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item America, LLC - What is Your Containment Strategy?

item America Engineering teams are innovating new ways to protect you and your employees from the spread of COVID-19. (read more)

item America, LLC - Meet With Your Local Expert Book A Virtual Meeting

Scheduling a meeting with your local item Expert has never been easier! By taking a few simple steps, you can have a virtual meeting set up in no time. (read more)

item America, LLC - The item America Solution Center

Introducing the item America Solution Center. Your resource for ideas and inspiration to help you realize your goals and complete projects without having to "reinvent the wheel". (read more)

item America, LLC - item Engineeringtool - What Digital Can Do For You

When developing the Engineeringtool, item wanted to put the power in the users' hands. The core concept behind the Engineeringtool is to make 3D engineering with item components possible even for those without their own CAD system. (read more)

item America, LLC - Expert Advice, In-Depth Knowledge - The item Blog

There is a sea of information out there about every topic imaginable. Finding reliable information about engineering topics can be a real challenge. The item Blog is your source for Expert advice and the in-depth knowledge you would expect from the professionals at item. (read more)

item America, LLC - Stay in Touch with Innovation - item Newsletter

Stay in-tune with the innovation of item by signing up for our newsletter today.

The latest item news, delivered straight to you, keeps you informed about the latest Industry developments and events. (read more)

item America, LLC - Lean Production- Profile Tube System D30 from item

Profile Tube System D30 - Exactly what you need to successfully implement lean production in your plant - continually optimize production processes and lower costs. (read more)

item America, LLC - The MB Building Kit - Fast. Versatile. Modular.

Engineers around the world have been using the item building kit systems for more than 30 years. There are virtually no limits to how the modular components can be combined. (read more)

item America, LLC - The item Online Catalogue - Endless Possibilities

Visualize this: Six product lines, over 4,000 components, and everything is compatible. The world of item is a world of endless possibilities. With a little creativity and the right components, you can find a solution with item. (read more)

item America, LLC - Engineeringtool | Online program from item

Create engineering designs easily online, no matter where you are. The Engineeringtool from item is already paving the way towards digital engineering – towards the engineer of the future. Our online mechanical engineering program helps you create a digital working environment for all engineering tasks. (read more)

item America, LLC - Automatic-Fastening Sets

A range of fasteners for right-angled profile connections with optimal application of clamping force and precisely positioned attachment of profiles to each other. The fastening elements vary in terms of the processing effort required and in the functions for retro-fitting or displacement of the fastening along the groove. (read more)

item America, LLC - Optimised material for intralogistics

With cycle times getting ever shorter and flexibility an absolute must in production, intralogistics is under a great deal of pressure. Material for factory equipment engineering is needed that boasts high quality and flexible handling in equal measure. (read more)

item America, LLC - The smart safety solution

Sensitive manufacturing processes, such as those used for medical and measuring technology, call for special protection against external influences. For this purpose, item has developed its XMS series for engineering machine cabins. (read more)

item America, LLC - Ergonomic work bench design made easy

Ergonomics in production – height-adjustable benches, industrial-grade work chairs and much more. (read more)

item America, LLC - The perfect industrial stairway

When it comes to implementing a stairway solution, there are plenty of industry standards to think about. (read more)

item America, LLC - item MB Building Kit System: T-Slot Nuts ST

Different types of T-Slot Nuts with threads and groove profiles for customised processing generate a counter-bearing for the screw in the groove. (read more)

item America, LLC - Lean Production: Line D30 Profiles

Maximum cost efficiency combined with the continuous improvement of manufacturing processes. The unique concept behind Fasteners D30 is that they allow plain Tubes, Profile Tubes and Profiles with standard grooves to be connected together using the same fastening elements. (read more)

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item provides a new outlet for solution inspiration and creative ideas with renderings and project information for real-life solutions


Top-of-the-line automated guided vehicle systems transport item material supply trolleys in an ideal example of intralogistics


item America joins eFlex Systems' Partner Program in a key role as Complement Partner, combining item workstations with eFlex digital applications


item Profile provides the support for an innovative, entertaining light show in the tourist hotspot of Cancun, Mexico.


Innovation and creativity were the focal point at the 2017 Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology (EDIIT). The highlight at EDIT was the “Wild Abode” Exhibit. This immersive and multi-sensory exhibit was brought to life by item profiles,


Functionality and cutting-edge design – a combination that item has mastered, winning it the Red Dot Award 2018.


Whether they’re on a film set, catwalk or in a theatre dressing room, stylists work in lots of different locations and often need to be mobile. With the help of profiles from the MB and Lean Production Building Kit Systems by item and more.


Functionality and cutting-edge design – a combination that item has mastered, winning it the Red Dot Award 2018.


Digital engineering with item – the future of design: Design made easy


5000 submissions from 56 countries, 45 awards – and item took home one of the coveted gold trophies.


Lean, ergonomic and flexible solution: Factory equipment for life sciences engineering – flexible aluminium solutions


How the right support can help break down old-fashioned hierarchies and stereotypes.


item Industrietechnik at the fair "automatica 2018" - the Leading Exhibition for Smart Automation and Robotics June 19–22, 2018 | Munich


Why ergonomic principles are important, even in the digital future.


With the Engineeringtool from item, you can work on your next project intuitively from anywhere and without the need for any additional software.