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Zaber Technologies, Inc. has promoted these products / services:

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - Stepper Motors with Integrated Controllers

The NEMA size 17 and 23 stepper motors come equipped with integrated controllers, streamlining your workflow and reducing setup time. Additionally, conveniently connect these motors through USB 2.0 or serial ports on your computer. Zaber provides user-friendly Windows software at no cost, simplifying speed and position control, adjusting device settings, and creating customized scripts. (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - Set up 3 Axes in 3 Minutes

People are often surprised when we tell them how quickly Zaber position devices can be set up. Watch this video and see we can assemble, connect, and start running a 3-axis configuration in under 3 minutes! (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - Ultra Precision Automated XY Microscopy Stages

With 500 nm repeatability, the X-ADR-E microscopy stage allows you to achieve single-cell consistency at high magnifications and perform reliable long-term experiments like time-lapse microscopy.

Watch a demonstration of X-ADR-AE approaching a target position repeatedly from different directions at 100x magnification. (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - Nucleus™ Modular Automated Upright Microscopes

Customize your perfect automated upright microscope using a complete set of interchangeable hardware modules and software tools. Combine Zaber precision motion control and world-class optics for unparalleled performance and value. The modular design allows easy swapping of key modules such as the episcopic and transmitted illuminators, camera and even the tube lens. (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - Effortless Multi-Axis Path Planning

Making smooth multi-axis paths just got easier! Zaber's new tools take the complexity out of path planning for your actuators, gantries, and other positioning systems. (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - LRU: New High Load Linear Stages (Up to 500 kg)

Introducing the most powerful linear stage in our lineup, the new LRU-E. This series offers up to 2850 N thrust, 500 kg load capacity, 360 N⋅m cantilever load, and 2 meters of travel.
OEMs and system integrators will appreciate seamless integration with our X-MCC controller and the rest of the Zaber automation ecosystem. (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - Linear motor XY microscope stages

X-ADR-AE Series: Linear motor XY microscope stages with built-in controllers and linear encoders (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - Introducing the Nucleus™ microscopy platform.

A complete set of interchangeable hardware modules and software tools for OEMs and lab managers to build customized fluorescence microscopes and optical subsystems. (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - MVR Microscope made for System Integrators

Zaber is ready to support system integrators and OEM device manufacturers pushing the boundaries of optical microscopy-based devices with customized modules. Zaber has the capabilities and experience to support you as you progress from R&D into scaling up volume production. (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - Building a Miniature Gimbal System in Minutes!

Using a combination of modular off-the-shelf hardware and well-integrated software and electronics, you have the hardware flexibility to build an ideal gimbal system and the software features to solve your problems quickly. (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - Watch Microscope Scan Microplate in 3.8 Seconds!

Build a custom microscope to capture data as fast as you need. Watch a Nucleus microscope scans a microplate within an astounding 3.8 seconds. Get step-by-step instructions. (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - NEW Automated Fluorescence Microscopy Platform

NEW Automated Fluorescence Microscopy Platform & Subsystems For Cellular Imaging
The Nucleus™ platform offers hardware modules and software tools for building custom microscopes. Boost productivity and walk-away time with multiple XY stage options (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - Build a Miniature Gimbal System in Minutes

It can be easy to set up the exact gimbal required when using modular hardware with well-integrated software and electronics. This streamlines the configuration process and achieves optimal performance. In this article, we explain how to take advantage of off-the-shelf rotary and tilt stages, brackets, and built-in controllers to build an astounding variety of 2 and 3-axis gimbal systems. (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - Choosing a Linear Stage? Top five things to know

There are a wide variety of types of linear stages, using different types of controls, motors, bearings, and drive components. While this provides a lot of choice, it takes some consideration of what the requirements are and some understanding of the options available. This article describes 5 things you should consider for finding a an ideal solution. (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - Autofocus a Microscope In 100 Lines of Code

To acquire a sharp image from a microscope, the sample has to be in focus. Learn how to leverage the power of a motorized focus axis by using OpenCV to automatically discover a good position in fewer than 100 lines of Python code. This allows you to obtain sharp images from your microscope without human intervention, even as slides are moved and objectives are switched out. (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - Motorized Rotary Stages: Miniature to Heavy Duty

Choose rotary stages supporting loads up to 670 lbs, speeds up to 600 RPM and 0.008° accuracy. Zaber options include built-in controllers, slip/stall detection, and direct encoders for highest possible accuracy. Like all Zaber devices, stages can share a single power supply with up to 3 devices and daisy-chain data with up to 99 devices. (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - Build Your Custom Gantry With A Few Clicks

Choosing all the right parts to build a gantry can be challenging, especially if you don’t know the prices for each part. Good news! The Zaber Gantry Configurator guides you to choose parts, automatically adds every cable or screw required, and displays pricing at each step (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - How to Reduce Motion Vibration With Input Shaping.

Vibration reduction is vital for various motion control applications such as in high-precision inspection or microscopy tasks, where even small vibrations can cause image blurriness and delay movements. This article looks at vibration reduction methods for standard motion controllers and goes through an example applying a zero-vibration algorithm on an XY stage and measure the results. (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - Turn Linear Motor Stages Into Vertical Stages

To make linear motor stages suitable for vertical applications, the addition of a counterbalance is required. In this article, we compare different types of counterbalances. (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - Need a customized linear stage?

A complete motion control ecosystem from actuators to automated XY, XYZ & gantry systems. Integrated encoders, motors, and drivers all use a common control protocol for easy integration. (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - Modular, Automated Cellular Imaging Platform

Unbeatable Value In High-Performance Automated Microscope Modules (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - Zaber Vertical Stages

A motorized vertical stage is also sometimes referred to as a vertical motion stage, a motorized vertical lift stage, a motorized vertical translation stage, or a motorized lab jack.  (read more)

Zaber Technologies, Inc. - Zaber Linear Stages

A motorized linear stage, also referred to as a motorized linear slide or a motorized translation stage, is defined as a device that provides high precision positioning along a single axis of motion. (read more)