Airia Brands Proudly Manufactures a Full Range of Indoor Air Quality products

For over 25 years, Airia has been committed to enhancing their customers' quality of life by improving the air we breathe.

Airia designs, manufactures and markets high quality energy recovery and indoor air quality products for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Airia Brands Inc.

The Lifebreath brand of products has helped Airia become a recognized leader in Indoor Air Quality Management.

Lifebreath products improve indoor air quality by helping to expel dust, allergens, chemical contaminants, odors and humidity from indoor environments while maximizing energy recovery.

The Lifebreath Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) and Lifebreath Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) makes your home a healthier environment by replacing polluted stale air with fresh, clean air from outside. Both products are also available for commercial environments.

The Lifebreath Clean Air Furnace heats your home with maximum efficiency, and provides the additional benefit of heat recovery and a delivery system for air conditioning. You breathe better air indoors and enjoy the financial benefits of an energy efficient home.

The Lifebreath TFP-HEPA Air Cleaner is a whole-home system that combines two particle capture technologies, removing 99.7% of health-threatening airborne particles from the air throughout your home.

Airia is located in London, Ontario. Their 65,000 sq. ft. facility houses their research and development and manufacturing facilities, where all new products are tested, developed and produced.

Airia is proud to be an ISO 9001 certified company.

Airia Brands Inc.
Airia Brands Inc.


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