3M Electronics Markets Materials Division
Electronics Design and Manufacturing

3M Electronics Markets Materials Division provides innovative and effective solutions for electronic assembly design and chemical solutions.

To meet the demanding requirements of electronics manufacturing, you need high-performance, cost-effective, chemicals with responsible environmental properties. 3M brings innovation and leadership to fulfilling those needs. Discover the power of 3M's electronic liquids and coatings, array of fluids for specialty applications, battery electrolytes and specialty gases.

3M's wide-ranging innovations in tape and adhesive technology create an array of resources for electronics manufacturers. 3M's products meet the bonding challenges posed by increasing miniaturization and changing substrates and components. You'll also find products that streamline labeling, defeat tampering, protect your products during shipping and storage, and much more.

Eliminate defects and achieve the precision finish your operation demands with advanced abrasive products from 3M. Fast and cost-efficient abrasives, 3M's products bring superior consistency to lapping and polishing fiber optics, wafer substrates, memory disks, and other photonic and electronic components.

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