Asphalt Drum Mixers, Inc.

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As an asphalt professional, you, more than anyone, know that innovation drives the industry. They share that belief and have proven it since day one with innovative approaches and solutions to your asphalt needs. These include ways to maximize efficiency, in-house techniques for better customization of systems and components, and, in cases when the plant has to take to the road, methods to improve portability.

For them, the belief that ‘more is better” starts with the durability of their equipment and extends beyond that into the realms of ease of maintenance, product versatility, and customer satisfaction. Simply put, ADM customers regularly get far more for their investment than expected.

Focus on Quality
For more than three decades, Asphalt Drum Mixers (ADM) has committed itself to serving the asphalt industry by providing the best-designed, highest-quality, plants and components possible. Their team of seasoned industry professionals listens to and understands the needs of today’s asphalt producer. The result of this effort is a truly impressive record for plant sales — and customer satisfaction. Today, more than 800 ADM plants are at work around the globe, proof that a focus on quality, an attention to detail, a dedicated workforce and a belief in service after the sale are not outdated concepts: collectively they are the cornerstone of their business.

Your Plant is waiting
No two asphalt operations are alike. It follows, then, that your plant should be specific to your needs. ADM offers a range of plant designs, capacities and options, each geared toward best suiting your unique demands. Whether you are an established contractor, or just entering the industry, ADM offers several dedicated lines of high-quality portable, relocatable and stationary asphalt plants — each which can be readily-customized to maximize your production and efficiency. ADM’s line includes:
• MILEMAKER – Dual-drum plants for large-volume production in the 160 to 425 tph range
• ROADBUILDER – Mid-demand plants in the 110 to 350 tph range
• SPL – Smaller plants, the same high quality in the 60 to 160 tph range
• COMPONENTS — Whether it’s upgrading an existing plant or replacing outdated equipment, they offer a full line of custom-built equipment — and the engineering expertise to back it up — to retrofit your plant to its full potential.

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