ACH, Inc.


ACH, Inc. is a precious metal refiner recovering Gold, Platinum, Palladium, and Silver from almost any component. We reclaim precious metals in any form from any industry including Medical, Aerospace, Electronics, Power Generation, and all Brazing Applications. We recover Platinum and Iridium from medical components, Gold alloys, Gold dental and orthodontics, fuel delivery systems, ceramic dielectrics, Silver contacts, Cadmium brazing alloys, and recover virtually all imbedded Gold and Silver components. We reclaim all "clean" scrap and obsolete inventory with values of up to 98.5% of value. Our Platinum Assurance Policy guarantees our clients satisfaction without risk.

Metals Management Programs

Price Stabilization in an Unstable Market

· Pool Accounts
· Firm Pricing on Precious Metals
· Options/Futures Contracts
· Forward Contracts
· Precious Metal Hedging
· Metal Leasing


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