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Web Seal Inc. - Large assortment of Sealing Products

Web Seal provides a large assortment of products that perform in a wide range of other sealing applications, from expansion joints to fastener seals, quad rings to spliced O-rings, and pump packings to adhesives and RTVs. Related products such as O-ring kits, shims, spacers and tubing are also available. (read more)

Web Seal Inc. - GYLON EPIX™ Series Transforms PTFE Gasketing

GYLON EPIX™’ is a revolutionary new family of PTFE gasketing materials. The patented honeycomb surface of GYLON EPIX™ seals tighter, reduces corrosive leakage better, and minimizes downtime with improved load retention for a longer operational life. It concentrates the compressive force of a flange for more evenly distributed loads, which results in superior sealing. (read more)

Web Seal Inc. - FDA-Compliant Seals for Food & Beverage Processing

Garlock PUR-GARD™ Bearing Isolator

FDA-Compliant Seals for Food and Beverage Processing (read more)

Web Seal Inc. - High Performance Dynamic Seals

Dynamic seals are more complex sealing devices that provide high performance in an endless variety of seal geometries. Three-dimensional like the O-ring, dynamic seals are engineered with superior tolerances to provide tight closures involving moving parts. (read more)

Web Seal Inc. - Learn about FKMs, adding reliability in seals

Fluorocarbon elastomers (FKMs) provide significantly more effective sealing protection in extreme environments than nearly any other material, with excellent resistance to temperature, chemicals, fuels, ozone and weather. Web Seal offers engineered gaskets, O-rings and molded shapes from a wide range of fluorocarbon materials such as Viton® and an array of physical properties. (read more)

Web Seal Inc. - Garlock PUR-GARD™ Bearing Isolator

FDA-Compliant Seals for Food and Beverage Processing (read more)

Web Seal Inc. - Custom sealing design assistance

Solutions for sealing applications may be straightforward and relatively simple to determine. Others must accommodate extreme temperatures, motion, abrasion, compression, harsh chemical environments, open flames, permeability issues, or other environmental challenges. (read more)

Web Seal Inc. - Parker ProTech™ Bearing Isolator

Superior Bearing Protection in Harsh Environments (read more)

Web Seal Inc. - Fool-Proof Press-In-Place Seals from Parker

Parker’s unique Press-in-Place (PiP) design uses precision-cut nibs on a seal’s inside or outside diameter to provide the maximum sealing surface while reducing upfront tooling costs and providing ease of installation. These extruded seals from Parker TechSeal have custom surface tips that offer better seal retention than standard static face seals and are typically easier to... (read more)

Web Seal Inc. - Gaskets For A Wide Range of Environments

Web Seal - Another type of static seal highly useful in a wide range of environments is a gasket. These flat mechanical seals are commonly used to prevent leakage between two flanges while under compression. (read more)

Web Seal Inc. - Sealing Washers

Web Seal - Flattened discs or gaskets inserted between joints, under fasteners or bearings are used to prevent leakage or loosening, relieve friction, distribute pressure, or isolate materials. (read more)

Web Seal Inc. - Grommets for Various Applications

Grommets can be either single-piece or two-pieced, and are typically hand-inserted. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials. (read more)

Web Seal Inc. - O-Ring Drive Belts

O-ring belts evolved from flat belts used in early power transmission systems, which wore unevenly and slipped. Designed as a circular cross section belt, these specialized O-rings operate in a pulley with a groove in low-torque situations. (read more)

Web Seal Inc. - ProTech™ Bearing Isolators

Superior protection in harsh environments requires an exceptional sealing solution. Parker's ProTech™ Bearing Isolator, featuring a unique labyrinth design, provides unmatched two-way sealing for both zero lubricant leakage and total exclusion of contaminants. (read more)

Web Seal Inc. - Custom-Fabricated Thermal Management Materials

Web Seal fabricates custom thermal management materials manufactured by Bergquist, Chomerics, Kerafol, 3M, MH&W, and Chang Sung for a wide variety of industries, including automotive, communication, defense /aerospace, textiles, food processing, chemical industries, and medical instruments. With advances in electronics, thermal management is especially critical due to growing technic... (read more)

Web Seal Inc. - Custom Enclosures Protect Parts & Reputation

When you must be confident that your electrical and electronic products are thoroughly protected to meet industry standards on a consistent, reliable basis, a custom enclosure gasket is critical. Servers, traffic control equipment, water treatment controls, and outdoor lighting are among the many areas where conditions can endanger components, create safety hazards, or reduce efficiency. (read more)

Web Seal Inc. - O-Rings ..leak-free seals- cost-effective solution

Web Seal - O-rings provide reliable leak-free seals and simple installation. They are an ideal, cost-effective solution for many sealing situations. (read more)

Web Seal Inc. - Space-Age Seal Material Meets Stringent Spec

Parofluor™ V8545-75, a highly-engineered space-age material from Parker, meets rigorous AMS 7257C standards that aerospace/aircraft manufacturers need for mission-critical sealing applications. This unique perfluorinated compound has proven excellence in thermal stability and resistance to both compression set and fluids/chemicals in extreme temperatures. (read more)

Web Seal Inc. - Compression Seals...solid elastomeric rings

Web Seal - These solid elastomeric rings are static seals in various cross-section configurations. (read more)

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Web Seal has received official New York State designation as an “essential business,” according to John F. Hurley, company president, as part of the governor’s Covid-19 protocols.


ITT Space Systems Division has awarded Web Seal Inc. continuing Approved Supplier Status after the division’s quality audit.