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Kistler Group - Tool monitoring extends service lifetimes

At EMO 2019 in Hannover (16 to 21 September), Kistler presents novelties in cutting force measurement technology at booth I10, hall 3. The Piezo Tool System (PTS) is an innovative solution to monitor tools used in micro-turning processes. PTS measures the cutting force in real time to provide information about the tool's lifetime. (read more)

Kistler Group - Kistler debuts KiDAQ data acquisition system in US

At Sensors Expo & Conference 2019, in San Jose from June 25 to 27, 2019, at booth 1415, Kistler will be introducing a milestone in measurement technology to the U.S. market: its new KiDAQ data acquisition system. (read more)

Kistler Group - High Temperature Pressure Sensor Type 6021A

High temperature differential output pressure sensor for measuring lowest pressure fluctuations in a harsh environment up to 700°C. For applications in hazardous areas, the sensor is available with intrinsically safe Ex-ia and non-incendive Ex-nA certifications. (read more)

Kistler Group - New Space Testing Webpage

Space flight is an exceptionally demanding industry for new product development and quality control. Equipment often has to be lightweight, robust and durable because it is subject to challenging environments characterized by broad and extreme temperature ranges, pressure fluctuations, shock and vibration levels. (read more)

Kistler Group - Ceramic Shear Miniature Triaxial Accelerometer

Light weight 10,9 mm cube accelerometer offering three 5-40 threaded holes for flexible stud mounting on a test object fully utilizing each mounting side . IP68 Integral Cable Waterproof version available. (read more)

Kistler Group - KiDAQ Data Acquisition System

KiDAQ is an innovative, modular data acquisition system (DAQ) from Kistler. With it, you can create your test setup, perform your measurements and achieve reliable results almost instantly. Thanks to its unique KiXact technology, the measurement uncertainty of the measuring chain is automatically calculated. (read more)

Kistler Group - Hith Temperature Acceleration Sensor Type 8211A

High temperature differential output acceleration sensor for measuring vibrations in a harsh environment (700 °C / 1292 °F), For applications in hazardous areas, the sensor is available with intrinsically safe Ex-ia and non-incendive Ex-nA certifications. (read more)

Kistler Group - 1-/4-Channel Laboratory Charge Amplifier

Type 5165A

Kistler LabAmp 5165A:
Universal laboratory charge amplifier for dynamic measurements; charge, Piezotron (IEPE) and voltage inputs; integrated data acquisition; Ethernet interface; TEDS

Learn more about Kistler LabAmp (read more)

Kistler Group - Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor

(PE - 250 bar / 3625 psi)

Type 601CAA

Sensor Properties:

High Sensitivity (37 pC/bar / 2.5 pC/psi)

High natural frequency (>215 kHz)

Small size (diameter = 5.5 mm / 0.216 in) (read more)

Kistler Group - 1-Component Reaction Torque Sensor

Mz up to ±25 N∙m / ±18 ft∙lb

Type 9049


Dimensions (D / d / H) 36 / 17 / 12 mm

Connector 10-32UNF

Sensitivity -250 pC/N∙m (-338 pC/ft∙lb)

Calibration after installation (read more)

Kistler Group - Triaxial MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer

The triaxial MEMS capacitive accelerometer family provides a highly accurate measurement of low-frequency events from DC up to 2000Hz. (read more)

Kistler Group - 1-Component Force Sensor, Fz up to 7.5 kN

Type 9001A


Dimensions (D / d / H) 10.3 / 4.1 / 6.5 mm

Connector 10-32UNF

Calibration after installation (read more)

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