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Optical Coating Services

Abrisa Technologies offers Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) and Index-Matched Indium Tin Oxide (IMITO) transparent, high transmittance conductive coatings which are extremely useful in EMI shielded windows for sensors and displays, heated outdoor camera windows, liquid crystal based polarization devices, and photovoltaic cells. Coatings done at ZC&R Facility. (read more)

CleanVue™ PRO – Series of anti-reflection (AR) coatings combine improved handling, cleaning, water shedding, and robust performance with excellent anti-reflective properties making them ideal for displays and optical windows intended for use in “tough” outdoor, high traffic, or other challenging use environments. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies can provide Oleophobic and Hydrophobic coatings on glass substrates from 1.0mm to 25mm thick. The coatings can be applied in conjunction with other Abrisa Technologies coating and fabrication processes for highly customized optics solutions. (read more)

Tough Durable Coatings for Medical & Dental Markets & Applications

Abrisa Technologies has years of experience providing optics for the medical and dental markets. Our economical and high performance custom durable coating solutions are engineered to survive tough cleaning and assembly environments, by design. (read more)

Glass Fabrication Services

Abrisa Technologies screen prints glass with high durability frit ink for harsh environment applications such as marine display/cluster gauges where corrosive salt spray and fog are a continuous threat. The frit inks are also well-suited to other severe outdoor environments where organic inks may degrade and impede performance. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies has just published 4 new product brochures highlighting their glass, coatings, and fabrication capabilities. Each of the brochures is 4 pages and details the overall company capabilities as well as specifics about each product and/or service. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies can provide high precision machining of a broad array of flat glass substrates such as soda lime, borosilicate (Borofloat®), fused silica and quartz, Pyran®, Robax®, HIE glass such as AGC Dragontrail, Corning® Gorilla® Glass, SCHOTT Xensation™, EN-A1, AS 87, D263, Eagle XG and more. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies provides precision custom machined and fabricated optical components from prototype to high volume and OEM production. We can apply a variety of precision processes, individually or in combination, to any glass substrate. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies heat strengthens glass in sizes up to 168"x96" & heat tempers glass in sizes up to 160"x92". The primary difference between the two methods is the residual stress in the edge and glass surface, fully tempered glass is rated above 65 MPa (9427 psi) in pressure resistance & heat strengthened glass is rated between 50 & 55 MPa (501 & 7977 psi). (read more)

Abrisa Technologies finishes the sharp edges of cut glass substrates to insure not only safe handling, but also to reduce chipping, improve dimensional tolerance, increase functionality, and create a pleasing aesthetic appearance. Additionally, the overall performance of the glass is improved while adding to the strength and cleanliness of the cut glass substrate. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies provides multiple technologies/processes to support your glass/optics shapes, surfaces, edging, and hole drilling requirements. Depending on glass types, thicknesses, hole diameter & edge quality; Abrisa Technologies can choose between CNC machining, opposed edge drilling, or abrasive material removal or sandblasting to meet your specific glass fabrication... (read more)

Quick Q & A session about Abrisa Technologies custom machining capabilities for glass & optics. CNC processing & other glass fabrication equipment allows us to manufacture glass parts ranging from simple to the most complex. Notching, slotting, grooving, edge grinding, stepped surfaces, hole drilling, chamfers, circle grinding, surface lapping/polishing, edge polishing &... (read more)

Abrisa Technologies provides precision custom machined optical components from prototype to high volume and OEM production. We can apply a variety of precision processes, individually or in combination, to any glass substrate. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies is an industry leader in Bus Bar and display printing. Typical applications include printing gauges and instrumentation, display and touch panels, icons, borders, logos, lettering, and more. The screen printing department at Abrisa Technologies has recently been upgraded and now has the capability to large format screen printed optics. (read more)

Coating Services

Abrisa Technologies coated solutions are designed to enhance the performance of medical imaging or scanning systems by providing contrast enhancement for laser or fluorescence based imaging, heat removal and throughput loss reduction. Coatings are available with chemical resistance and high thermal humidity resistance suited for autoclaving used in sterilization processes. (read more)

Very wide angle anti-reflection (AR) coatings for p-plane and s-plane polarization. These coatings support high throughput efficiency for broad angle polarization sensitive applications such as switchable Bragg gratings and spatial light modulators (SLM) used in laser beam steering, image enhancement, near-to-eye displays, telecommunications, and other low-loss wide-angle applications. (read more)

Thin Film Coating Services

A bus bar is a strip of conductive material applied to the surface of a conductively coated glass, most commonly ITO (indium tin oxide) or IMITO (index matched ITO) coatings. Bus bars are screen printed onto an exposed surface of the coated glass; Bus bars are applied either by thin film deposition of chrome-nickel-gold or by screen printing. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies provides narrow & broadband transparent conductive & AR coatings with extremely high yields on ultra thin glass in thicknesses as low as 0.07mm. Transparent conductive coatings ITO & IMITO as well as narrow & broadband AR improve optical throughput & reduce stray light noise, providing low reflectance & good sheet resistance control without sac... (read more)

Abrisa Technologies can provide both Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) and Index-Matched Indium Tin Oxide (IMITO) thin film optical coatings for a wide variety of optics applications. The durable coatings provide for an electrically conductive glass surface that offers high optical transparency with transmittance levels that can be in excess of 99% (read more)

Cutting Services

Abrisa Technologies can provide custom fabrication and thin film coating of a wide selection of soda-lime float glass. Soda-lime glass can be chemically strengthened to increase mechanical strength or heat strengthened/tempered to increase thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength. Can be machined, optically coated, chemically etched, sandblasted, colored, or laminated. (read more)

Optical Manufacturing Services

Abrisa Technologies can provide custom screen printing on ultra-thin High Ion-Exchange (HIE) glass for touch panel and display applications, meeting a variety of unique requirements required by optical bonding manufacturers. In fact, Abrisa Technologies can supply the rugged, chemically strengthened HIE glass in thicknesses of 0.5 mm up to 2.0 mm. (read more)

“Dynamic” Deadfront Interface Panel Glass solutions that afford equipment designers greater flexibility in achieving overall clean lines & sleek uncluttered aesthetics. When backlit, the the Deadfront panel illuminates & draws attention to icons & alpha-numeric indicators as required. When non-backlit, the icons remain hidden & the panel retains a more monochr... (read more)

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