BOXCO is a producer and distributor of all-purpose electric and electronic enclosures and has a good reputation at home and abroad.

They can offer high impact and quality enclosures for low prices with high technology thanks to the cutting edge machinery and wide range of experience. BOXCO also guarantees a rapid and stable supply of their products through a large scale logistics center and effective distribution channels.

BOXCO enclosures are authenticated with superiority of quality on the domestic and global market. BOXCO supplies hundreds types of plastic and aluminum products in various dimensions for dust-proof, water-proof, and other various uses. Custom products are available by your specifications, if necessary.

BOXCO technical laboratory is a leader in the global market through continuous research and development investment and competitive power reinforcement. It maintains the best quality to production customer support, raw materials analysis. BOXCO will do the best to bridge role of supplier and customer.

Island Components Group, Inc.
Island Components Group, Inc.

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