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Category: Terminal and Junction Boxes
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Belden Inc. products deliver the signal transmission solutions that provide the advanced performance and reliability needed to support mission-critical information systems, advanced communications networks, premise security systems and building automation and control systems.

Copper Systems
Belden Copper Systems represent networking leadership at every turn, providing top-performing structured cabling systems that reduce downtime, ease deployment and facilitate migration to advanced networking technologies and converged building systems.

Fiber Systems
Belden has been developing optical fiber components for more than 40 years. Our motto: Create fiber products that are faster, easier and better to use. Belden fiber connectivity solutions reduce complexity, increase flexibility and streamline installation.

Rack & Cabinet Systems
Belden offers a complete selection of racking, cabinets, power distribution units, monitoring and airflow management products to meet your infrastructure needs for optimizing system performance.

Audio Video Systems
Designed to support HDBaseT, HDMI and IEEE AVB, Belden's AV products are designed for commercial audio distribution, video display, automation and lighting control.

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