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The Kahn Companies - Ruggedized Easidew PRO I.S. Dewpoint Transmitter

The Easidew PRO I.S. is a ruggedized version of the intrinsically safe Easidew I.S. Transmitter and is designed for continuous measurement of moisture content of gases in hazardous area applications typically found in natural gas, petrochemical and process industries. (read more)

The Kahn Companies - Military / Shipboard Dehydrators

Kahn produces low and high pressure air dehydrators fully qualified to MIL-D-17847E (SHIPS) and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) approved for a wide range of U.S. Navy surface ship and submarine applications. Kahn offers dehydrators which meet all flow and pressure classes of MIL-D-17847. In addition, Kahn produces low pressure condenser-filter type air dehydrators qualified to MIL-D-24... (read more)

The Kahn Companies -  Opti-Cal Humidity Calibrator

Kahn Instruments, Wethersfield, CT, a leading manufacturer of advanced moisture-measurement instrumentation, is proud to announce the new Opti-Cal Humidity Calibrator. (read more)

The Kahn Companies - Measure Moisture from -100°C to +20°C Dewpoint

The Kahn Cermet II Hygrometer measures dewpoint of non-flammable process gases such as compressed air, nitrogen, sulfur hexafluoride, carbon dioxide, helium or argon,with accuracy down to +/1°C and resolution down to 0.1°C. The hygrometer includes a quick-acting ceramic sensor and can be installed directly in the gas line or a separate sampling gas stream. A digital display shows... (read more)

The Kahn Companies - Hygrometer Monitors Dewpoint and RH for Industry

The Optidew hygrometer measures dewpoint, temperature and relative humidity over ranges of -40°F to +194°F and 0.5% to 100% RH. The hygrometer is available in transmitter and digital display models and provides two linear 4 to 20 mA analog outputs in addition to a serial output. An advanced compensation system eliminates errors caused by particulate contamination. (read more)

The Kahn Companies - Measurement and Control of Compressed Air

Manufacturing processes require compressed air for actuation and control of pneumatic equipment, operation of process machinery, purging equipment and transporting products. The compressed air is dried by a refrigerant or desiccant dryer before the air is used in the process. Hygrometers measure the dewpoint of the dry compressed air to indicate that the dryer is functioning properly. (read more)

The Kahn Companies - Why Measure Moisture?

A look at industry applications that benefit most from moisture measurement

Across many industrial segments— e.g. oil and gas, semiconductor manufacturing, power distribution and power generation—there is a common need that is not frequently discussed but is extremely important: Measuring and controlling the impact of moisture. (read more)

The Kahn Companies - New Optisure Remote and Optisure RS Hygrometers

Kahn Instruments, Wethersfield, CT, a leading manufacturer of advanced moisture-measurement instrumentation is proud to announce the newest additions to our Optisure Hygrometer product family: Optisure Remote Hygrometer and Optisure RS Hygrometer. (read more)

The Kahn Companies - A fast-responding, easy to use, portable hygrometer

A fast-responding, easy to use, portable hygrometer

for measurement of dewpoint and moisture content

of compressed air and other gases. (read more)

The Kahn Companies - Calibration Tool Profiles Temperature, Humidity

Standalone instrument calibrates RH sensors to NIST traceable standards to eliminate the need for additional calibration. It houses up to six humidity sensors and is accurate to ±0.2° C dewpoint and ±0.1° C temperature. (read more)

The Kahn Companies - Hygrometer Uses Optics to Measure Dewpoint

Designed to measure the dewpoint of air and other gasses, the Optisure employs a dual optics system to accurately measure when condensation occurs on a mirror whose temperature is precisely adjusted via a thermo-electric cooler (TEC). This temperature is defined as dewpoint. The Optisure outputs three parameters continuously and features a high-resolution LCD with complete measurement da... (read more)

The Kahn Companies - Moisture Transmitter Operates in Hazardous Areas

The Easidew PRO XP moisture transmitter continuously measures dewpoint or moisture content in gases or liquids in hazardous areas over the dewpoint range from -166 °F to +68°F and over the pressure range from vacuum to 6500 psig. The transmitter’s calibration is traceable to the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). (read more)

The Kahn Companies - 2-wire Dewpoint Transmitter Works Over Wide Range

The rugged dew point transmitter continuously measures moisture content of compressed air or process gas over a -148° F to +68° F dewpoint range. The transmitter operates from 12 to 28 Vdc in a loop-powered configuration. (read more)

The Kahn Companies - Portable Hygrometer Reads Dewpoint Anywhere

Fast responding, easy-to-use instrument measures dewpoint and moisture content of compressed air and other gases over a -148° F to +68° F range. The hygrometer is powered by a 4.8 V rechargeable battery and has a Bluetooth wireless connection for instrument setup and for downloading logged data. (read more)

The Kahn Companies - Hydraulic Dynamometers

The development of hydraulic dynamometerswas another result of Kahn's involvement with aerospace test equipment. Operating like centrifugal pumps, hydraulic dynamometers use water as a medium for absorbing and measuring the power output of engines, turbines and electric motors. Kahn hydraulic dynamometers are now used in the aerospace, automotive and power generation industries for devel... (read more)

The Kahn Companies - Easidew Plus Portable Hygrometer

Kahn Instruments, Wethersfield, CT, a leading manufacturer of advanced moisture-measurement instrumentation is proud to announce the new Easidew Plus Portable Hygrometer. The Easidew Plus Portable is a faster responding, lower priced, easy to use portable instrument for measurement of dewpoint in compressed air and other gases over the dewpoint measurement ran... (read more)

The Kahn Companies - Dynalogic Brochure-Hydraulic Dynomometers

Specializing exclusively in hydraulic dynamometers and associated equipment, Kahn Industries pioneered the design concept of the portable, flange-mounted dynamometer over thirty years ago. (read more)

The Kahn Companies - Series 400 Flange-Mounted Hydraulic Dynamometers

Specifically developed for steady-state and transient load testing of high-speed turbo shaft engines and experimental gas turbines, the Kahn Series 400 are the only high-speed hydraulic dynamometers in their power class which carry a special 5000 hour/5 year warranty against cavitation damage of the power elements. (read more)

The Kahn Companies - Series 101 General Purpose Dynamometers

For load testing of small gas turbines, gasoline engines, auxiliary power units, electric and hydraulic motors, high speed gearboxes, belt and chain drives. (read more)

The Kahn Companies - Adsorptive Systems

The need for clean, pure, moisture-free air, gases, process liquids and solvents is critical for innumerable applications today. Kahn & Company has manufactured adsorptive dehydration and purification systems for over 50 years, and today specializes in providing highly efficient, reliable dehydration and purification systems for a wide range of demanding applications. (read more)

The Kahn Companies - Kahn Series 404 dynamometers

For high-speed turboshaft engines and experimental turbines, we offer the Kahn Series 404 dynamometers. Equipped with smooth disc power elements that absorb power by viscous shear rather than through highly turbulent vortex formation, the Series 404 are the only high-speed hydraulic dynamometers in their power class which carry a 5000 hour/60 month warranty against cavitation damage. (read more)

The Kahn Companies - Easidew I.S. Dewpoint Transmitter

Kahn Instruments, Wethersfield, CT, announces the new Easidew I.S. Transmitter , a low cost, intrinsically safe, loop-powered (2-wire) dewpoint transmitter for continuous measurement of the moisture content in hazardous area applications. (read more)

The Kahn Companies - Series 301 Portable Dynamometers

Kahn Series 301 Dynamometers for Load Testing Diesel And Gasoline Engines. Developed for performance testing of automotive diesel and gasoline engines, the Kahn Series 301 hydraulic dynamometer product line includes four models with capacities up to 1350 hp (1000 kW) and rotational speeds up to 7500 rpm. (read more)

The Kahn Companies - SERIES 545 Dynamometer Control System

Specifically developed for closedloop control of hydraulic dynamometers, the Kahn Series 545 microorocessor-based control system is ideally suited for engine test procedures that require precise steady-state control and rapid transient response. (read more)

The Kahn Companies - Kahn Series102 Portable Dynamometers

Designed primarily for steady-state and transient performance testing of medium speed turboshaft engines and small turboprop engines, the Kahn Series 102 product line includes five standard models capable of absorbing up to 3000 hp (2240 kW) and operating at rotational speeds up to 11,000 rpm. (read more)

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