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AMETEK Land is the world's leading manufacturer of monitors and analysers for industrial infrared non-contact temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and environmental pollutant emissions.

Founded in the UK in 1947, AMETEK Land developed a reputation for producing innovative, resilient measurement technologies designed to operate in the most challenging conditions. Acquired by the Process & Analytical Instruments Division of AMETEK, Inc in 2006, today AMETEK Land is the premium supplier of product application solutions to world industries including steelmaking, glass making, minerals processing, hydrocarbon processing and thermal power generation.

Our success rests on award-winning technologies that push the limits demanded by the ever-increasing technical demands of global industry. Aligned with our expert knowledge, we meet the challenges of a wide range of applications, delivering process safety, process control and product quality our customers depend on.


We are celebrating securing two new certifications: 

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Supporting Virus Detection with Non-contact Temperature Measurement (Temperature Sensing) As Coronavirus spreads in China we see in the news daily the attempts being made to contain the virus by monitoring the population crossing borders with a view to containment. (View Full Article)
Implement Calibration and Certification Accreditation for a Competitive Advantage (Calibration Instruments, Standards and Reference Sources) Accredited certification increases customer confidence in the performance of the instrument under test and customer confidence in the accredited certification carried out. (View Full Article)