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YZ Systems, Inc. - NJEX 7300 Odorant Injection System

The 7300 Series was the first system in the NJEX family and remains the industry flagship for most user applications. This mid-use, primary odorizer provides proportional-to-flow odorant injection, onboard metering of the odorant injected, system monitoring and alarm notification. (read more)

YZ Systems, Inc. - Cyclone Meter Lubrication System

Capable of accepting pulses directly from a meter, index pulser, electronic corrector, or flow computer, the Cyclone can operate in Proportional-to-flow or time-based injection modes. (read more)

YZ Systems, Inc. - Crude Oil Sampling Systems

YZ offers a standard, simple and reliable family of crude oil sampling systems. Each system is manufactured with quality and precision. (read more)

YZ Systems, Inc. - HVO Odorant Injection System

The HVO High Volume Odorizer is designed for ultra-high accuracy and precision high volume injection. (read more)

YZ Systems, Inc. - DynaPak Sampling Systems

Designed to deliver a representative sample of natural gas or light liquids the DynaPak sampling system has become the industry standard in simplicity and reliability. (read more)