer Hot Water: Digital Thermostatic Mixing Stations." Sponsored by Powers, this course provides you with 1 CEU credit and valuable knowledge of hot water delivery systems!


Learn how digital mixing enhances hot water delivery in commercial and institutional facilities with tighter control over mixed outlet water delivery, far superior system management, potential for conserving energy, and better managing energy costs.


Ames Fire & Waterworks provides Series LFAFBV-FP full-port, slow-close, gear-operated ball valves for use in fire suppression systems.


SunTouch recently enhanced its WarmWire floor heating cables that use an electric wire to heat floors in any room. An affordable alternative to radiant heated mats, WarmWire is flexible for easy install around curves, angles and cut-outs.


SunTouch unveiled three thermostats for controlling electric floor heating systems, the SunStat Connect, the SunStat Command, and the SunStat Core to provide homeowners and businesses options for enjoying the warmth of in-floor radiant electric heating.


Watts Water appointed Chris Jamieson Vice President-Marketing. He’s responsible for taking the Watts Water family of innovative water solutions to market, including marketing strategy, market management, product training, communications and pricing.


Watts Water recently unveiled, a microsite that provides an overview of the broad selection of water products, services and solutions provided by its large family of companies.


Watts today made available a new brochure on its Water Pressure Reducing Valves, the most extensive WPRV product line in the industry. The 12-page brochure details WPRVs for use in residential, commercial and OEM applications.


Watts Radiant's R-flex is a pre-insulated, flexible, energy-saving PEX piping system with a durable, waterproof outer cover. It provides cost-effective distribution for heating ,cooling, and snow melting applications in residential and commercial.


Watts Water's new 12-page brochure showcases a comprehensive family of plumbing, heating, and water quality products for residential applications. The brochure divides the offering into five categories for an all inclusive look into the products.


Watts Water announced a 16-page brochure that showcases the company's wide range of plumbing, HVAC and water quality solutions for the healthcare design, building and construction industry.


Powers today announced the IntelliStation, a system that allows managers of commercial and institutional facilities to ensure safe and efficient tempered water delivery. The IntelliStation provides optimal control for maintaining the water temperature.


Powers has unveiled a line of ASSE/cUPC-listed point-of-use water mixing valves that meet ASSE 1070 performance requirements and provide temperature control to as low as 0.25-gallon-per-minute (gpm) flow.


Dormont portable outdoor hose connectors are used to attach gas appliances such as grills, patio heaters, chimeneas and fire pits to natural gas or propane fuel sources. The hose connectors allow an appliance to be easily moved around.


Watts Water today announced that Tony Johnson has joined the company as Regional Sales Manager — South Central. In that role, he is responsible for sales of Watts Water products and driving sales of the One Watts Water portfolio.


Five Watts Water Technologies companies are addressing one of the biggest challenges plumbing contractor firms are tackling. The 12-page brochure highlights solutions for transforming a multi-family dwelling into a safe and efficient building.


SunTouch launched a new, easy-to-navigate website designed for consumers considering floor heating or snow melting systems for homes or businesses. It helps contractors and DIYers find what they need for radiant floor heating or snow melting systems.


Watts’ Smart 'N Soft, high-efficiency, water conditioners use a control valve and “smart brining” technique to conserve salt & water. The Vortech™ distribution system saves water, reduces chlorine, taste, & odor, and removes calcium, magnesium & iron.


Watts track lavatory carriers feature a design that allows for independent adjustments of arms and easy installation by 1 person. Watts pre-boxes its track lavatory carriers for ease of installation, as well as transport and inventory.


This brochure, Improving Patient Safety & Building Efficiency, showcases Watts Water’s wide range of plumbing, HVAC and water quality solutions for the healthcare design, building and construction industry.


Watts announces Series LFB6080G2 full-port, 2-piece, forged bronze, lead free ball valves designed for hospitals, schools, commercial & industrial applications with full-port design and solid ball for maximum flow capacity and minimal pressure drop.


In April 2015, Munish Nanda joined Watts Water as President, Americas. Previously, he served as President of Control Technologies from April 2011 to March 2015 and VP of Integrated Supply Chain for ITT's Fluid and Motion Control Group.


Watts Series R12 commercial wall-mounted reverse osmosis water purification systems are designed for the reduction of total dissolved solids at flow rates up to 1200 gallons a day. The systems come in 3 different packages. Contact us for more information.


Watts Water Technologies celebrated the grand opening of its new 30,000 square foot foundry. The facility is an expansion to the Franklin, NH plant – one of the corporation’s operating subsidiaries which produce products for many of its brands.