Ametek Precision Motion Control – Dynamic Fluid SolutionsAmetek Dynamic Fluid Solutions offers Brushless DC Blowers, Pumps, Fans, Brushless and Regenerative Blowers, and Controller-based solutions for numerous applications. You may recognize our products as Rotron, Windjammer, DurA-tek, and Nautilair. AMETEK products are an ideal choice for such varied applications as transportation, fuel cells, textile equipment, medical instruments, robotics, packaging equipment, pumps, compressors, business machines, printing equipment, chemical processing, aquaculture, electric-powered vehicles, hydraulic pumps, electroplating, fume / smoke removal systems, or any other precise rotary motion/air delivery applications.

Ametek Precision Motion Control â?? Dynamic Fluid SolutionsAt AMETEK, we work closely with our customers to assure that we match each product's capabilities to the specific requirements of each application. Our Field Sales and Factory Application Engineers are available to provide you with expert assistance and evaluation -whether designing an individual unit or an entire air moving system - and to assure that all AMETEK products perform properly and efficiently.

With the widest range of products available for use in applications from respiratory to chemical processing, AMETEK has the expertise to tackle every application requiring a motor, pump or air moving device.

Your choice is our commitment.

Ametek Precision Motion Control â?? Dynamic Fluid SolutionsInnovative Products
Our design expertise, advanced technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing enable us to provide high quality custom design products in cost effective packages.

We work closely with our customers to assure that we match each product’s capabilities to the specific requirements of each application. We are committed to our customers’ success, providing unparalleled technical support from the design phase to ongoing service support.

Ethically and Socially Responsible
We have a commitment to achieve the highest standards of corporate responsibility and ethical business behavior.

Ametek Precision Motion Control â?? Dynamic Fluid SolutionsOur People
We understand that our people are our most important resource. We strive to foster a work environment that treats all colleagues with respect and provide them with opportunities to develop to their fullest potential.

Corporate Growth
We seek to enhance shareholder value through acquisitions and alliances that will contribute to our internal growth.

Beneficial Partnerships
Our suppliers are critical to our success and these relationships are forged on the basis of mutual trust and prosperity.

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