Aerojet Specialty Metals is an industry leader in the design, development and production of specialty metal solutions for the defense, aerospace, nuclear, and medical industries. Aerojet has numerous advanced specialty metal capabilities including: powder metallurgy, primary metal processing, metal casting, heat treatment, CNC machining, forging and swaging. Aerojet Specialty Metals products have been proven on the battlefield, on the golf course, in space, in high-performance racing, and in Olympic events.

Aerojet Specialty Metals is the materials division of Aerojet, a leader in propulsion since the dawn of the Space Age.

Aerojet Specialty Metals Aerojet Specialty Metals Aerojet Specialty Metals
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Aerojet's Near Net Shape Technology (.pdf) (Contract Manufacturing and Fabrication) Powder Metallurgy (PM) is a process for manufacturing components through compaction of blended metal power followed by a sintering heat treatment to achieve full density. Alternative to casting. (View Full Article)