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Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Explosive bonding of metals allow design engineers to place a certain material exactly where they need it in the design, without compromising other critical design elements. Design engineers who utilize the principles of explosive bonded metals in their applications hold a distinct advantage over those who don't. (read more)

Explosive hydro-forming has been an accepted metal-forming technique for almost 50 years. It has been used in a wide variety of applications in the automotive, aerospace, and maritime industries. The Hermetic Solutions Group has extensive experience using this technique to form a wide variety of metals. Typical forming projects yield very close tolerances and very high degrees of repeata... (read more)

Laser Welding Services

The Hermetic Solutions Group's Agwam, MA, facility provides state-of-the-art welding services for microelectronic packages, medical implant devices, aerospace components, and other precision applications. (read more)

Hermetic Sealing Services

As experts in thermal management materials and manufacturing, the Hermetic Solution Group, delivers state-of-the-art solutions for heat dissipation including: Thermal Spreader Tabs, Thermal Spreader Carriers, Sub-mounts and Base plates. (read more)

After your microwave or RF packages have been manufactured and populated with electronic components, you can depend on the Hermetic Solutions Group to deliver the high-quality laser hermetic sealing services. (read more)

Whether your design requires glass-to-metal or ceramic-to-metal (Kryoflex®) hermetic seals, the Hermetic Solution Group delivers innovative, versatile, and reliable solutions that perform to the highest standards in a wide range of applications and environments. (read more)

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

Solve thermal management & weight issues with unique technology for integrating Mo/Cu heat sinks into titanium electronic packaging. These heat sinks are strategically placed where heat is generated and do not compromise a package's hermetic integrity, so engineers can efficiently optimize designs for maximum heat dissipation and CTE without compromising weight. (read more)

The Hermetic Solution Group manufactures solder and braze preforms that provide an exceptional solution for attaching electronic circuitry and packaging electronic devices. They provide both good thermal and electrical conductivity as well as an interface for electronic connections. (read more)

Electronic and IC Packaging Services

We are your one-stop-shop for manufacturing custom hermetic laser packages complete with integrated DC connectors, windows/lenses and heat-sinks to keep things cool. All laser-weld construction eliminates solder fatigue as a point of failure and material options like Ti, Al or stainless steel provides design flexibility. (read more)

Precision machined, solder-free microwave packages protect sensetive electronics in the harshest environments (read more)

The combination of titanium and Mo/Cu or AlSiC is ideal for achieving lightweight, low-coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), and high-thermal-conductivity electronic packages. (read more)

From lightweight aluminum and titanium to robust Kovar, the Hermetic Solution Group designs and manufactures hermetic electronic packaging to meet your environmental need. (read more)

The Hermetic Solution Group produces getters that ensure the long-term environmental stability within hermetic packages. (read more)

This electronic packaging alternative offers engineers a lightweight option with high thermal conductivity. (read more)

Engineering Design Services

The Hermetic Solution Group's application engineers work with leading defense, aerospace, medical, energy and telecommunication companies to design and manufacture electronic packaging, connector components that operate reliably under the harshest environments. (read more)

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